Friday, February 13, 2009

The Fallacy of Legal Immigration

Most Americans are absolutely livid over the invasion of illegals into this country. Everyone, that is, except for the brainwashed among us who now feel they are a "welcome asset" and a new ingredient to our famous "melting pot."

Now there's a term that should have been nipped in the bud. It used to stand for the mixing of European cultures. And when it stood for that it was indeed a good thing because they were all the same race: White.

But now the liberals are using the term to apply yet another guilt trip, reminding everyone of how beneficial the process was. They're now trying to apply it to race mixing with blacks. Just yesterday the Learning Channel, that bastion of liberal propaganda in the guise of education, had a show depicting a fat young blond giving birth to a bouncing baby niglet, replete with smashed nose and nappy head. It looked for all the world like a baby chimp. I was appalled an enraged as her "husband", a jet black, coconut headed, bulb lipped coon held her in support as she moaned in labor. Niggers are always very proud of knocking up a white woman, then they always split the scene right after that, looking for fresh white meat.

A terrible thing to say? Well, screw you Mr. or Miss Liberal, because it also happens to be the truth. It is a cold hard fact supported by government statistics.

But niggers are no longer our only problem. We are now being assaulted by all the other various breeds of muds from around the world, who are not only after our stupid females, but corrupting our culture and way of life to boot. This threat comes in two forms: "legal" and illegal. We all hear plenty about the illegal ones, but very little about the so-called legal immigrants flooding our nation. And these people are an even bigger threat to us that all the illegals combined. That's because of a number of frightening reasons:

A Terminal Illness

Unlike illegals, this new breed of invader is much harder to get rid of. Thanks to a slew of new laws quietly drafted then passed by the liberals in our capitol, these people have almost as much legal right to be here as we do.

You'll notice I didn't say moral right or ethical right. Just legal right. And that right is a travesty of our laws any way you slice it. We, the American People did not endorse their entry into our country, and in fact were dead set against it. But we were overruled at every turn by the corrupt liberals in office and the rabidly liberal Supreme Court Justices they appointed for the express purpose of having them back up their legal shenanigans with new "interpretations" of the Constitution.

Our nation is dying. Everywhere we look we see the signs of the disease that's eating away at its very soul.

Once this was a safe haven for white Americans from coast to coast. It didn't matter where you went in this nation, wherever it was you could leave your car unlocked, walk to the store at night for a sandwich or soda and return unmolested.

Our children played baseball in fields provided by the city. The floodlights stayed on until ten o'clock as the kids played ball into the night, totally safe from perverts, queers, niggers and gang bangers. Stores never ever had bars on the windows or alarm systems unless it was a bank because people didn't rob or steal. They had integrity. Our schools were safe, clean and orderly, and our kids were well mannered, courteous and respectful of authority and their elders.

Going to church was as expected as Sunday dinner, and whether you believed in God or not wasn't the issue. The church taught us morals and ethics and rules to live by, which served this nation well for two hundred years.

All the niggers kept to the niggertowns and stayed out of our restaurants and bathrooms. That was because they were nasty, stank, had no table manners, and would always try to cheat the waitress or steal something. Whites knew niggers and kept them at bay.

Wetbacks were few in number, and the ones that were here were quiet and respectful of the whites that owned this country. Not like the vile, rude, insolent, violent bastards that roam our streets haughtily today.

Now all that is gone. Our nation is a war zone, an occupied land where the enemy is not only all around us, but our leaders are supporting their takeover.

But believe it or not, the legal immigrants are just as big, or bigger a problem than the niggers and wetbacks. That's because they bring other far more dangerous problems with them.

First, like the other muds they breed like rats. You never see just one child but five, six and even seven in each family. And these kids are growing up, and soon they'll be adding to the problem we're already facing.

Next, they have entirely different cultures that are hostile to ours. Instead of adopting our culture, faith and ways like all immigrants were expected and required to do when they arrived, instead they plant the seeds of their own culture on our sacred soil. This is a violation, a rape of our culture and creed. It is a vile insult to the very people that let them live here. If they love their old culture so much they should go home. Better still, we should send them there by force.

Then we have the Africans, Haitians and Cubans. Most of these people are criminals, and the majority of them are also infected with AIDS or one of the other super-nasties going around over there. Just recently the liberals passed a new law stating that it was a "violation of their civil rights" not to allow these infested apes into our country. The result was that we now are spending nearly a billion dollars treating these bastards, and all the innocent Americans they're constantly infecting. Again, someone needs to be shot.

These people were deliberately allowed to enter our country by those that are hell bent on destroying it, namely the Jews. They are behind every last political move I've discussed, hiding in the shadows, laughing as they give their orders and watch the results. Immigration is not a good thing, it is a modern evil. In this day and age it is totally unnecessary and unneeded, and is done only to further the liberal agenda. Any person that thinks otherwise is a damned fool and needs to seriously re-examine his attitudes on everything in his life.

When this was a young nation we needed the people. Now we have a population problem, and the last thing we need is more parasites. This immigration fallacy has to stop by hook or crook, and all those responsible for this disaster must be dragged out into the light of day for all to see, then publicly executed for high treason.

This is not just my thoughts on this issue, but the will of almost every honest, hardworking white in America. It's time to take back our homeland.

-The Lone Haranguer


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