Monday, February 09, 2009

A Dog For All Seasons

There is a man in this country who, over the past 50 years has made it his life's goal to destroy our way of life.

This man slowly climbed up the chain of power until today he sits near the top of the heap, dictating critical American policy on things like legal and illegal immigration, welfare to minorities, hate crimes legislation, affirmative action, gun control, censorship, abortion, supreme court appointments, and a host of other aspects that deeply affect our lives. He is a virulent, rabid liberal communist, hates his own race, and a charter member of the infamous Bilderberg group, that cabal of wealthy, evil elitists that implement the New World Order agenda throughout the world for their Jewish masters.

He was born into wealth and privilege and as enjoyed the protection that station in life has afforded him. He is totally devoid of any conscience and knows exactly the extent of the damage he's done to this nation in his long career..and he gloats over it. In fact he once murdered an innocent young woman and got away with it without so much as a trial. And to add insult to injury, he was shortly afterwards elected to the U.S. senate, riding on the coattails of his famous brothers, and there he's stayed, spreading his poison ever since.

Yes, I'm sure many of you have deduced who I'm talking about: Ted Kennedy. In the span of his evil career he has done far more damage to our country than all the good his brothers would have done combined. He's been a one-man wrecking crew to this nation, working with a virulence and hatred that has seldom been seen in politics in the last century with the exception of some of our most fanatical despots.

The irony of it all is that the liberals adore this walking piece of dung. When he went in for brain surgery last year to remove a large tumor, his office was deluged with letters from well wishers and letters from dignitaries and politicians from around the world. Interestingly however, they were all either enemies of the United States or rabid liberals like himself. Honest, patriotic people prayed for his death. If you want to know who your enemies are, all you have to do is check the list of well wishers and concerned people that voiced their regard for him when he collapsed at Obama's Iniggeral dinner. A who's-who of liberal politicians were lined up like ducks to kiss his huge posterior and wish him a speedy recovery.

However those that are aware of his antics were rooting for his agonizing demise. Few men have been so virulently hated in history. Ted is the exact opposite of his brothers and has worked tirelessly to undo everything they stood for. This sibling jealousy may well be at the root of his hatred for his own nation and people. Both his brothers were handsome, popular, extremely bright and charismatic, and had the world in their pockets.

Ted on the other hand was the family's fat, ugly duckling. And to make matters worse, he got involved in that Chapaquiddick scandal where he deliberately left his young date to drown in his car when it went careening off a bridge in the middle of the night. He was too cowardly to go back in and rescue her. Decades later modern forensics was able to prove that she was alive down in that car, surviving in an air pocket for a good half hour before she finally died. This, and his fear of being assassinated like his two brothers kept him from ever running for the Presidency, and in my humble opinion it's a good thing. Imagine the damage that monster could have done from such a high office.

Few Americans know that this fat hog regularly attends secret meetings in the woods outside Camp David, where an isolated piece of wooded property is sequestered for the use of a small group of top politicians and other global elitists. Here they perform Satanic rites and rituals and make blood sacrifices to their god the devil. Eye witness reports have filtered down through the years with accounts of some of the atrocities perpetrated by this bunch, and it defies the imagination to think such perversion and decadence still exists in this century.

According to two separate accounts, they regularly attend naked orgies where group sex and hallucinogens are part of the curriculum, where they mindlessly cavort through the woods performing all manner of bestial acts upon each other and various farm animals, which are later sacrificed on a large altar to their gods. The list of people that have attended these rites would astound most of you because all of us know these people, and many of them are unfortunately at the helm of our government even as I write this. And yes, many of the attendees are also members of the Bilderberg group as well.

The irony of it all is as thick as mud. Most of these people now know just how despised they are by the masses, and realize that the number of people that are waking up to their responsibility for the mess we're now in is growing rapidly. This is why they've all recently become untouchable, traveling in armored cars and caravans of hired security wherever they go. To see one of them pass, you'd think it was some foreign dictator here on a visit instead of an American bigwig. But these people are now increasingly isolating themselves from the public, stating that the new measures are "anti-terrorist" moves.

Bull. What they really are, are moves to protect themselves from an increasingly hostile American public. Even the White House is now off limits to the public, and Pennsylvania Street, which is the avenue that runs in front of it is now barred from all traffic, both auto and pedestrian in the name of "national security." Bush started this after death threats became more numerous than letters of support. This little fact was never released to the general public.

If anyone still naively thinks there's justice in the world, the fact that all these evil bastards are still in power and still prospering should convince them otherwise. The only justice is what we make ourselves. And the day is fast approaching when that justice will be meted out. The American public as a whole is a fat, cowardly and useless mass of sheep that are too deeply conditioned by years of brainwashing and propaganda to ever be a substantial threat to these monsters, unless their comforts, luxuries, and security are taken away. When this happens, and it's coming, they'll become mad dogs, tearing down the gates to get at these villains. It'll be mob justice at that point. And depending on how much warning they get, many of these monsters will be unable to flee in time to escape their long overdue punishment.

This type of ending is classic in history and by now should be expected by all leaders. In almost every case of national collapse in history, the leaders responsible were taken out and torn limb from limb by the public, or publicly executed. Just look at the Ceaucescus to name a couple. One was lynched by the mobs then his corpse was dragged through the streets and abused, and the other was publicly shot along with his wife. Americans will be far more ferocious because they'll be scared. It will be the first time most of them have ever done without anything. And fear turns people into unreasoning, dangerous animals. There's nothing more dangerous or unpredictable than the mob mentality. Nothing.

Although we are under attack by a small army of liberal fanatics that have taken control of our government, Ted Kennedy is one of the most destructive members of this band of cutthroats. If there is a hell, he's got a box seat next to the main furnace. He is directly responsible for the millions upon millions of unwanted, uninvited and unwelcome so-called "legal" immigrants that have poured into our country over the past forty years. He was the original architect of the bills that opened the floodgates for these animals. He did this by quietly introducing his bill to the senate in 1967.

He and his cronies made sure that the press kept the entire thing as quiet as possible to there would be as little public resistance as possible. And back then the media didn't have the access to government antics that it has today, and it also had a much more friendly relationship with our government.

It wasn't hard for him to pull it off. From that point on the silent invasion went into high gear. Suddenly Americans started noticing more and more dark faces in their stores or on the streets. More and more car wrecks had ragheads involved because they were all unused to driving on American freeways. Crime skyrocketed and entire neighborhoods were transformed into ghettos overnight.

But this was only phase one of his plan. Just last year this pig implemented an increase in the quota of immigrants by another five million per year. And were we asked if we wanted these people here? Of course not. Just like the first time he pulled this stunt on us, he pushed through this increase in the same manner with the help and backing of such notable monsters as Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, and Boxer.

This creep hates his own race so badly that he has spent his life using every tool at his command to destroy us and our culture. He is the very definition of the words "race traitor". The list of this man's crimes is so heinous and so extensive that he'd have to be executed a thousand times just to cover part of his debt to America, which in truth can never be paid. Some evil is just too profound to measure.

So the next time you see that bloated maggot on your TV or in your morning paper, remember to go outside and spit. It's an old European gesture of deep contempt for someone, and brother, he has mine. The day that fat wood grub finally dies is the day I go out and buy a bottle of bubbly and drink it with a good friend in celebration. Afterwards I'll mourn for all the damage he's done to my beloved people and land and wish that son of a bitch a speedy trip to Hell.

There's no fixing the damage done to our nation. Things have progressed far too much for that. All we can do at this point is prepare, watch, and wait. Our turn is coming. Because there was one small factor people like Kennedy and his crew didn't consider deeply enough, and that's our ability to fill the power vacuum they'll create when things finally do collapse. We're going to be the jack-in-the-box that springs from their cake, the rubber snakes that leap from the can when they open it, the cigar that explodes when they light it. We're the unexpected nasty surprise waiting for them when they attempt to reap the rewards of their evil. We'll be there...waiting.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Ron in Richmond said...

Harold, you once said you thought God was punishing the Movement for tolerating Klassen and his homosexuality. I think God is punishing America for tolerating Teddy Kennedy and letting him get away with murdering that poor wretched girl Mary Jo Kopechne.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Epic writing!

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that the entrance to Heaven will feature streaming video of that puke, Ted Kennedy's, surprised look as he is cast into Hell and of the first few minutes of his eternal suffering, followed by clips of his beloved yid idol Moses M. "Karl Marx" Levy.

How fitting that this useless prick has become such a pathetic slave to the booze from which his family's material wealth was gained from his father's bootlegging. That booze and the constant fear that his yid handlers would punish the slightest disobedience by pursuing the long-overdue murder conviction he so richly deserves are no excuse for shirking the duty which his two famous brothers pursued at the cost of their very lives. I dare not even call this worthless waste of flesh a "man" lest I be someday called to answer to my Creator for having dishonored true Men by recklessly misusing that Title on such a cowardly creature. The fact that this pile of dung is still wasting precious oxygen as I write this is ample proof that Teddy Kennedy is either too stupid to grasp the fact that the only way to redeem whatever may be left of the soul he has obviously sold to the yid devils who control him would be to fight the yid mafia as his brothers had done, or simply too cowardly to face the possibility of being murdered by the same yid mafia. Obviously, this traitor to his Race inherited something resembling a soul which he squandered just as Esau squandered his Birthright, unless he is a mamzer produced in the throes of extramarital lust between one of his Celtic parents and some yid/yenta and thus related to his brothers in name only. His ugly mug suggests the latter, however, since such a disgusting visage could only be the result of the sin of Adultery (correct definition - racemixing), as the phrase "ugly as sin" certainly fits that bloated asshole.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when he 'ran' for the senate in 1962. John Kennedy literally took him by the hand and led him around; Ted's contribution was the occasional weak smile.

Ted's entire career has consisted of being 'the last brother.'

By the way, he ran for president in 1976, but his campaign was such a shambles (despite idolization by the press) that Carter easily defeated him in the primaries.

However, I disagree with some of the previous posts. IMO, Robert Kennedy was the REALLY scary, psycho Kennedy.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"IMO, Robert Kennedy was the REALLY scary, psycho Kennedy."

Explain. (Just curious).

Holohoax research CW Porter thinks there was no conspiracy behind JFK's murder, but was one behind RFK's murder.

3:13 AM  

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