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The Animals Know

[Okay, I need to make clear here that I do not believe the world is going to come to an end on December 21st, 2012. The Haranguer is apparently into the idea; I'm not.

We're both old men who have been betrayed by Amurrica, and I understand where he is coming from. The thought of being able to watch all these swine perish just before our own vaporization does have a certain attraction, but I personally think we will have no such luck. Neither of us will escape the state-run Fogey Farm where one dark night our Nigerian orderly Okabonji will come to us with his smothering pillow.

Unless, of course, the White man actually decides to FIGHT, with weapons in his hand, for a Homeland of our own. That's a long shot, I know, but I figure it's worth the risk of devoting what time I have left to that long shot instead of trying to find a hole out in the woods to hide in and end my days in. But, I think the Haranguer deserves to have his say, and as always, he says it well. - HAC]

For some time now I've been posting occasional pieces on the predictions made about our near future by both modern and ancient scientist and seers, from the ancient Mayans, Hopis and Chinese, to modern scientific tools like the Web Bot Project and modern astronomical discoveries.

For some strange reason, all of them, and I mean all of them have come up with the exact-same date for the Great Catastrophe to hit this planet. And that date is December 21st, 2012. Whatever cosmic clock has set that date is immaterial. The fact is that to many reliable sources have all come up with the same date. Now, just last week another group of scientists have added their voices to the choir, warning us that a cosmic storm is going to hit the planet, wiping out all our electronics, communication, electricity and all our technology, leaving us deaf, dumb, and defenseless. And the date for this catastrophe? 2012...

People can choose to believe it or not. That's their right. Personally I've checked into every last one of these predictions in depth and found them all to be sound. And as if all that weren't enough to warn the wise among us that the world is about to come to an end, now the animals are getting into the act. One of the most reputable predictors, which is the National Geological Society, has done extensive research into a frightening development out in the southern portion of our planet. down near the south pole, in the arctic seas, there has been taking place a massive shift in the magnetic field of the earth.

There are now spots or areas out in the ocean the size of Texas that have reversed polarity! Not just one, but a dozen of these areas, and they're growing rapidly. They know that if this trend continues the earth will reverse its entire polarity, causing the planet to literally flip over!

Studies over the past forty years have proven beyond doubt that the earth has done this over and over in its long life, usually keeping to a time clock of around 14,000 years. Interestingly, this is the exact amount of time that all the ancients say has passed since the last great civilizations on this planet were destroyed. We have tons of evidence supporting this fact. Even the Great Pyramids give details in stone of this catastrophe that were only recently deciphered by an archeological team from the U.S. Incidentally, the scientists that discovered the pole shift that's going on estimate that at the rate it's reversing, a complete shift will happen around..2012.

I know, it's getting pretty damned weird. But the animals are putting the icing on the cake. Many of us know about the problem we've been having with various breeds of whales swimming up our fresh water rivers and getting stranded. This had been going on now for around twenty years and is increasing in frequency. We're also having problems with migrating birds that are appearing in places thousands of miles off their normal routes. Even the swallows at Capistrano have failed to make their annual appearance several times now.

Dolphins are washing up on our beaches by the hundreds at a time, all dead from unknown causes. We're also getting sharks, giant squid, various fish, and even hordes of jellyfish all beaching and dying as if they got lost. When animals migrate they follow a special organ in the brain that senses the electromagnetic fields of the earth. This organ is so sensitive that they can home in to within a yard of their destination.

Now that this field is shifting, all the migrators are getting confused. Their homing devices no longer guide them. This is causing the deaths of thousands of these animals, and the toll is increasing every year. Now we have a new problem and it's a bad one..sharks.

Yes, sharks. They're now swimming up fresh water rivers as far as a thousand miles inland. And the fresh water isn't killing them for some odd reason. Most salt water animals can't survive in fresh water because they actually need the heavy salt content in sea water to live. Interestingly, it helps them from getting waterlogged and sinking like a rock. But some of these sharks are surviving the difference in waters and are now hunting in our rivers. And they're killing humans too...

There have already been dozens of reports of shark attacks, mainly on swimming children in Louisiana and other southern states. But recently sharks have been spotted as far west as Texas. But this is only one warning of things to some.

Animals are always the first to know. They're far more sensitive to the forces of the universe that man is, and it affects them much more deeply than us. Another new threat is attacks from land animals. Attacks from bears all over the country are being reported, and for the first time they're invading neighborhoods en masse. I've personally seen footage of several bears trying to break into the home of a terrified woman and her kids.

You'd think that perhaps it's because they're having trouble finding food, but that's not the case. Most of these animals are coming out of reserves where there's plenty of game and plants to eat. The Fish and Game Dept. is clueless as to why these animals have suddenly gone on the attack.

Wolves, too. They're stalking and killing human hunters out in the woods for the first time in recorded history. They're also invading neighborhoods and attacking people. If you think that's weird, check this out: moose are aggressively attacking humans wherever they see one, and they too are now invading human areas, walking right into towns and picking fights.

It's the damnedest thing I've ever seen. And yes, I've seen a video of one such case myself. I was flat amazed. Reports are also coming in of people pets suddenly turning on them and having to be put down. These aren't isolated incidents, but a growing trend. What the hell is going on? You ask. Well,

I know personally that it's got to be related to the changes in the earth. This old planet is getting ready to shake us off like a dog shaking off fleas. I think the animals are scared, and I also think that somehow they think it's our fault. And who knows...maybe it is.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to parables told by Chist and recorded in the Bible, His Second Coming will occur when the precession of the Zodiac reaches its next step, wherein the Sun will begin passing through the constellation Aquarius during the month when it had formerly passed through Pisces as it does now. I have read several sources wherein this next change of precession is forecast to occur around the year 2130 to 2140 AD, although the year quoted by these sources is not necessarily exact. It is possible that the change of precession could occur much sooner, perhaps 2012, if the other sources' calculations are incorrect. The figure used for the period of precession was approximately 2100 years, and I am citing purely from memory and so my estimates may also not be accurate to three significant digits, muxh less four.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As stated in article, it has happened before. But plant and mammal life continued, the world did not "come to an end". Same as any other disaster, like 1945 or a 'groid being elected president, unless you have a way to prevent it, try to survive, keep your powder dry and your enemies list up to date,

Mike Petersen

3:09 PM  
Anonymous White_Environmentalism said...

Damn right it's humans! Every time I hear about these mothers having more units (kids) I cringe. The worst part is that it's always the third world population within our borders who keep popping out more and more gargoyles to pollute the planet and drain our natural resources. I would embrace environmentalism whole-heartedly, but the idiots who currently direct the environmental organizations are usually anti-white to the core and blame the industrialized Western (see: White) countries for the decaying of the planet. Never do these fags at the Sierra Club and Audubon Society ever want to contribute the problem to third world reproduction patterns.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with H.A.C were not that lucky.The end of the world is when the last white person dies and there is none left. Then this world will truly rot in space.

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great commentary by White Environmentalism. I'm more on the "woo woo" end of the scale than Harold so I have a sense that something like this is coming but I can't quote you chapter and verses from ancient texts to prove it, I just FEEL it.

Ironically it may take a cataclysmic event like this to bring about the changes we'd like to see in the world, because once there's no electricity on a wide scale for an extended period of time, all veneer of modern civilization peels away and well... you can just fill in the rest...

7:31 PM  

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