Saturday, January 17, 2009

What If Something DOES Happen?

The media have been full of stupid stories about "racist chatter" on the internet allegedly indicating some kind of wicked racist plot against Obongo on the occasion of his coronation on Tuesday. It's bullshit. The media know it, and the Secret Service knows it. The two so-called "plots" against the Funky Monkey so far have been ludicrous politically motivated Secret Service fabrications designed to help Obongo over rough patches in his campaign and restrain Hillary's harpies from making trouble at key junctures; you will notice both of these idiotic "plots" have dropped off the radar.

It's crap, and the feds know it's crap, because they know us too well. It is true that a single man with nobility of character and a willingness to sacrifice everything he has for the good of others can change history, but the White race no longer produces men like that, and the regime's goons are perfectly well aware of the fact. In these times nothing is less dangerous than tyrannizing White people, because White people don't fight back, and our multifarious enemies figured that out long ago. The Funky Monkey and his Pri-Mate are perfectly safe and free to infest the furniture and mattresses in the White House residence with Michelle My Belle's fleas and other bodily vermin.

Nonetheless, on the wild off chance that I'm wrong (what, me, wrong? Unthinkable!) here are a few words of advice to those of us whose minds are not yet sufficiently under control and who may have been so impolitic as to let it be known that we think heretical thoughts:

Remember how the System reacted after 9/11? Remember the suspicious alacrity they demonstrated in stripping away what was left of our civil rights, like freedom from torture, warrantless wiretapping, habeas corpus, freedom not to be simply "disappeared" like the hundreds of Muslim American citizens who still remain unaccounted for seven years later? We may well see that again. Wicked racist plots are great for bringing in "special security legislation" like the Patriot Act and the Miltary Commissions Act of 2006. Those of you who know any Russian history, think back to the assassination of Sergei Kirov in December of 1934 and remember what Stalin made of that.

History might repeat itself if anything does happen at Obongo's coronation. Not even Monkey Meat himself actually getting whacked, but just some alleged "Skinheads" popping a couple of rounds like that stupid scene in The West Wing or some other kind of government-fabricated nonsense. Or better yet, a "bomb" that doesn't go off, like what was supposed to happen at Oklahoma City if John Doe Number Two hadn't crumpled in fear and fled, instead of staying with McVeigh like he was supposed to, long enough to make sure the detonator wouldn't work.

Given any excuse like that, these people are going to go BERSERK, especially if it's an actual unscripted event. It will be dawn door-kicking time in America. Anybody who has ever uttered so much as a rude word about our new Maximal Monkoid on the internet will be at risk of a one-way vacation to sunny Guantanamo Bay.

(Remember, in October Bill White was arrested, abducted to Chicago, repeatedly denied bond, and held more or less incommunicado purely for the "crime" of posting to the internet something the government didn't like, information that was public domain and could have been found with a little effort by anyone who knows how to Google.)

Seriously, folks, the System spent almost half a billion dollars to put this baboon into the Oval Office, and if he gets so much as a scratch on his little baby-shit brown pinkie, they are going to be pissed. You don't mess with a half billion-dollar investment in this country and get away with it. If anything does happen, especially if it's unscripted, the Beast will be lashing out in all directions and you can expect the battering ram at your door in a matter of hours, since I'm sure they have their lists in hand and will be ready to roll.

Be ready for those boots on your door in the dawn. Make sure that your premises are clean. Make sure all your privately owned firearms are all papered up as required in your state. Better yet, you might want to store any guns you want to make sure you hang on to in an undisclosed location. These goons routinely confiscate any guns and ammo and gear they find, and legal or not, even if you are acquitted or not charged, you will never get them back, period. They also routinely steal cash, by the by, so make sure someone else is holding your bail money or other emergency funds off-premises.

As far as documents and computers go, remember Pastor Bob Miles' stricture: "Never write anything down on paper that you would not want read out in open court." That was before the days of computers, of course. Simply deleting compromising files won't do it, not even formatting your whole drive; you need a special hard-drive wiping program to make sure you get rid of anything these people don't need to see.

I would tell you to make sure you are aware of your rights, but thanks to the past eight years of Jug-Ears and his little Jewish friends, we no longer have any. Seriously, these American thugs can pretty much do whatever the hell they want, to anyone they want. Who's going to stop them? Barack the Magic Negro? Yeah, sure. He was also supposed to be pulling out of Iraq as well. Notice how quick that dropped off the radar after Black Tuesday?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of hiding and cleaning, what if we ALL fought back with "Extreme Prejudice"?

Mike Petersen

10:41 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Darn skippy. I could SO see something being staged as an excuse for further jackbootery.

All I can do is pray now. He didn't give me the talents to be a fighter.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

"Why is the government all of a sudden so jumpy about controlling the food supply? What do they know about what's coming that we do not?"

Don't be confused by the sudden flurry of activity; it's just a symptom of an ongoing disease.

The Feds (and others) don't want people to be self-sufficent in any way - be it education-wise, food growing...anything!!! Because every person who can provide for him/herself is one less that can be coerced into doing/believing/saying anything for fear of being left destitute as everything they have comes from the 'system'

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Carolina_Secessionist said...

Personally, I will continue to exercise my freedom to criticize the government and their politicians despite of possible consequences.

Think I'm just another internet warrior? Think again! At this point in my life, I could careless who dares to come to my door. The bastards will have no idea what kind of brutality they will meet when my door opens to them.

By the way, when you hear a story of a Myrtle Beach, SC man going ape shit against the feds on your local news media in a few years, chances are it was yours truly!

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A government this paranoid and fearful probably has a lot to be paranoid about.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mee-shell the "Pri-Mate"

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Red Green said...

We are now entering a very dark time. I can only hope God punishes these people in power, since we seem to lack the courage to do it ourselves.

11:08 AM  

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