Friday, January 16, 2009

What Caused This Again?

The latest news is that Bank of America just had their Jewish buddies at the Federal Reserve print them up another $20 billion dollars in bailout money, in return for which Bank of America printed them up some more stock certificates. It is not certain, but it may be that the federal government is now the majority shareholder in BoA. What we are seeing now is the logical extension of 150 years of Jewish rule: the fusion of capitalism with socialism to become "state capitalism."

Now, let's remind ourselves: how did all this happen again? It began with what are known as "subprime" mortgage loans made to millions of blacks and illegal aliens, who never could pay their mortgages and who probably never had any intention of doing so. These are also known in the banking industry as NINA loans--"no income, no assets." Why in God's name such loans were ever made has still not been explained; the subject has barely even been mentioned in the media for months. It's dropped off the radar.

The second reason the mortgage market has collapsed is the massive outsourcing of American jobs to Asia, South America, and bumfucked Egypt. White families who actually wanted the houses to live in could no longer pay their mortgages because capitalists stole their jobs and shipped them overseas to be done by coolies for 50 cents an hour.

Why shouldn't Jews and capitalists do this to us? They know perfectly well we're not going to do anything about it except maybe call Rush Limbaugh on the phone and bitch and moan.

Ah, but wait! Barack the Magic Negro is coming! Save us, Magic Negro, save us!

Suuuuuure he will.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bank of America originally wanted to bailout funds, they were forced to accept them. Then, after seeing how much the Merrill Lynch acquisition would cost them due to Merrill's redder-than-blood balance sheet, they wanted to cancel the deal. The Feds stepped in and again told them to go through with the ML acquisition, and added, "don't worry, we'll pay for it."

7:59 AM  

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