Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ordo Ex Chao

[Nice to know the divine spark isn't yet totally extinct in the Fatherland, eh? - HAC]

Using Chaos to Impose Order

by Horst Mahler (translated by J. M. Damon)

Israel no longer has any prospects for the future, and for that reason is desperate and willing to try anything, as evidenced by the present devastation of Gaza.

For some time now Israel has been plotting nuclear war against Iran. If it does that, it must reckon with loss of control over the USA. Because of the meltdown of the global financial system, the chances that Israel will lose this control are great.

What will Israel do if it loses control over the US? Israel’s best strategy for avoiding loss of control over the US is to work to bring about paralysis in US domestic policies. Such a paralysis would lead to a Zionist military dictatorship, which would “sweep with a steel broom” and drown all opposition in blood, especially anti-Jewish agitation. Experience suggests that such a dictatorship might assure the Zionist elite 20 years or so of continued rule.

And what might bring about this dictatorship? A bullet that would take out Obama, for one thing. The result of his assassination would be an unprecedented race war in the USA. While the white voters were divided along racial, political, economic and social lines in November, the racial minorities supported Obama in a solid bloc.

In case of racial war, white America’s demand for restoration of law and order would become overwhelming. The white populace would turn to the military to restore order and save them. Harvard Prof. Samuel Huntington has presented the most likely scenario for this in his Soldier and the State and Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. The financial crisis would be overshadowed in the ensuing chaos, and the military dictatorship would create an agency of civilian economic experts for economic reconstruction. Who would the generals choose to head such an agency?

Another Consideration

The American presidential election just ended was the most expensive of all time. We can safely assume that the global money lords had a reason for placing Obama on the US throne, and it was not because he is divinely ordained or intellectually endowed to solve dilemmas.

Who is Obama anyway? It is more likely that Obama was chosen to serve as a catalyst for chaos in the USA and re-establish the Zionist kleptocracy (“ordo ex chao”).

How will Russia most likely react to the present situation? It will probably consider the creation of chaos in the USA desirable, since that will lessen the danger of another world war. In the event of racial war, the American military’s efforts to mobilize forces for more foreign wars will be greatly hampered. Russia could react moderately to Israeli aggression with substantial support for Iran and its allies, in the conviction that even primitive weapons in the hands of millions of fanatical Muslims will ultimately triumph over Israel’s atomic bombs.

The Reich’s Redemptive Role

It is the redemptive mission of the German Reich to convert the fall of Zionism-Globalism into a worldwide revival of National Socialism in which national states can again prosper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israeli companies currently provide security at our nuclear plants and control all the software in the NSA.
They count our votes and all long distance phone conversations can be listened to in Tel Aviv.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do most whites wish to continue to nurse on the Jew teat, "while we make plans for the future"? oy vey already!

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The white populace would turn to the military to save them" ??

Get real, The riots in LA some years ago were stopped by Asian shopkeepers shooting blacks to protect their stores and a few White Nationalists who were shooting blacks for sport,

Mike Petersen

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The U. S. military isn't the Iron Heel; it is more like 'Binkie and Winkie Go to See Mr. Jumbo.'

6:43 AM  

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