Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mexico Is Coming

For the past ten years I've been warning everyone that would listen that our biggest immediate threat was Mexico. Now it looks like that threat is growing teeth and claws, just as I feared.

Even though it's our nearest neighbor here in the southern half of the nation, it's seldom thought about except for it's flood of wetbacks that continue to pour over our border with greed in their eyes. And believe me, there's nothing on earth greedier than a wetback. He'll steal your underwear...while you're wearing them!

But few of us ever think about the land he comes from or what's going on down there. Well, I'll tell you: it's a nasty, filthy, disease ridden, poverty stricken, corrupt, dangerous no-man's land where their government is a joke and law enforcement only works in the big cities, and there only haphazardly.

When you step out of the city and head out into the countryside, bandits await the unwary traveler. And these aren't the swashbuckling, kind-hearted Robin Hoods you see on TV. These are ruthless, heartless, murderous animals that would just as soon kill you as take a breath. They make a living by preying on the hard working, the innocent and the weak. Predators.

They run singly, by twos, or in large packs. You never know. They span the entire length of the Pan-American Highway, the only freeway or road that runs through all of South and Central America, from Mexico to the tip of the Yucatan. It's a regular gauntlet for the traveler, and anyone with a brain goes with an armed escort.

The towns and villages aren't much better because all of them have their local toughs, big fish in a small pond. It's especially dangerous for gringos, namely you because the vast majority of Mexicans and other Latinos down there despise us. I know. You'd think it would be different considering we support their worthless country, but they're just like all the other mud races on this planet. They take and take and take from whitey, hating him all the while. When a gringo is killed down there, he's more likely to get buried out in the weeds than have his murder reported.

And it doesn't matter where you go in Mexico, thievery runs rampant. They steal from each other as a matter of course, every day they're alive. Kids steal from adults, women steal from men and each other, men steal from everyone. Children are taught by their parents to steal as soon as they can run, and usually the poorer among them send their kids out to hustle every day, forcing them to go out and steal something to help la familia survive another day. And if a kid comes home empty-handed he's beaten and sent to bed without food, which usually only consists of a bowl of beans anyway.

It's a miserable existence. There is no welfare or social security, or food stamps, or even a food bank. That's because the Mexican government is run by more Mexicans, which are just as thieving and corrupt as the people they govern. It's a hopeless mess that has continued this way since the Spaniards landed over 400 years ago, with no end in sight.

Mexico has always teetered on the brink of famine, and we have always supported it through trainloads of free grain every single year. Of course this grain isn't given to the people. Hell no! It's sold to them by their own government! And yes, our government knows all about this but can do nothing. They figure that it's better than nothing. At least the food is getting to them, even if they do have to pay for it.

But even our help isn't going to be enough soon, especially if Mexico's primitive and broken economy goes belly-up, which it's been threatening to do ever since the housing bust here at home. And if it does, all bloody hell will break loose on this poor country of ours.

People here don't realize just how many of those little brown suckers there are down there. In 2007 Mexico City was declared the most populous city on the planet Earth! And that's just one city! That country is crawling with Mexicans. Poor, hungry, desperate Mexicans that are already eyeing the U.S.

And this doesn't even take into account the rest of South and Central America. Because like dominos, the entire Latin American economy will come crashing down, sending close to a billion Latinos stampeding across our borders as if they weren't there.

And do you think they're going to all line up in an orderly fashion and ask for our help? If you do I'll shoot you myself to rid our gene pool of a dangerous moron. No, they're going to come over here in armed hordes, looting, killing, burning, raping, and taking everything in their path. Like hungry locusts they'll sweep across our land, leaving a swathe of death and destruction in their wake twenty miles wide as they quickly work their way inland.

And of course we'll fight back, killing them by the tens of thousands, all the while dodging our insane government who'll be busy trying to lock us up for defending ourselves! In the end we'll be fighting our own government and the invaders at the same time and chaos will rule the day.

And the only people that are going to survive this mess are the ones that had the brains and foresight to prepare ahead of time and get the hell out of harm's way beforehand.

Find a remote place for you and yours to hole up for the duration. Killing is going to have to become second nature. In fact you'll have to harden yourself to it or go completely insane. I know. You'll have to get to the point where you can get up, shoot a wetback invader sneaking onto your property, then go back to bed and roll over.

Your family is going to have to become just as tough. It'll probably be years before the dust settles, but my advice is to stay put for at least two solid years. Listen to your radio for news, but stay put. The only thing you'll do by going out there is giving away your location. There won't be anything left out there for you or anyone else anyway. Only death.

And remember, when the fall comes the blacks and other muds will get into the act as well. It's going to be hell on wheels all over the world for a long, long time. The only good news you'll hear is what you make for yourself by learning to be content where you're at, and by staying ever vigilant.

One last thing: Never trust visitors. I don't care if it has been two years or five years. Unless you've heard otherwise on the radio, it's still a no-man's-land out there and everyone is your enemy. I don't give a rat's as if he is white. A friendly stranger is more likely a point man for a gang of predators who sent him in to assess your numbers and arms. He couldn't have survived alone all that time. Use your head. Run him off before he gets close and make it scary enough to keep him and his pals from showing back up.

Remember, it's not a matter of "if" anymore, but "when" the show starts. Be ready.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't lie I have a grudging respect for the orginal 'non-mixed' peoples of the area, or atleast the orgininal pre-Spanish ruling aristocracy. Ok, so cannibalism etc, but I feel they were tough and had something orderely going until the Spanish arrived and mixed with them. Thus ushering in a 10% white ruling class and a bunch of odd-hued mestizos. Eh. In fact, I dislike all.

I know two people, girl and boy, who are Spanish-ethnic whites from Mexico. They moved here. They were HATED.


9:47 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

I really don't feel that it makes a lot of sense to "hole up for 2 years". We had some friends who holed up for year 2000 for a couple of months. We had to shortwave him to tell him that nothing happened and that it was ok to come out! Ceasing participation in the Jewish system is a better way to be productive and make a difference, IMHO.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solid advice, LH.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Well Armed White said...

In today's so-called "changing" of American society, it will be vital that more whites like us exchange tips and ideas for surviving our journey into the growing non-white locations when we must. I'm thinking of creating my own blog which will offer numerous tips on what to pack and what to be prepared for when entering non-white regions.

For example, it's always wise to expect muds to approach the classy white outsiders and expect us to sympathize with their "struggles" and provide handouts for them. Sometimes these bastards will want to turn violent when one refuses to give up change. This is when a decent stun gun or Ruger snubby comes in handy. Remember that many of these bums have become resistant to pepper spray and mace by now, and often they run together in packs looking for prey.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Seattle Slew said...

wow this guy should have a job as a teacher or professor of communications! What a thoroughly concise rant.....I'm impressed!
If we can get enough gringos seeing this maybe they will stay the fuck out of here! but you know our boys in Iraq continue to get inner city invasion training...they've got to use it somewhere...I thought it was going to be for the race riots following Obama's demise..but maybe it will be a border patriots pro big government republicans can't actually imagine a country where there is so little government the people have had to figure out how to get along without police or recent international study rated mexicans most content...they may be poor but they have learned to make it work.....

My chapala studio is there for you charlie when you want it.....
seattle will be a construction living hell, at least downtown, for a decade or more, be glad you are above it all, literally.

4:52 PM  

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