Monday, January 05, 2009

If I Were King...

Mr Covington:

Congratulations on your Trilogy plus one--it is a mighty work. I for one can't think of any alternative at this point for our passing Race.

A few questions: what role, if any, would political parties play in the new Nation? For example, could liberal Whites who elected to stay, set up a liberal party of some kind? Because in The Hill of the Ravens, conflict and potential conflict between various conservative factions is explored but nary a word about the liberals. Does that mean they are to be completely disenfranchised or that they would be strongly encouraged to leave? A big problem certainly. Washington and Oregon are now both considered "blue" states I believe.

Also, what of the Native Americans and the Treaties that have been made with them. Would they be honored?

Thomas Kane


Dear Mr. Kane:

I thought I had made it clear in THOR that in the ideal Northwest Republic to come there will be no liberals, so the problem won't exist. Neither will there be any professional attorneys or paid, full-time professional clergy, which will pretty much solve the whole problem right there. The Communists did have a few valid ideas, and one of those is that one changes human history by eliminating certain classes of human beings as players on the world stage, removing them from the board altogether and thus changing the whole social and political dynamic.

What would any Northwest liberals under the Republic have to be liberal about anyway, absent any Jews, non-Whites, faggots, or any of their other pets they use as sticks to beat their own race and culture with?

I was born in North Carolina, which last time I checked was in America. That makes me a Native American, and unless you were born in Europe, most likely you are as well. I presume you're talking about Indians.

Well, in the first place, there simply aren't that many full-blooded Indians left. Most of those who skulk on their reservations drinking up their welfare and casino checks and stealing all the salmon from the rivers because they're allowed to hunt and fish where Whites are not, are not in fact actual Indians--maybe half-bloods or a quarter at best. (That's out here in the real world, not in whatever fantasy world lefty-libs live in.)

Secondly, it is not politic for me to sit here and babble about what I would do if I were king. It should be perfectly possible for me to do so, if I choose, because we are supposed to enjoy freedom of speech in this country, and up until a time within living memory it was so, for all the good it did us. That time is no more, and I think the formal end of the First Amendment can be dated from October 17th, 2008, with the arrest of Bill White in Roanoke, Virginia for the "crime" of posting to the internet information which was readily available in the public record for anyone who bothered to track it down.

The time when we have to worry about such arcane issues as a few scattered alcoholic redskins living off White people's gambling habit is far away. Prioritize, my man, prioritize. Believe me, when the time comes--we'll know what to do.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is ...... no 'other' way.

When the time comes, we WILL do it.

Vae Victis

88 Nick

2:00 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Conservatives are a bigger obstacle these days than liberals. Remember it is the conservatives who don't want to change: They don't want to move out of neighborhoods that contain blacks or Jews. They don't mind their sons to be in scout troops with Jewish kids and leaders, or sports teams with kunuckle dragging young niggers. Conservatives also are akin to shop at a WalMart because it is "cheaper", ignoring the fact that shopping at JewMart drives another nail in our coffin. What the fuck is the matter with us?

5:37 PM  

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