Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Refuting The Fundamentalists

Harold, every time I talk to my dad, either over the phone or in person, he tries to bring me back into the fold (I was raised in a Lutheran family). After recent events in occupied Palestine, I have had enough of this shit. This is a copy of an email that I just sent him:

"I demand a cogent answer to each of the following questions before you ever proselytize to me again:

1) Why do you and other evangelical/fundamentalist Christians (hereinafter referred to as "your ilk") claim to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and yet salivate with savage delight every time Israel incinerates, bludgeons, starves, bombs, deprives of water, shoots, forces into smaller areas, robs of land, crushes to death, and humiliates innocent Arab men, women, and children?

2) Why do you and your ilk favor Jews over Arabs when Jews, not Arabs, are overwhelmingly responsible for countering "family values" at every turn, with the production of violence-and sexually-laden television shows, publications, music, and motion pictures, and the promotion of homosexuality and other socio-political shifts that are anathema to you and your ilk?

3) Why do you and your ilk favor Jews over Arabs when Jews, not Arabs, file the bulk of lawsuits opposing public nativity scenes, even in cases where said nativity scenes are on a church's private property?

4) Why do you and your ilk express so much love for Jews and so much hatred for Muslims, when, according to the Talmud, Jesus of Nazareth is in a vat of boiling urine in hell, and according to the Koran, Jesus of Nazareth is a prophet?

5) Why do you and your ilk express so much love for Jews, despite Jews' central role in the rise of Communism?

6) Why do you and your ilk complain about the alleged persecution of Christians in Sudan, China, etc., and yet fall silent when Israel slaughters Arab Christians in places such as southern Lebanon?

Note: "Because Jews are God's chosen people" is not a cogent answer to any of these questions. A claim that a certain ethnic group is divinely chosen, in a document written by members of that ethnic group, has as much credibility as O.J.'s claim that he didn't do it. Anyone who doesn't have the brains to understand this simple, obvious truth is not worth my time.

I do not want to spend eternity with people who are fucked in the head to the degree outlined by these questions. Unless you provide cogent answers to these questions, I will remain convinced that your proselytizing is a waste of my time as well as yours."

Harold, I think that it's time that we undermine White Jesus freaks' support for the Jews with tough questions such as these. Would a modified version of this text make for a good Homeland flyer?

M. G.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would add to the text of that email about the hypocrisy of the judeo-churchianity cult, the following ...

"Why do your ilk insist that the Jews, who not only openly reject and mock Him, undermine and misrepresent His teachings at every turn, and who murdered Him (Matt 27:25) are still 'God's chosen people.' Do you not realize that making that claim on the Jews' behalf makes you guilty of Blasphemy? You are, by making that claim, calling your own Lord and Savior a liar. Either He spoke the Truth in John 14:6 when He proclaimed that those who reject Him shall be rejected by His Father, or, you have called Him a liar by asserting and continuing to assert that the Jews who reject, oppose, mock, and in fact murdered Him are somehow as much worthy of His Kingdom as yourselves. To hear some of your ilk fawning over the fraudulent terrorist state of 'Israel' it would appear that they consider His murderers MORE worthy of His Kingdom than themselves and their fellow evangelicals. Your ilk, I suspect, will be in for an angry reception from God on Judgement Day, for He will demand to know why you served satan with your Blasphemies while falsely proclaiming to serve Him, and why you chose to lead others to follow you into apostasy."


11:58 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

WhitePride5- Any sect of Christianity is a dirt ball religion. Whether it be Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist (the one I grew up before I saw the light) and Christian Identity (the sect that makes us feel good until we REALLY start reading and understanding the truth about the "white" draining misleading representations). However of CI is your deal, then feel free to send in your $100 for your ordination certificate- suitable for framing.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd suggest he look up a couple things and think about them.

First, have him 'google' the phrase (enclosed in quotes) "descedants of shem". Then ask him who are the REAL 'anti-Sem(Shem)ites.

Second, have him try to find a copy of the Talmud, and, after he has failed (because they don't want non-Jews to read it), look it up online. The few bits and pieces he will find will open his eyes as to their true nature.

For something REALLY radical, you could have him look up a couple of pages on this site:

and here:


3:35 PM  
Anonymous Toothgrinder (sweden ) said...

I think that Ben Klassens argumention against the anti-white christianity is completely healthy and fine.

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would add that it is estimated that less than 10% of today's Jews descend genetically from the Tribes of Benjamin or Judah, known in Jesus's day as "the Jews".
There is a complete disconnect. "Israel" included all 12 Tribes. Not just 2, and not just 10% of that 2.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something else to 'google' - "jews and mental illness", gets a number of interesting results, but then leave out the 'and', just put in +jews and the phrase (in quotes) +"mental illness". Pretty revealing. I especially note results of books or studies with titles like "Mental Illness: The Jewish Disease".

If THAT doesn't tell us something about what needs to be done, then nothing will.


5:05 PM  

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