Friday, January 30, 2009

The Day of Victory

Seventy-six years ago tonight, the torchlight parades throughout Germany celebrated the beginning of a new era for all of our Folk, a new era which still exists despite the disaster of 1945. Because of the Revolution of 1933, we now have an example for all time of the historical truth that nothing is immutable, nothing is inevitable, nothing is engraved in stone forever.

I can think of little to say on this date that has not been said before or will not sound childishly naive, but nonetheless I will try to distill it all into a few sentences. There is hope, if we will but accept it. Weimar fell. The New World Order will fall as well. What we are trying to do was done once. It is not impossible. It is not beyond reach. It is do-able. We know because Hitler did it. The German people did it.

We have farther, much farther to go, and before we can achieve what our Führer achieved we must re-create and re-invent and re-forge our very souls in the white-hot furnace of National Socialism and the Blood of our Folk---but genetically we are every bit as strong and brave as those brown and black clad Germanic heroes who trod the cobblestones of the Fatherland 76 years ago tonight, beneath the light of ten million torches.

People ask me often how I stand the kind of treatment I get, how I can keep on going in the face of the madness and the hatred and the revolting cowardly behavior of men with Aryan skins, Aryan faces, and the souls of rodents.

I can keep on going because those torches from that January night so long ago in my grandfather's world burn in my mind's eye and in my heart. I keep on going because I know that what we see from so-called "White men" today is an aberration, a corruption, the ultimate expression of Judaic cancer gnawing away at the Aryan soul before death. I keep on going because I know that those who hire lawyers and defile my doorstep with excrement, and scratch mailboxes are not the true representatives of my Folk--and those men who marched beneath the torches underneath the January stars of Germany on that night are. It is they who fill my thoughts and my spirit, not these other critters.

Sometimes we are so depressed and demoralized and angered and revolted by what we see today from so-called "White people" that we forget---all of this happy horse shit we live with is a very modern phenomenon, less than fifty years old, really, and in its roots no more than about two hundred years old. For thousands of years before that our males were men and our females were women, not consumer organisms or politically correct duckspeakers, and that for all their assault on everything good and decent, you can't sweep away millennia of culture and history and folkways in one or two generations.

Despite it all, I sense a great awakening coming. This is where I have a lot of trouble---conveying to all of you my overwhelming sense of optimism about all this. If I were not convinced, utterly and completely, that history is on our side and that our Folk will survive and conquer, I certainly wouldn't waste my life sitting here being heckled and insulted by crybabies and federal agents while beating a dead horse. I'd leave and try to grab something for me with the rest of my life.

I'm still here. This should tell you something.

It's going to happen for us, people. It may not happen like we want it to happen. It may not happen like it happened in Germany. It took me a long time to understand and accept that myself---my longing to see the long brown columns marching beneath the torchlight is every bit as urgent and deep and anguished as yours. But it will happen as the inscrutable forces of history dictate, in ways which are appropriate and natural to our time and place.

We, too, will have our January 30th someday. Stay strong, don't fall by the wayside--be there with me when that glorious day comes!

Harold A. Covington

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

Suspicious Timing

All of a sudden, more or less out of the blue, the FBI and a federal grand jury is now investigating the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to see whether top church officials conspired to cover up the sexual abuse of minors by priests. Cardinal Mahony claims to be "mystified" by the whole thing; he says he had thought his $660 million bribery check to all the middle-aged men who were hollering "Father Tim diddled my digit in the vestry 40 years ago" had put the whole stupid thing to bed.

And yet all of a sudden a federal grand jury has issued subpoenas and begun calling witnesses in the probe. The investigation is still in its early, fact-gathering stage, and it isn't known whether any criminal charges will result, but the primary target of the investigation seems to be Cardinal Mahony himself, who would probably be well advised to flee to the Vatican and hide behind its walls from extradition like Archbishop Marcinkus, the former Chicago hoodlum and legbreaker for Tony Accardo who became embroiled in all that "God's Banker" crap back in the '80s.

The FBI has never taken down a full Cardinal before. God knows they let the ghastly Cardinal Cody slip through their fingers easily enough.

Okay, the $64,000 question: why would the feds start an investigation of the Church now, less than two weeks after the Iniggeration?

Well, if you take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture, you'll see that the Chief Rabbi of Israel cut ties with the Vatican earlier this week because the Pope reinstated four bishops who had been ordained by the old-style, traditional Cardinal Lefevre, one of whom has publicly questioned the Holocaust myth. This investigation, and the threat against Cardinal Mahony, seems to be retaliation.

The FBI is supposed to be an impartial law enforcement agency, free of outside political influence. If you believe that, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shaking Down The Church

[Republished as a preliminary to an update I will be posting tomorrow.]

A while back Cardinal Roger Mahony, leader of the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese, and one of the wealthiest in the world, wrote a $660 million check in order to try and make the lawyers go away. It won't work, of course. It will only draw more lawyers, endless hordes of them, like blood in the water draws sharks.

Associated Press said that "The settlement will not affect the archdiocese's core ministry, Mahony said, but the church will have to sell buildings, use some of its invested funds and borrow money. The archdiocese will not sell any parish property."

Not quite sure what they're doing with "invested funds" in that amount lying around in banks, money that should be going to help parishioners and provide the type of social services and education for which the Roman Catholic Church is famous, but then since their membership in that diocese is mostly Mexican, at least that's $660 million that won't be ending up in the hands of illegal aliens.

Of course, $660 million ending up in the hands of lawyers is hardly an improvement. That's where most of that boodle will stick to their fingers, no doubt. I will be very interested to see how much money each alleged victim actually receives, and how much is gobbled up in legal fees and "court costs." It's wasted either way.

Look, no one who knows me will ever accuse me of being soft on homosexuality and child molestation. In my opinion the priests who did this kind of thing, if any, should be hanging from trees in a public place. Nothing I say here is to be in any way construed as being pro-faggot or pro-child molesting. Are we all crystal clear on this?

That said, I also have to say that this business of the Roman Catholic "abuse scandal" has dragged on far too long, and it has degenerated into a simple shakedown, with greedy and amoral lawyers and a number of (in my view) increasingly suspect "victims," many of them Mexican, who have offered no proof of any kind that anything ever happened thirty or forty years ago. All it takes is for someone to be willing to come forward and sob for the TV cameras and howl about how forty years ago Father Tim done diddled his digit in the vestry, in order to rake in huge megabucks as the Church desperately tries to buy off the dogs and make all this go away.

If these acts were committed, then the priests involved should be arrested and tried before a jury in a criminal case, not a civil lawsuit whose sole aim is to extort money from a wealthy target with what lawyers term "deep pocket." Even Michael Jackson got a trial and only went free because the jury were star-struck American morons.

This priest-abuse scandal has turned into a racket, a cash teat for lawyers to milk.These "victims" are starting to sound increasingly like bogus Holocaust survivors. They step up and go boo-hoo in front of the media cameras with some tale of molestation, usually "fondling." Actual sodomy of a child leaves medical and forensic traces and there might reasonably be expected to be some contemporary record of the incident at the time, a hospital visit, a police report, whatever. On the other hand, forty years later anybody can make up "fondling" stories until the cows come home, and they can't be proven one way or the other.

These people are getting huge payouts without having to offer one scintilla of proof that anything actually happened. There is apparently just enough truth to these allegations so the Church wants to bury the whole thing under a mountain of money, and yes, I am aware of the fact that the Church maintains a special buggery ranch or whatever in New Mexico, a facility for paedophile priests to "cure" them of their "problem." I say again, I am not denying the likelihood that a few of these stories are true.

But by the nature of the alleged offense, it would be almost impossible to prove something that allegedly occurred in private decades ago. That in itself should count for the defense. You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in this society. Many of the priests who have been accusing of allegedly diddling their altar boys' digits or whatever are now dead, or else they are so old and nearing senility that they cannot effectively defend themselves. There is no real way to know what, if anything, actually happened all those years ago.

I am no fan of the Catholic Church, but it's reached the point where they are the ones being victimized, out of simple greed for money and also because the Church has shown itself to be an easy mark. It's also partly out of a left-wing liberal political agenda on the part of people who want to put an end to traditional religion of all kinds. If the Church would only "get hip" and change its policy on buggery and let priests marry and have women priests and disco-dance during mass and all the other lefty quasi-religious nonsense--in other words, if the Catholics would only cave in like the Episcopalians have done--then I suspect all of these "priestly abuse" lawsuits would quietly disappear.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I'm could 2 million blacks get into Washington D.C. in sub zero temperature in one day, when 200,000 couldn't get out of New Orleans at 85 degrees with four days notice ???

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nature's Warning

[This was written prior to the Iniggeration.]

Like all of you, I've given blacks and the black problem a lot of thought. We've all scratched our heads trying to come up with a viable solution to the problem other than going berserker and killing all of them. And I've got to admit, the idea has been pretty darned tempting on a number of occasions, especially after seeing some news clip where some muzzle faced buck has just raped and murdered a white girl. But sadly the options are few. And the longer they're allowed to run amok in white society, the deeper the cancer grows.

I can't turn on a radio or TV without being bombarded with black this or that. I flip the channel to see a video of some nigger shooting a store clerk, yet the next channel has some liberal espousing their equality and virtues. It's madness on a scale never matched before.

When I hear some white kid has been shot or raped or some family murdered or some teenaged girl gone missing, I always say, "Ok, where's the nigger?" And 98 times out of 99 I'm right. It was indeed a coon. The blacks rioted, flapped their lips, and raised hell over that buck getting shot by a transit cop in San Francisco. But the media never says a single word about the hundreds of thousands of white victims niggers attack each and every year.

I get so darned tired of railing against these apes and trying to get my people to wake up to the hard reality of what they really are. But the liberal propaganda machine has done such a thorough job on the minds of so many of our people that it's becoming almost impossible to wake them up.

We all know that the Iniggeration ceremony for Super Chimp is going to be the largest gathering of chitlin chompers this country has ever seen. But sadly there's also going to be a very large contingent of butt-licking liberals and guilt ridden yuppies. The abject blindness of American whites never ceases to amaze me. Most of them simply ignore the reality of the black problem even as it screams at them.

As I've said before, nature has it's ways of warning us about dangerous species. It creates features on them designed to warn us to avoid them. Bright colors, fangs, claws, black coloring, rattles, hisses, horns, smells, you name it. When we look at a black, we don't see a person that happens to have black skin, we see something radically different from our own race in just about every way.

Blacks are offensive to look at. They're not simply unattractive or ugly, they're repulsive. When a white first sees a black person up close he instinctively backs away in disgust. In fact, blacks are so ugly that many people find it amazing that their features are evolutionary. They look as if they were deliberately engineered to be repulsive by an intelligence of some sort.

There are ugly creatures and species in nature. Lots of them. From toads to birds, ugliness is everywhere in nature. Our own race has more than it's fair share of butt-ugly people. But blacks go far, far beyond ugly. In fact it amazes me that any black can look in the mirror without wanting to cut his wrists.

But this is nature's way of warning us of just how dangerous these creatures are. Their body shape, odor, face, hair, voice, mannerisms, and every other aspect of their being are repulsive to all those around them. These tell us to walk a circle around them.

One time I saw an amazing sight. I was looking at a litter of pups that just had their eyes open. There's nothing cuter than a bunch of puppies. New to the world, they had never even been out of the box they were born in. They knew nothing of people, friends or foes.

There was a buck nigger there at the same time I was, and we were both looking at the pups. I picked one up and it immediately gave my nose a thorough licking, as puppies will do when they like you. But when the coon reached in and picked up a pup it bared it's teeth and growled
at him like a little toy tiger. The pup knew instinctively that he was the enemy. Something very primal in that pup had switched on. The coon put it back quickly because the longer he held it, the more agitated the dog became until it looked like this cute little puppy might bite the shit out of him. The nigger said "Screw dis man!" and stomped out in negro anger. It's a wonder he didn't scream RACISM! at the poor pup.

Yesterday I saw a buck with a nose so damned huge that it literally covered half his face. The nostrils were the size of a horse's and they flared out at a really disgusting 45 degree angle, ruining lunch for anyone unfortunate enough to have to eat near this ape. You could see clear to his sinuses. His lips were bulbous, his forehead sloped where brain should have been, and his eyes were bugged out soft boiled eggs, shot with red veins from smoking too much crack. He was trying to talk English but his thick tongue and huge lips made it almost impossible. I'd have felt sorry for him if he hadn't displayed that standard hateful, uppity nigger attitude that's so prevalent with them all today.

But the point is he was not just butt-ugly, he was repulsive in the extreme. Nature was telling me that he was not my species and to have nothing to do with him. It's a funny thing about nature. When an animal ignores it, it usually ends up dead.

So why aren't whites at least as smart as a 6-week-old puppy? "From the mouths of babes" as it were. We've gotten to the point where we ignore the most blatant warnings and just bulldoze ahead and damn the consequences. And look what it's gotten us.

Liberals can preach equality and diversity until hell freezes over as far as I'm concerned, but they'll never, ever get me or mine to buy into any of their bullshit. Political correctness puts forth the proposition that it's entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end... Anybody want to try????

They're repulsive for a reason folks, and it's time we all paid attention to that fact.

-The Lone Haranguer

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Refuting The Fundamentalists

Harold, every time I talk to my dad, either over the phone or in person, he tries to bring me back into the fold (I was raised in a Lutheran family). After recent events in occupied Palestine, I have had enough of this shit. This is a copy of an email that I just sent him:

"I demand a cogent answer to each of the following questions before you ever proselytize to me again:

1) Why do you and other evangelical/fundamentalist Christians (hereinafter referred to as "your ilk") claim to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and yet salivate with savage delight every time Israel incinerates, bludgeons, starves, bombs, deprives of water, shoots, forces into smaller areas, robs of land, crushes to death, and humiliates innocent Arab men, women, and children?

2) Why do you and your ilk favor Jews over Arabs when Jews, not Arabs, are overwhelmingly responsible for countering "family values" at every turn, with the production of violence-and sexually-laden television shows, publications, music, and motion pictures, and the promotion of homosexuality and other socio-political shifts that are anathema to you and your ilk?

3) Why do you and your ilk favor Jews over Arabs when Jews, not Arabs, file the bulk of lawsuits opposing public nativity scenes, even in cases where said nativity scenes are on a church's private property?

4) Why do you and your ilk express so much love for Jews and so much hatred for Muslims, when, according to the Talmud, Jesus of Nazareth is in a vat of boiling urine in hell, and according to the Koran, Jesus of Nazareth is a prophet?

5) Why do you and your ilk express so much love for Jews, despite Jews' central role in the rise of Communism?

6) Why do you and your ilk complain about the alleged persecution of Christians in Sudan, China, etc., and yet fall silent when Israel slaughters Arab Christians in places such as southern Lebanon?

Note: "Because Jews are God's chosen people" is not a cogent answer to any of these questions. A claim that a certain ethnic group is divinely chosen, in a document written by members of that ethnic group, has as much credibility as O.J.'s claim that he didn't do it. Anyone who doesn't have the brains to understand this simple, obvious truth is not worth my time.

I do not want to spend eternity with people who are fucked in the head to the degree outlined by these questions. Unless you provide cogent answers to these questions, I will remain convinced that your proselytizing is a waste of my time as well as yours."

Harold, I think that it's time that we undermine White Jesus freaks' support for the Jews with tough questions such as these. Would a modified version of this text make for a good Homeland flyer?

M. G.

Monday, January 26, 2009

To The Department of Homeland Security

Not one week after the Iniggeration, we are already seeing the first fruits of our nation's experiment in black rule.

Gentlemen, I understand that you have recently been asking questions about the Northwest Front and myself. As you are doubtless aware, the person whom you questioned is an extremely angry and bitter young woman who is involved in a very nasty divorce and subsequent court case. The few e-mails I received from her, many months ago, indicated to me that she is emotionally if not mentally unstable, which is something I am sure you used to your advantage. I am genuinely curious as to what it is you hoped to find--if you're questioning this young lady, as peripheral as she was, you must be really stretching. Nonetheless, let me see if I can simplify things for you.

I am a writer. That is all I am. That is all I can do under the prevailing circumstances, much as I might wish it otherwise. I do not have "followers," I have an audience, if you understand the difference. I suspect you do, and I suspect that is what frightens you about me.

If you intend to silence me, you are going to have to use fabrication. You are going to have to make something up. I do not commit illegal acts. Simply put, I do not have the opportunity or the means to commit illegal acts. You know this perfectly well, and yet you investigate me anyway, most likely simply out of the love of exercising pure power over human lives, which is why you became secret policemen in the first place.

Under the United States Constitution, I also have the right to oppose you, your evil government, your Maximal Monkoid, and the putrescent society which you represent with my writings. You know this perfectly well, and you ignore it.

The government you serve no longer represents freedom or anything that the Founding Fathers would have remotely recognized as America. You serve a regime that tortures; that wiretaps and enters premises without warrants; that "renders" illegally arrested persons to illegal prisons overseas for the purpose of torture and murder; that invades other countries without cause in the service of a foreign power and for the profit of the oil companies; a regime that increasingly seems to hold all human life and decency in contempt. Your president is an ape.

I cannot stop you from doing whatever the fuck you intend to do, and I understand this, but let's be very clear on this: you are the guys in the black hats here. Your government is evil. You serve evil. You are evil.

I have always understood that there would one day be a penalty involved for opposing the evil that you represent. There always is. If that time is now, then so be it.


-Harold A. Covington

Four For The Future

The Defeat of the Jewnited States As Imagined by H. A. Covington
by Michael O'Meara

Those who want to live, let them fight, and those do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

H.A. Covington's Northwest Quartet of novels - The Hill of the Ravens (2003), A Distant Thunder (2004), A Mighty Fortress (2005) and The Brigade (2008) - now represents the most worked out and authoritative treatment of White Separatism in the English language. Both as popular fiction and political tract, it is a remarkable work. But most remarkable of all is the utter silence that surrounds it. If not for a VNN respondent (the wise and judicious New America), I might never have learned of its existence.

I'm not quite certain why this is. Covington's Trilogy is infinitely more readable and convincing than William Pierce's Turner Diaries (now one of our classics), but has probably sold only a fraction as many copies. Part of the problem with its reception might lie in the fact that Covington, a veteran of the NS movement, has made not a few enemies within the racially conscious community, evident in his numerous critical references to Pierce, as well as to Koehl, Klassen, Metzger, Duke, Webster, Tyndall, and others.

As a nationalist whose experiences are mainly European I have no actual knowledge of Covington's personal history or of the sectarian squabbles that have alienated him from other racial nationalists. For this reason, there may be a subtext to his Trilogy that eludes me. I only know the Trilogy as a work of political fiction. But on this basis, I can categorically say that Covington is a great talent and that his work speaks, as no other does, to the burning question of our age.

Political fiction has one overriding purpose: To reach those who can't be reach through rationalist discourse. In this Covington's Trilogy is superb. It is full of memorable characters - classic American types (strong, daring, two-fisted white males) who remind us of our ancestors and not the ridiculous creatures we see on nightly television. It abounds with actions and adventures that evoke our earliest racial memories and reveal what we can be once freed of the Jews' lunar spirit. It conveys the ideals of our movement in a language and style accessible to those who would otherwise ignore them. It tells an exciting story that is both entertaining and didactic. But above all it imagines a course of action - perhaps the one possible course of action - that will insure our existence as a people. Whatever one might say of Covington the activist, he's made a work of art out of his separatist vision and it deserves a hearing.

It is not, though, his art that I want to address in this essay, but rather certain of his ideas, three of which I think are fundamental to the politics of white racial survival in this period. To put these ideas in their proper context, something needs first to be said of the story Covington tells.

As a separatist, he believes the present situation is such that any hope of reversing America's "de-Europeanization" or the Judeo-liberal regime in Washington responsible for it is no longer feasible. The sole option left to whites seeking to ensure their existence in North America is to break off a portion of the lands their ancestors possessed and establish a white homeland. To this end he proposes the migration of racially aware whites to the Pacific Northwest - the whitest section of the United States - to create there the critical mass that will be needed when the time comes to wage an anti-colonialwar against the Zionist regime in Washington.

Premised on this migration, his three novels revolve around events that occur sometime in the second or third decade of the 21st century, when all the tendencies presently in place have been taken to their horrific and ethnocidal extension. For reasons almost providential, whites in Coeur d'Arlene (Idaho) finally rebel, when they spontaneously resist federal agents attempting to carry off the children of a politically incorrect, but well regarded family. Locally based members of the Party created by the migration then intervene. They help arm, organize, and lead several hundred Coeur d'Alene whites against the troops sent in to crush them. Their rebellion is quickly extinguished, but, like Ireland's Easter Rebellion, ignites a war for national independence.

From three different perspectives Covington tells the story of the Northwest Volunteer Army (NVA), as it leads an IRA-style terror campaign against the Anglo-Zionist forces in control of the United States. The NVA's struggle is greatly facilitated by the fact that in this future period American society and the US government have become even more incompetent than they are today. The US military is bogged down in endless Mideastern wars fought on Israel's behalf; its social system is increasingly dysfunctional, balkanized into rival racial-ethnic interest groups; an ever-growing part of the white population, unable to compete with coolie labor, is condemned to unemployment or conscription; and the material prosperity that has long served as a race-obliterating opiate has given way to the growing impoverishment and alienation of the white masses.

For five bitter years, the NVA wages the "war of the flea," blowing up key infrastructures, sabotaging databases, attacking the regime's tax-collecting and judiciary agents, intimidating employers of non-white labor - even sending Volunteers to disrupt the vulnerable lifelines that allow New York and Washington to function as the ZOG's central nervous system.

Unable to sustain the damages and disruptions of these assaults, Anglo Zionist representatives of the federal government are eventually forced to negotiate a peace settlement with the insurgents, negotiations which end up sanctioning the secession of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (along with parts of Northern California, Wyoming, and Montana) from the United States of America and the establishment of a white homeland under the political auspices of a Northwest American Republic.

1. The Jewnited States

Unlike racial conservatives (Vdare and AR types) and not a few white nationalists, Covington sees the United States - not just the current administration, but the System itself - as the enemy. He calls it "the fount and wellspring of all that [is] evil" in our time. For at least two generations this state has carried out a systemic assault on European America, forcing it to congregate with inferior and hostile races; promoting integration, miscegenation, and the destruction of the white family; adopting policies that siphon off its wealth, pollute its culture, and corrupt its children; but above all, legitimating its self-destruction through the imposition of dysgenic behaviors and values.

With "only the most remote and tenuous historical connection with the country and system of government which was originally established and envisioned by the Founding Fathers," the United States today has become a Jew-led corporate plutocracy that denies whites their birthright.

But it's not just its state, with its race-destroying policies, that wars on them. The entire American social system - the reigning civilizational forms - have become no less noxious to their existence. Covington describes early 21st-century America (and this is a projection of current trends) as "a world of unspeakably vile sexual perversions . . . a kleptocracy, quite literally ruled by criminals, some of whom were so bad and so blatant that they were even indicted under the Americans' own laws . . . a world based on no other foundation than sheer greed, wallowing in the most gross and despicable material gluttony . . . a wasteland of spiritual emptiness, moral corruption and cultural pollution . . . an entire society based on a bizarre and grotesque moral inversion: the utterly ridiculous and thoroughly evil idea that all humanoid creatures are in some manner equal."

This world born of the Jews' materialist metaphysics - this world in which man is viewed primarily as an economic animal rather than as a spiritual being with a soul - turns everyone into either a consumer or a commodity and everything that has traditionally made life worth living - family, community, religion - into an economic calculation.

Whether rich and poor, the citizens of this Jewified enterprise live "all doped up, dumbed down, zoned out . . . confused, hostile, paranoid . . . looking out for nobody but Number One." America's traditional European life forms become not only unsustainable under such a system, they are demonized and rendered criminal.

No self-respecting white man, Covington assumes, would want to preserve, reform, or redeem such an abomination. As one of his Volunteers says: "I didn't want to be an American any more. I wanted to be a man instead, a white man."

2. A War Of White Liberation

Despite the passivity and conservatism that marks much of the racially conscious community, it is not difficult to understand why our nobler spirits would want to wash their hands of the American experiment.

With great justice, Covington argues that a century of peaceful, legal methods to reverse the racial policies of the United States have been totally ineffective. "Petitions have been ignored . . . The electoral and political process has been undermined . . . The judiciary has become an instrument of racial and social tyranny." All the while, the reigning powers continue their de-Europeanization, using all their vast powers to re-engineer the American population and eviscerate its racial heritage.

Covington's work rests on the rather unchallengeable contention that nothing so far has had the slightest effect in stemming the enveloping tide of mud. Efforts to create an alternative media, raise white consciousness, mobilize voters around racial issues, or post another illuminating exposé on the internet have had virtually no effect in halting our advance toward the abyss.

Those among us who continue to emphasize the need to educate or wake people up, he argues, usually end up doing "nothing more than hide behind an email address while playing with the computer in one's basement rec room, with a bowl of nachos and a cold brewski beside the mouse." Relatedly, most actual efforts by racialists and right-wingers to act in the real world continue to aim at influencing the Judeo-corporate system, rather than getting free from it.

Given that all the forces of indoctrination, socialization, and influence are in enemy hands and that all the principal institutions and social-economic structures are arrayed against us, the thought of using the system's established forms to bring down the ZOG, repatriate the 100 million muds occupying our lands, or reverse the present ethnocidal course of American developments is nothing short of fantastic. Given also that every effort to reverse American racial policy has failed and that this policy threatens the survival of the European race in North America, the sole remaining recourse, Covington insists, is the right to take up arms against the system threatening us.

As Covington imagines it, the struggle to establish an independent white homeland in the American Northwest will resemble an anti-colonial war, waged in ways not unlike the campaign the Provisional IRA carried out against the British government in Northern Ireland after 1969. Sustained by a migration of racially aware whites to the region (Covington mentions 50,000 migrants), the NVA that is to arise from some future effort to acquire a small piece of territory will challenge Washington's monopoly of armed force and undermine its revenue producing sources, making it impossible for the federal government to maintain its authority over the Pacific Northwest.

But how realistic is such a prospective struggle against the ZOG? To many it will seem even more fantastic than the alternatives that Covington criticizes. And to those who know something about the physical-force wing of Irish Republicanism, it will seem no less fantastic to imagine that American white nationalists (whose struggles are waged almost entirely in cyber space) could emulate the IRA gunmen, street fighters, and terrorists who fought the British Army to a standstill.

These objections, though, are not actually an argument against Covington's notion of a white liberation struggle - only an obstacle to be overcome. History, moreover, is full of improbable undertakings. Who would have thought that 10,000 lightly-armed Sunni insurgents would check the conquests of America's imperial legions?

Great historical transformations are almost always implausible until they happen. Part of this is due to the fact that it is rarely the size of one's armed divisions or the quality of one's military technology that matters, but rather certain qualities of the human spirit. As Victor Hugo put it: "Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come." If American whites, especially their racially conscious vanguard, should ever imbue the NW migration with the force of a Sorelian myth (that is, with the force to act), there is simply no telling what may happen. Nothing is impossible - not even the thought of white men marching to the sound of the guns.

To those who would dismiss this as wishful thinking, it might be added that not only does the survival of the white race depend upon such a mythic transformation of white consciousness, but that our age has turned such transformations into something of a Zeitgeist. With the advent of globalization and the fourth-generation war it provokes, traditional state systems have everywhere gone into crisis, as anti-national elites endeavor to impose a one-world superstate that reduces everything to the market demands of the Jew-led Yankee money men cashing in on the extermination of white race.

The idea of a white liberation struggle is not, then, entirely implausible. Nor would there be any lack of potential Volunteers. Sections of the middle class, deprived by globalization of the lifestyles which insured their traditional passivity, are already feeling embittered and by-passed.

A sharp economic downturn, the collapse of the dollar, a humiliating military retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan, an energy crisis that undermines our automotive civilization, a protracted governmental paralysis - the conditions could suddenly arise when elements among the complacent, TV-programmed white masses are forced to the conclusion that their allegiances are misplaced. In any case, conditions for whites are almost certain to continue to deteriorate.

Echoing the theorists of partisan, guerrilla, or asymmetrical warfare of the last half century, Covington contends that the bigger and more complex the ZOG becomes, the more vulnerable it is to a few brave men with weapons in their hands and the courage to use them. American society, he notes, is "so complex, everything so interactive and interlocking and dependent on everything else, that when you cut the chain at one point the whole works just grounds to a halt."

The struggle for white liberation would also benefit from the fact that the US government is already a corrupt, mismanaged institution and that American society, premised on purely economic criteria, lacks real cohesion. The whole system, in fact, rests on a foundation of sand. All the powers of corruption, incompetence, cowardice, and short-term thinking conspire against it. (Think of Katrina New Orleans).

Its declining revenues and budget constraints are even now making it difficult to fund its repressive apparatus. At the same time, the system is more and more served by inept muds and the Jews who manage the system's decision-making centers are beginning to overreach themselves, pushing their host people in ways that formerly ended in pogroms. Is it so inconceivable to think that an armed white opposition could force it out of the Northwest?

3. A Homeland

Once it is accepted that the United States constitutes the principal threat to our existence and that we will be free of its perverse, ethnocidal policies only through force of arms, then the third, most crucial facet of Covington's vision comes into focus: The imperative of creating a white homeland.

Terre et Peuple, Blut und Boden: The notion that every people needs its own land is as old as Europe itself. In the postmodern, transnational, and global order favored by our one-world elites such a notion, of course, is deemed obsolete, as if the quantitative monetary principles of the world market are a better way of organizing social life than traditional ones based on healthy families, organic communities, and ethnoracial identities.

In the last generation, this ancient notion has assumed a new urgency: For the rising tide of color has everywhere begun to sweep into the former white homelands, threatening the integrity of white life. One more generation of Third World immigration and the great race passes away forever.

A racially exclusive homeland, the antithesis of the New World Order, would in Covington's view be our ark to weather the great flood of mud. "It is absolutely essential," he argues, "that the white race acquire a Homeland of its own, some place on earth where white children can be born and raised in physical and spiritual safety, and where our numbers may be restored and the threat of racial extinction overcome."

Based on blood, not creed or economics, such a homeland would guarantee the perpetuality of our people. It would also solve most of the social, political, and cultural problems that ail us. For once free of the Jews who have pathologized white existence and who have set the colored hordes on us, we could begin dealing honestly and forthrightly with the problems besetting our civilization. Indeed, once free of the Jews and their multiracial legions, most of these problems would simply vanish.

The result would almost certainly be a renaissance of European life in North America. As one of Covington's characters observes: "When you have stability and unity in a racially homogenous society . . . you'd be amazed what a small country like ours can accomplish."

This vision of a sovereign Aryan Republic is, of course, merely a figment of Covington's imagination, but imagination, as Shakespeare reminds us, "bodies forth the things unknown."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Never Know

Test post - One of the problems with being politically incorrect in this society is that you never know when a problem with goods and services is simply negroid or capitalist incompetence, or whether it's deliberate sabotage.

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(Tricolor flags)

Harold Covington -

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mexico Is Coming

For the past ten years I've been warning everyone that would listen that our biggest immediate threat was Mexico. Now it looks like that threat is growing teeth and claws, just as I feared.

Even though it's our nearest neighbor here in the southern half of the nation, it's seldom thought about except for it's flood of wetbacks that continue to pour over our border with greed in their eyes. And believe me, there's nothing on earth greedier than a wetback. He'll steal your underwear...while you're wearing them!

But few of us ever think about the land he comes from or what's going on down there. Well, I'll tell you: it's a nasty, filthy, disease ridden, poverty stricken, corrupt, dangerous no-man's land where their government is a joke and law enforcement only works in the big cities, and there only haphazardly.

When you step out of the city and head out into the countryside, bandits await the unwary traveler. And these aren't the swashbuckling, kind-hearted Robin Hoods you see on TV. These are ruthless, heartless, murderous animals that would just as soon kill you as take a breath. They make a living by preying on the hard working, the innocent and the weak. Predators.

They run singly, by twos, or in large packs. You never know. They span the entire length of the Pan-American Highway, the only freeway or road that runs through all of South and Central America, from Mexico to the tip of the Yucatan. It's a regular gauntlet for the traveler, and anyone with a brain goes with an armed escort.

The towns and villages aren't much better because all of them have their local toughs, big fish in a small pond. It's especially dangerous for gringos, namely you because the vast majority of Mexicans and other Latinos down there despise us. I know. You'd think it would be different considering we support their worthless country, but they're just like all the other mud races on this planet. They take and take and take from whitey, hating him all the while. When a gringo is killed down there, he's more likely to get buried out in the weeds than have his murder reported.

And it doesn't matter where you go in Mexico, thievery runs rampant. They steal from each other as a matter of course, every day they're alive. Kids steal from adults, women steal from men and each other, men steal from everyone. Children are taught by their parents to steal as soon as they can run, and usually the poorer among them send their kids out to hustle every day, forcing them to go out and steal something to help la familia survive another day. And if a kid comes home empty-handed he's beaten and sent to bed without food, which usually only consists of a bowl of beans anyway.

It's a miserable existence. There is no welfare or social security, or food stamps, or even a food bank. That's because the Mexican government is run by more Mexicans, which are just as thieving and corrupt as the people they govern. It's a hopeless mess that has continued this way since the Spaniards landed over 400 years ago, with no end in sight.

Mexico has always teetered on the brink of famine, and we have always supported it through trainloads of free grain every single year. Of course this grain isn't given to the people. Hell no! It's sold to them by their own government! And yes, our government knows all about this but can do nothing. They figure that it's better than nothing. At least the food is getting to them, even if they do have to pay for it.

But even our help isn't going to be enough soon, especially if Mexico's primitive and broken economy goes belly-up, which it's been threatening to do ever since the housing bust here at home. And if it does, all bloody hell will break loose on this poor country of ours.

People here don't realize just how many of those little brown suckers there are down there. In 2007 Mexico City was declared the most populous city on the planet Earth! And that's just one city! That country is crawling with Mexicans. Poor, hungry, desperate Mexicans that are already eyeing the U.S.

And this doesn't even take into account the rest of South and Central America. Because like dominos, the entire Latin American economy will come crashing down, sending close to a billion Latinos stampeding across our borders as if they weren't there.

And do you think they're going to all line up in an orderly fashion and ask for our help? If you do I'll shoot you myself to rid our gene pool of a dangerous moron. No, they're going to come over here in armed hordes, looting, killing, burning, raping, and taking everything in their path. Like hungry locusts they'll sweep across our land, leaving a swathe of death and destruction in their wake twenty miles wide as they quickly work their way inland.

And of course we'll fight back, killing them by the tens of thousands, all the while dodging our insane government who'll be busy trying to lock us up for defending ourselves! In the end we'll be fighting our own government and the invaders at the same time and chaos will rule the day.

And the only people that are going to survive this mess are the ones that had the brains and foresight to prepare ahead of time and get the hell out of harm's way beforehand.

Find a remote place for you and yours to hole up for the duration. Killing is going to have to become second nature. In fact you'll have to harden yourself to it or go completely insane. I know. You'll have to get to the point where you can get up, shoot a wetback invader sneaking onto your property, then go back to bed and roll over.

Your family is going to have to become just as tough. It'll probably be years before the dust settles, but my advice is to stay put for at least two solid years. Listen to your radio for news, but stay put. The only thing you'll do by going out there is giving away your location. There won't be anything left out there for you or anyone else anyway. Only death.

And remember, when the fall comes the blacks and other muds will get into the act as well. It's going to be hell on wheels all over the world for a long, long time. The only good news you'll hear is what you make for yourself by learning to be content where you're at, and by staying ever vigilant.

One last thing: Never trust visitors. I don't care if it has been two years or five years. Unless you've heard otherwise on the radio, it's still a no-man's-land out there and everyone is your enemy. I don't give a rat's as if he is white. A friendly stranger is more likely a point man for a gang of predators who sent him in to assess your numbers and arms. He couldn't have survived alone all that time. Use your head. Run him off before he gets close and make it scary enough to keep him and his pals from showing back up.

Remember, it's not a matter of "if" anymore, but "when" the show starts. Be ready.

-The Lone Haranguer

Friday, January 23, 2009

Book Plugging Time Again

[From the novel Fire and Rain by H. A. Covington]

Chapter III.

On the first day of October the summer heat finally broke for a bit, and autumn arrived. The leaves along Franklin Street were perceptibly turning color now. Matt was wearing a light windbreaker as he crossed the parking lot at University Mall to the Kerr Drugs.

It was his first day off on his long leave. He had spent the day in his Carrboro apartment going over the entire SBI case file yet again, from beginning to end. He cleared off the one full-sized table he owned, broke the files down and laid them out in separate stacks: medical reports, witness interviews, agent reports, crime scene photos and inventories, newspaper clippings, and a large stack he designated “the MacDonald mess”, documents dealing with SBI attempts to determine what linkage if any there was with the Jeffrey MacDonald murders in Fort Bragg on February 16th, 1970. Matt was completely convinced that the whole MacDonald thing was a dead end, and he was eager to leap right in to doing legwork, but he knew that his first task, however reluctantly, was to go over the MacDonald stack and make 100% sure it was a dead end. Something might leap out at him which would knock his theories into a cocked hat. It wouldn’t take him long. He already knew the whole huge file by heart.

By six o’clock the rush hour had died down and Matt decided to run down to the mall and get a few things, as well as stop by his tobacconist and stock up on cigars and pipe tobacco. The guys at the bureau had taken up a collection on his first birthday with the SBI and had bought him a sardonic but pleasant gift: a big Sherlock Holmes-style clay meerschaum pipe. Matt made sure he never lit it up in the bureau’s designated smoking area, i.e. the public sidewalk, but he found that smoking the monster at home genuinely did relax his body and concentrate his mind. This was definitely going to be a three-pipe problem. Daylight savings time was still in effect, so it was light outside. The air was crisp and bracing in the parking lot and downright chilly inside, because the mall air conditioning was still on. Matt spent about twenty minutes buying and batting the breeze with Derek Bentley, the seedy little Englishman who owned the Up In Smoke Shop, while Bentley mixed up a pound of Matt’s personal blend. Matt needed a few toiletry items as well, and he stepped into Kerr Drugs and picked up a basket. “Hey, Maggie,” he said with a cheerful nod to the full-figured black woman who managed the store, a casual acquaintance.

She beckoned him over and whispered to him, “Mr. Redmond, could you stick around for a a bit? There’s a gentlemen down on aisle five who’s putting merchandise in his pockets. I can’t say or do anything until he actually leaves the premises without paying, that’s our procedure, but to tell you the truth I’m a bit scared to approach him. I know you’re SBI and not a Chapel Hill cop, but...”

“I can apprehend someone committing a crime if I see him doing it, anywhere in the state of North Carolina. Do you think he may be armed?” asked Matt, quietly turning his head to try and catch a glimpse of the shoplifter. All he could see was the tangled, uncombed back of the man’s head.

“No, I don’t think so, but I know he’s crazy,” said the woman worriedly. “I seen him around the mall a lot. He’s always talking to himself, and he looks really spacey. I think he may be on drugs. He’s not a homeless person or a trashy type, he’s always well dressed, but he don’t bathe regular and sometimes it’s pretty intense getting downwind of him. He obviously ain’t right in the head. I don’t know why security don’t ban him from the mall. He scares people.”

“Wait here, and stick this behind the counter for me,” said Matt, handing him his bag from Up In Smoke. Matt eased down the aisles and peeped around the corner. The man was over six feet tall and looked late thirtyish, with a pasty pale complexion and unkempt brown hair that fell down over his collar. He was studying the paperback book rack, mumbling to himself, oblivious to everyone and everything else. Abruptly he reached out, took a book, and stuck it into the pocket of his expensive sport coat. Both pockets swung and bulged from whatever he had stuffed into them. Matt grinned and withdrew.

Back at the counter he said, “Yes, you’re right. He’s crazy as a loon and he’s probably on drugs, prescription medication to keep him from collapsing into a dangerously violent schizophrenic state and going berserk with a chain saw or something equally spectacular. You were smart not to approach him on your own. He hasn’t done anything really bad since he was young, at least not that I know of, but there have been a whole series of assaults, petty thefts and destruction and a couple of unexplained small fires. The potential is always there for him to lose control. He shouldn’t be at large in society, he should be in an institution, but his father is one of the wealthiest men in the South and unless this fine young cannibal freaks out someday and just plain kills somebody, he’ll never see the inside of Dorothea Dix. I might add that he is also the darling of the Chapel Hill artsy-craftsy touchy-feely New Age set, a brilliant pianist who gives regular recitals around the country, and a composer of no little talent who had his first symphony performed at the age of 15. I’ve often wondered how that high-toned crowd he hangs with deal with his occasional outbursts of hysteria and random violence."

“You know him?” asked Maggie in surprise.

“Oh, yes, I know him. He knows me, too, and if we’re going to catch him out he mustn’t see me. I’m going to stand over here by the paper racks with a newspaper in front of my face like I’m reading it. I can watch him in the overhead mirrors. If he leaves without paying for all that stuff in his pockets, I’ll follow him out and bust his stinky ass while you call 911.” The subterfuge with the newspaper wasn’t even necessary. The man didn’t go through the checkout line at all, he simply shuffled out the far door into the parking lot. “That’s it,” called Matt as he headed out the door. “Make that call, Maggie.”

Matt caught up with the tall, shambling figure at the first row of cars. He gripped the suspect’s arm like a steel vise, and the man’s face went slack with astonishment.

"You!" gasped the thief.

"Excuse me, sir, I am an SBI agent and I have reason to believe that you have removed merchandise from the drug store without paying for it," said Matt formally. “Accordingly I am going to search you. Put your hands on the trunk of this car, feet back and spread them...”

Motherfucker! Swine! Son of a bitch!” screamed the man, eyes rolling, spittle flying from his mouth, his face twisting in sudden lunatic rage. “Bastard! I’ll kill you!” Matt expected a wild punch and braced to block it and retaliate with a knockout blow, but instead the suspect snarled like a beast and literally went for his throat, grabbing the back of Matt’s head and pulling his face forward, his jaws open to bite and tear at Matt’s jugular vein with his teeth.

“Jesus shit!” cursed Matt, shooting out one hand to push the madman away and giving him a sharp knee intended for the groin, but his opponent had twisted around so the knee only caught the meaty part of his thigh. The shoplifter staggered back and flailed his fist in an enraged punch which Matt blocked easily, sinking his own fist into the man’s belly once, then twice, then a right to the mouth which sent him to his knees, then another right, then another, as Matt completely lost his temper and hammered the swaying thief’s face. He collapsed on to sidewalk and Matt kicked him in the ribs. “You goddamned fruitcake!” he breathed. “Not so easy picking on a full grown man as it is to torture cats and guinea pigs to death, is it? Not so easy as beating up a twelve year old girl and buttfucking her, is it?”

“You’re the crazy one,” said the broken thief on the ground. “You tell lies. You tell lies about Mama and Daddy. You’re hateful and evil. You try to get money from Daddy by extortion and threats. You deserted your wife and your children and left them starving with no money at all.” He tried to get up, his face dripping blood in gobbets. Matt launched another kick.

Stay down!” he yelled. “You say one more word and by God I’ll kick every tooth in your head out! You yellow, contemptible piece of trash!” He reached down into the man’s pockets and pulled out the paperback book, a Barbara Cartland romance of all things, along with several women’s cosmetic items, a plastic bottle of STP gas treatment, a small china figurine of some generic European peasant girl, four Zodiac key rings, a pack of four AA batteries, a child’s school pencil sharpener, a packet of peanuts, and a UNC Tar Heels swizzle stick. “What is this shit, Sid?” demanded Matt angrily. “This is trash! Why are you stealing trash?” He pulled out Sid’s wallet from his pocket and opened it, finding six $100 bills and a thick wad of tens and twenties. “You’re walking around here with more than I clear in a single paycheck, and you’re stealing stupid little crappy things like this? Sid, do you understand that this is crazy? Do you understand that you are crazy? Do you understand that you are deeply sick in your mind and you need real help in a real mental institution, not those asshole tame shrinks over at Duke that Daddy pays two hundred bucks an hour just to keep you doped up and ambulatory? When in God’s name will you understand that Daddy is not your friend? That he does not want to help you? That he wants you to be like this forever?”

“You’re a liar and a murderer. You murdered those men in Mexico even though you knew they were innocent. You murdered a Mexican woman, too.”

“Shit!” howled Matt in rage and frustration, in his fury kicking Sid in the side yet again. Sid fell to the pavement and began to weep like a child. A small crowd had gathered, but no one intervened, all of them awestruck at Matt’s fearsome rage. “Far out, man!” came a voice from among the spectators.

“That’s enough!” came a sharp voice of command. Matt looked up and saw a tall, muscular young black man in uniform getting out of a Chapel Hill police cruiser which had pulled up behind him. “What’s going on here? Oh, hi, Matt. This our shoplifter? Man, you really worked him over, didn’t you?”

“Hi, Jamal,” said Matt wearily. He pointed to the incongruous collection of bric-a-brac on the ground. “That’s what crybaby here was stealing. Crap. He’s not a thief, really, he’s a klepto, among other things. He won’t get help, real help from somebody who wants to straighten him out.” The Chapel Hill cop drew Matt over to the police cruiser.

“Uh, Matt, I saw that last kick as I was pulling up, and no way was it called for,” he said in a worried tone. “We may lose this one on excessive force. That’s not like you, man. What’s the situation here? You know this guy? What’s his name?”

“Sid Redmond,” said Matt with a sigh. “He’s my brother. We both inherited the same asshole gene from our father, but he can’t seem to keep his under control like I can. Usually I can, anyway. I’m sorry if this gets tossed on excessive, but believe me, that kick was called for. He’s had it coming for a long, long time.”

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Queen Nancy

[And they want to make dumbass remarks about Sarah Palin's dress?]

Madame Pelosi wasn't happy with the small private jet that comes with the Speaker's job. No, Madame Pelosi was aggravated that this little jet had to stop to refuel, so she ordered a big fat 200-seat jet that could get her back to California without stopping!

Many, many legislators walked by and grinned with glee as Elmont informed everyone that's Nancy's big fat jet costs us, the hard-working American taxpayers, thousands of gallons of fuel every week.

Since she only works 3 days a week, this gas-guzzling jet gets fueled and she flies home to California, cost to the taxpayers of about $60,000, one way! As Elmont put it, "Unfortunately we also have to pay to bring her back on Monday night." Cost to us another $60,000.

Folks, that is $480,000 per month and that is an annual cost to the taxpayers o $5,760,000. No wonder she complains about the cost of this might cramp her style, and she is styling on my back and yours.

I think of the military families in this country doing without and this woman, who heads up the most do-nothing Congress in the history of this country, keeps fueling that jet while doing nothing. Madame Pelosi wants you and me to conserve our carbon footprint. She wants us to buy smaller cars and Obama wants us to get a bicycle pump and air up our tires. These people are nuts.

Keep in mind the figures above do not include cost of plane or crew, just fuel!

The trouble is that Jug-ears and his murderous little Jewish friends were so bad that we have forgotten the fact the Democrats are dogs, pure and simple. The Democratic party is the expression of everything in America that is rotten, corrupt, and sickening, and now they have a couple of niggers wallowing in the clean sheets of the White House residence and infecting them with Michelle Obama's fleas and other bodily vermin.

By the way, did anyone ever get any answers as to why our Weezy Jefferson-type Pri-Mate was disbarred in 1993? Or has that one just completely disappeared down the rabbit hole?

Thought so.

-Elmont the Homeless Guy
Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Liberals Lie About Who Commits Crime in America

[NOTE: This piece is so important, and so few saw it the first time it was out, that I felt the strong need to re-publish it to all of our community. This would be a good one to print off and use as a recruitment tool when you're reaching out to other Whites. - The Lone Haranguer]

Distortion of Racial Crime Statistics in the U.S.

Government agencies purposely mis-classify many non-Whites as White; this makes the White crime rate appear to be higher than it really is.

According to Arizona law enforcement, all of the following individuals in their sex offenders database are White: (unable to reproduce pictures of clearly mestizo Mexican criminals.)

These individuals were located by a search on a single surname(Martinez) in a single database category. It is obvious that racial crime statistics are skewed by such flagrant mis-categorization -- to the detriment of Whites.

Even with the distortion, the differences in crime rates between the races are enormous:

Approximately 34 million acts were committed in the U.S. last year -- about 94,000 crimes daily. This is a Justice Department estimate. We don't know the exact number, because many, if not most, crimes are not reported. We do know, however, that the national crime rate -- crimes per capita -- has tripled over the past 30 years, and at least 71 percent of all violent crimes involve some kind of economic loss.

Distorted Statistics

Prior to 1986, Hispanics were classified as a distinct and separate racial group. Not anymore. The FBI and U.S. Census Bureau no longer distinguish between Hispanics (who are actually Spanish-speaking Indians for the most part) and Whites; their crimes are lumped together in one ethnic pot.

The 22,354,059 Hispanics living in the U.S. do not exist, at least not when it comes to the FBI compiling criminal statistics for distribution via news organizations. Included by the FBI as "Whites" are not only Hispanics, but also West Asians, Jews, Middle Easterners, North Africans, Iranians, Iraquis, Libyans, Palestinians, and refugees from the former Soviet Union.

The question that immediately comes to mind is: "Why would the FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau classify persons of Hispanic origin as being White?" The answer might surprise you. The FBI and the U.S. Census Bureau, along with the controlled media, purposely distort criminal statistics and conveniently classify Mexican-Americans as White because they do not want the American public to know the truth -- that blacks are responsible for committing a vastly disproportionate number of
crimes here in the United States.

For example, in 1993, there were 20,343 Americans murdered: blacks, who compromise 12 percent of the U.S. population, committed 11,686 -- or a whopping 58 percent of those murders. The black murder rate was 38.8 per 100,000.

This is 10.7 per 100,000. As of this writing, an alleged 76 percent of the U.S. is White (European-American) and they committed only 29.5 percent of the murders. On the other hand, black and Hispanic minorities combined constitute 21 percent of the population, yet they committed a staggering 68.7 percent of the murders in the U.S. last year. This means, on a per capita basis, a black person is 12.3 times as likely to commit murder as a White person. Since this information is not deemed politically correct and would perhaps offend the black segment of society, it is offset by falsely inflating the per capita basis for Whites by backhandedly including Hispanics and other ethnic groups.

Here are some more statistics based on official law enforcement compilations:

More than 1,600 Whites are murdered by blacks each year.
Blacks murder Whites at 18 times the rate Whites murder blacks.

About 1 million Whites were murdered, robbed, assaulted, or raped by blacks in 1992.

In the last 30 years, 170 million violent and nonviolent crimes were committed by blacks against Whites in the U.S.

Blacks under 18 are more than 12 times as likely to be arrested for murder than Whites the same age.

Some 90% of the victims of race crimes are Whites.

Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than Whites, even though their population is only one-seventh the size of the White population.

On a per-capita basis, blacks commit 50 times more violent crimes than Whites.

Some 27 million nonviolent crimes were committed in the U.S. in 1992 alone. 31% of the robberies involved black offenders and White victims; only 2% involved White offenders and black victims.

1.3 million of the 6.6 million violent crimes committed in the U.S. each year are interracial.

Between 1964 and 1994, more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders in the U.S., compared to 58,000 Americans killed in Vietnam and 38,000 killed in Korea.

The above statistics were collected by an Australian reporter, Neil Sheehan, who dug out half-concealed U.S. crime figures for an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. The contents of his article, he commented, could not possibly be published or discussed in the U.S. mainstream media.

One wonders how many Whites have to be killed by blacks before the N.Y. Times and Dan Rather break the conspiratorial silence about the number of White casualties in the guerrilla war being waged against them by blacks.

Paved With Good Intentions, a book by Jared Taylor, also studies crime statistics by race. It must be stressed that blacks make up only 12% or so of the population according to the U.S. census (so black males number about 6%), but they commit a vastly disproportionate number of violent crime. Mr. Taylor reveals: 1) 58% of all arrests for weapons violations are blacks. 2) 46% of all arrests for violent crimes are blacks. 3) 73% of all "justified self-defense" killings are committed by blacks. 4) 60.5% of all blacks are armed with some type of weapon at all times. 5) 98% of all youths arrested for gun fights in Atlanta are blacks.

Several years ago, the FBI reported the following:

A) Blacks commit 8 times more assaults than Whites.

B) Blacks commit 9 times more rapes than Whites.

C) Blacks commit 14 times more murders than Whites.

D) Blacks commit 19 times more armed robberies.

E) Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than White neighborhoods.

F) There were 629,000 interracial attacks committed in 1985 (the last year the FBI "chose" to report this information, so God alone knows what it's like now.) Some nine out of every ten were committed by blacks against Whites.

G) Black males (6% of the population) make up 46% of the nation"s prison population.

In only one category of crime -- driving under the influence -- are blacks actually underrepresented, and even this is only by one percent. Perhaps this statistic can best be explained by the fact that blacks own fewer cars than do Whites, percentage-wise.

It can further be seen that overall, blacks are committing 2 1/2 times the amount of crimes percentage-wise as their population in America, and, as far as violent crimes are concerned, they are committing almost four times as much as their population percentage-wise. As far as murders go, blacks are committing almost five times as much as their population percentage-wise.

Why aren't these shocking facts -- facts which are of the utmost importance for the future of our nation -- highlighted in the news broadcasts of the corporate mass media? Well, I think most of us know the answer to that: to protect the advancement of the liberal/Jew agenda to use blacks as their spearhead to destroy our culture..and it's working.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Say No To The Iniggeration

Well, it's Iniggeration Day, and we're in for an orgy of Congoid triumphalism. It's going to be pretty hard to take--so don't take it.

Don't watch it. Don't buy a newspaper or turn on the TV. If you do, every time you see that grinning baby-shit brown face and flapping bubble lips, change the channel. Turn to an old movie station or the Weather Channel or something. I've been doing that for months and it's done wonders for my mood. I simply refuse to even look at that creature. I have to write about it, because that's my job, but I will not look at it or listen to that stupid nasal voice. Barack Hussein Obama has nothing to say, to me or to any person of my race. It is an irrelevancy.

And remember, it's always darkest before the dawn, no pun intended. As of tomorrow that thing will be in the Oval Office and it can start fucking up, and you'd better believe it's going to fuck up, big time, insofar as its Jewish handlers like Rahm Emanuel let it off its leash, at any rate.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Was Michelle Obama Disbarred In 1993?

Two questions:

1) Why was Michelle Obama's law license suspended by Illinois court order in 1993?

2) Why was this fact not brought out by the media during the lengthy 2008 election campaign?

For more information on the solution to the Obama Problem, visit:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Nigger Button

[This was written prior to Black Tuesday. Found it in the file and figure it's timely. - HAC]

We've all watched in disgust for the past thirty years as every black act on talent shows or any other type of competition on TV got a pass. The producers would "hit the nigger button" as so many of us call it. It doesn't matter how talented or beautiful or skilled the other contestants are. If there's a coon in the mix it's a given that ole' Buckwheat will be the winner.

I've seen some of the most butt-ugly hos beat out beautiful white women in beauty contests, and watched in stark amazement as the liberal judges fawned over this African troglodyte and lavished her with praise that is only reserved for the very best among us. It was downright
embarrassing to watch because we all knew the truth and exactly what was going on. Well, for the first time in literally decades, I saw a glimmer of hope...

Tonight I was watching a show called "America's Got Talent." It stars several B list celebrities as judges who watch amateurs perform and compete against each other for prizes. The fare was pretty poor with the exception of one white singer. Then suddenly a group of four buck niggers strutted on stage, doing their "shoo-fly" walk and wearing black berets. They made it clear from the git that they had the typical black
"I expect you to gimme de' prize!" attitude. These apes fully expected the button to be pushed, which is expected by the nigger population in this country as well. They looked like four LA gangstas more than performers, and their song was an abortion of no talent and off key singing.

I gritted my teeth but didn't change the channel because I had a hunch... the looks on the faces of the judges gave me a ray of hope.

And lo' and behold, they lowered the boom on these spoiled, no-talent ghetto apes! Judge after judge told them that they couldn't sing and that they'd blown it. The looks on the faces of the Buckwheat Quartet showed that they sure didn't like...or expect the verdict they got. They were both shocked and angry.

Good. It did my heart good to finally see a bunch of coons lose a competition. I fervently pray it's the start of a return to reason and not just a burp in the politically correct propaganda machine. We'll just have to wait and see...

But the accursed "nigger button" is still being pushed all over the airwaves today in every aspect of media, from news to entertainment. All any of us has to do is flip through the channels no matter what part of the country we live in to see that at least half of all the faces on the screen at any given moment are black.

And in many instances that percentage climbs as high as 75%. But just over-showing their ugly, flat-nosed faces isn't the only thing the liberals are doing. I was shocked and pissed off recently at the massive amount of liberal propaganda and brainwashing being used on our kids today. They're constantly fabricating all types of situations where they can depict white girls with niggers. You never see Hispanics with niggers, or Asians with niggers, or whites with Asians or Hispanics. It's always, always, always white girls with buck niggers...

At first they just included bucks in commercials with white girls. Now they've got them screwing them on TV in a host of their new liberal series, while other shows depict them living together or the white girl popping out a niglet.

But what really sizzled my testicles yesterday was a scene where two young blonde (what else?) white girls were literally drooling over a butt-ugly, nappy headed buck. Enter another dent in my poor abused TV...

The Learning Channel (owned by that radical leftist liberal Ted Turner)has started featuring almost nightly, a baby show with episodes of housewives popping brats. The rub is that almost all of the so-called "families" they showcase are muds married and breeding with white women.

Why are they doing this? Why, to brainwash our breeding-age females into thinking that breeding with these animals is normal, ok, and even good! It flat enrages me to see their blatant audacity. Oh sure. They also show other couples, but most of them are wetback and coon couples popping yet another ass-ugly little mudlet, as if any of us with half a brain would find that entertaining. The liberals have shifted gears in their campaign to push these animals upon our race, because they see the growing rage and rejection of these beasts by whites all across the country.

Ask yourself this: Why is it that this is the very first time the Democratic convention has tighter security than a Presidential visit? Why is it that they created a large, fenced-off, high security area for any and all protesters, who are not allowed anywhere else on the grounds? Why are there U.S. marshals, bomb squads, SWAT, the FBI, the Secret Service, Homeland Security, and a host of other assorted manifestations of pigdom crawling all over the entire area?

Even when 9\11 was still fresh in the minds of everyone four years ago, they didn't have this kind of fanatical paranoia. Well, the reason is that white organizations have been kicking the crap out of them all over the country, and the government is running scared. People are fed up. And through their own investigations they've discovered that the entire nation is a tinderbox ready to explode.

Politicians on both sides know darned well that the American public despises them and knows exactly who and what they are. As most of you know, white rebel organizations have been attacking government offices, buildings, and agents on a regular basis, and the government has been scrambling to keep a tight lid on this to prevent a full scale revolt. (??? I have no idea what The Haranguer is talking about here, but maybe he does.)

Americans don't want four more years of being bled to death by their own leaders. The largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world is currently taking place as our corrupt leaders work to shift our nation's wealth to foreign countries in preparation for a complete takeover, martial law. and enslavement of our stupid, lazy, and soft populace. I'd bet my reputation this is the reason all those troops from Iraq were secretly transfered home and are currently being trained in "civilian crowd control." This evil and corrupt government knows well that things could degenerate in a matter of hours into total chaos. They want to be ready...

The very idea of someone like this coon Obama taking over is literally the straw that broke the camel's back.

Whites aren't going to tolerate it. They've finally had enough. They try to push a nigger button that size, and the only thing they'll succeed in doing is spurring an already irate bull in the ass... The next few months are going to be really, really interesting time for all of us...

-The Lone Haranguer

[I hope you're right, my man. This week it begins, and we finally have a chance to see our affirmative action hire fucking up...and oh, he WILL fuck up, bad.]