Friday, December 12, 2008

Super Koon's Nasty Plans

Ole B.O. has some really nasty plans for whitey and the U.S. starting his very first day in office. I still can't get my head around the concept of a porch monkey President and a First Ho. But hey, thirty years ago I never thought fags would be publicly parading either.

As soon as he's in, he plans on "hitting the ground running" as he says, using his executive power to undo a lot of hard won victories we whites have earned over the liberals the past two years. First he plans on undoing the new bills that were passed by the last real President that allow domestic drilling. This will deliberately throw us right back on foreign oil dependency, jacking the price of gas out the roof once the thieving ragheads realize they have us over a barrel again. All part of the agenda to finish destroying us.

Next, he intends on repealing the 2nd Amendment and confiscating all domestic firearms in the name of "national security." He'll also ban all ammo sales except to registered government agents and law enforcement.

He intends on releasing dozens of rabid Muslem terrorists at Gitmo into our mainstream population as well, giving these nuts carte blanche to go to work on us.

Taxes will be tripled to help pay for his "redistribution of wealth" program for niggers and wetbacks. And by the way, he also says he's going to grant Social Security and Workmen's Comp to all wetbacks and grant all 30 million of the bastards amnesty to boot.

"Hatecrimes" will be listed as anything a mud doesn't like whitey saying to him or about him, Jews included of course. Conservative talk radio will be banned as he implements the liberal "Fairness Doctrine" law we narrowly defeated a couple of years ago that will give the stinking commies the power to silence anyone they don't like.

National Defense, which was already practically gutted by Clinton and Carter will be reduced even further to pay for all de' welfayah to de' coons. And all the raghead terrorists can't wait to sit down with him and plot the destruction of America.

Pissed yet? You aint' seen nothin'. This is only what he intends on doing his first 100 days in office. After that the real fun begins...

And you can all thank your stupid, brain-dead grandmothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, young sons, yuppies, the rich and stupid, and all the bottom feeders, queers and parasites for his election. People should be forced to pass an intelligence test before being allowed to vote. It would drop the voter base to about 5% of what it is now. Placing the fate of the entire United States in the hands of fifty million ghetto coons isn't exactly my idea of smart...

All I can tell you is that on Inauguration day, find the nearest trash can, bend over it, and bring your own vaseline.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama won by fraud in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

Unpleasantly put but undeniably true.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but I have hope... (insert doe-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights emoticon here)

4:32 PM  
Anonymous ernst blofeld said...

We have reached a point where the law is meaningless because those who are sworn to uphold it are themselves criminals. Consequently the law can be made to say anything.

Hell, there's this thing called the war powers act that grants Congress alone the authority to declare war. Did that stop any president since the Korean to Iraq wars from invading countries, dropping bombs, occupying them?
Only fools quibble about what the Constitution says or was intended to mean.

It's dead.

That document in itself doesn't have any magic powers to prevent injustice, that is dependent upon just rulers, or at the very least a population that will hold their rulers accountable.

Today we have a generation of people who care a million times more about Britney Spears than what the bloody constitution or law says.

They are so zombied out by video games, nigger ball, porn, and the jew tube that they will go along with anything.

11:09 AM  

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