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Why I Believe In Jewish Ritual Murder

[Some Classic HAC from 1997 for you.]

Hello all,

My name is Rich and I just recently joined this list. I'm interested in revisionism and open debate on the Holocaust. Does this list engage in open debate on the Holocaust or did I join the wrong list? Also, I just read about Jewish ritual murder. Do people believe that this is true?


Dear Mr. Green:

Yes, I do believe that the Jews have practiced ritual murder as part of their religious ceremonies in the past, and that they almost certainly do so today, with the following qualifiers:

*I do not believe this practice is or ever has been widespread, but has always been restricted to a small number of the most hard-core rabbis and Jewish cabalistic mystic sects;

*I am perfectly willing to accept the likelihood that individual Jews down through history have been falsely accused of this practice, just as I believe that on the other hand it has often been carried out undetected and/or unpunished. The Beiliss case in 1913 Russia is a good case in point: Mendel Beiliss himself was probably innocent of the actual commission of murder although he may have been peripherally involved in covering up the act on the part of his co-religionists;

*I am willing to accept that the overwhelming majority of Jews are unaware that the "blood libel" has at least a partial grounding in fact and genuinely believe it to be a slander, just as most Jews probably believe that the Holocaust occurred more or less as advertised despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

My belief in the preceding is based on two foundations: extensive study of the historical, cultural, and religious aspects of Judaism, and my own personal observation, dealings, and experience with the Jews as individual people over a period of 25 years. I don't want this e-mail to get too prolix, since this isn't really my area of enthusiasm---the Jews' public and political crimes are far worse than their private religious ones---but briefly summarized:

1. There is an immense amount of anecdotal and circumstantial evidence that these sacrificial homicides took place in the past, back in times when concealment was harder and Aryans far more aware and wary of the Jew than they are today.

It is significant that ever since the days of Babylon, a period of almost four thousand years, this accusation (like many others) has been leveled lagainst the Jews everywhere they have ever resided in the world. Time and again down through the ages the Jews have been caught literally red-handed, in some cases toting the dead body of the child whose blood they have drained away to dispose of it in sacks or wagons, sometimes with the corpse being found in the synagogue cellars, etc.

The Jews' response to this is "ve is beink poisecute!" They maintain that down through forty centuries of history, there has been a mammoth conspiracy to frame them for ritual murder. According to this theory, in places as far apart as Cochin China, medieval Germany, 1913 Kiev and 1970 Montreal, and among peoples as diverse as knightly Crusaders, Turkish sultans, twelfth-century Yorkshire Saxons, Argentinians, Cossacks, British historians, Renaissance Italian popes, assorted saints and sinners, the burgomeisters of Prague, and modern-day Arabs, there exists one big long, continuous plot periodically to murder small children, drain them of blood, and plant the bodies on Jewish premises or in Jewish vehicles, etc.

That's one hell of a conspiracy!

There are other similar complaints always leveled against the Jews wherever and whenever they have gone---economic trickery and despoliation, refusal to assimilate, disloyalty to their host country, arrogant behavior and hatred against their hosts, etc. The Jewish response is always the same---for four thousand years, everybody in the world has been engaged in a collossal conspiracy to "get" them.

Nowadays most people believe that, not suprising in view of the Jewish control of the media of communications which has existed in varying strengths in the Western world since the late nineteenth century. But in the old days it didn't wash.

Our medieval ancestors were not fools. They lived with the Jews side by side in close-packed urban communities, very small by modern standards, and knew the Jews far more intimately than we do today. Just like people today, they cared about their children, and when a child was slain the entire community interested itself not only for purposes of revenge, but to ensure the safety of everyone's kids. We are asked to believe that time and again, insular communities who discovered they had a child-killer in their midst stubbornly refused to apprehend the alleged Gentile "real killers" and blamed the Jews out of religious bigotry.

What possible interest could any community, medieval or otherwise, have in lynching an innocent scapegoat and allowing a real killer of children to go free? Why would everyone in Trier or Lincoln or Spoleto or Kiev go along with such a miscarriage of justice when doing so put other children at risk? Why (so far as we know) did the child-killings cease once the Jews had been punished and (usually) driven from the community?

2. The Jewish religion allows for and practices animal sacrifice, per the Old Testament or Torah as they call it, although these customs have long been held in abeyance and in theory apply only to the Temple in Jerusalem. There is an entire sect of "Kohanim" in Israel who practice and train successive generations of rabbis in the techniques of sacrifice in anticipation of the day when Israel succeeds in wresting the Al Aqsa mosque away from the Muslims who have held it for 1400 years and rebuilds the Temple. The Talmud teaches that non-Jews are goyim, beasts without souls. To a religious Jew there is no difference between a German or an American or an African and a cow or a horse or a fish; all lesser non-Jewish forms of life, humanoid or otherwise, were put here by God to serve and pleasure the Jew. When the Jews claim that they do not practice "human" sacrifice they are by their own weird lights telling the truth. They do not consider Gentiles to be human.

3. For the past 25 years I have been in a unique position to observe Jewish behavior and the Jewish character at first hand, since being a National Socialist they don't bother to keep their usual variety of masks on with me and they let all that Talmudic hatred hang out. Anyone who has ever done night duty in a National Socialist headquarters and lifted the telephone for call after call, hour after hour, to hear the crazed screaming Brooklynese of a Jew driven mad by hatred, spewing a string of profanity and terms of excrement, raving like some demented parrot or monkey, totally out of all human control---thus begins wisdom. Anyone who wants to understand the true nature of this "Light Unto The Nations" need only oppose them in public, and he will soon find out what utterly loathsome beings the Jews are, what vicious and contemptible cowards they are, what potentially deadly serpents they are.

But don't take my word for it. Check out the Nizkor playgroups and see for yourself. See a Revisionist post a calm, serious, well-researched comment on some aspect of the Holocaust and then see the literally hundreds of hysterical, malicious, hateful, filthy and abusive posts which follow from the little cadre of about two dozen kikes and kike wannabes who go berserk attacking, vilifying, insulting, and threatening anyone who dares to contradict the self-proclaimed Chosen People of God.

I won't belabor this further, but I will close with two points:

First off, the Jewish people are entirely capable of practicing ritual murder, and there is an immense amount of historical evidence that they did so. I cannot imagine why they would stop now in this day and age, when they have the power to conceal their misdeeds and the captive media falsely to portray them as victims. How many of those little children you see on milk cartons have fallen victim to the knives of the rabbis and lie buried in some remote wasteland or were ground up into dog food in some Jewish-owned processing plant? I am convinced that at least some of them met that fate.

Secondly, the Jews deserve everything that has happened to them in the past and everything that is coming to them in the future, especially when the Palestinians get their state as a toehold and America finally runs out of money and the New Yahk-Tel Aviv lifeline collapses. I do not question that innocent individuals of Jewish extraction have suffered down through the ages for crimes which they as individuals did not commit---but my people and all the peoples of the world have suffered far more at the hands of the Chosen Ones.

The Jews are great survivors, got to give them that. Like rats and cockroaches, and like rats and cockroaches I doubt we'll ever get rid of them entirely. But the world is a much smaller place now, global village and all that. It used to be they could just move on to the next "Goldeneh Medina" when they wore out their welcome somewhere else---but they can't to that any more. Everybody knows about them now, from Uganda to Honolulu, from Rome to Regina. They've run out of trap doors to dodge through and run out of places to run and hide. Their much-vaunted Israel is going to end up nothing but a death trap.

There is a reckoning coming, a reckoning between humanity and the Jewish people which will cause the very heavens to darken and the very devils in hell to hide their faces in shock and terror. You might say we owe them a Holocaust. We've been paying their bill for sixty years, and at some point we're finally going to get what we've paid for.

And when that day comes, who knows? Even I might pity them.....


-Harold A. Covington


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From "The Virginian"- Mr. Covington, you never cease to amaze. You said that this essay was from 1997, but a rerun is brand new if one has not seen it before. Via the "Socratic Method", and using facts and techniques outlined in your works, I have "set brushfires in the minds of men", as Samuel Adams said. Some people deliberately avoid conversations with me, as they dislike having their sacred ox gored. However, far more individuals seek me out, privately, as I seem to be one of the very few who will speak openly about the evils of niggers, jews, spics, queers and liberals. And, in a great measure, I owe it to you.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

I suspect that their ritual murder is much more common and widespread now than in the past. The idea that a race with the blood of hundreds of millions of people on its hands wouldn't engage in such an activity is laughable. There were several anecdotal references to the ritual murder of German children by kikes in 1945 which were covered up by the victors. I particularly remember a story about a tree in Berlin with the naked bodies of several German children hanging from it covered with ritual symbols and drained of blood. This was soon after the battle. The witness was quickly ushered away by Soviet soldiers after he had a good look at it. Jews are psychopaths, so the torture and murder of non-jew children by them is easy to imagine. If some white family discovered incontrovertible proof that one of their children had been killed by kikes they would have no chance of getting justice in any jew-controlled 'western' country today. The system would clamp down on it tightly, even more so than it does when there is a particularly heinous crime committed by niggers against whites. If ever the term 'evil' could be applied to a people then those people are the jews.

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jews are pure evil. I have no problem at all in believing that they murder children to perpetuate their god.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Red Green said...

Some Jew in Italy, a previously respected historian, recently admitted that some Jews MIGHT have practiced ritual murder in the Middle Ages. He was immediately academically lynched, of course, and I believe even banned from entering Israel.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Here's a good site on the subject:

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear he was a Jew and that this was actually a ritual killing ordered by a rabbi.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know this article has sent one of Jared Taylor's house Jews, Norman Ehrlich, ballistic? He's almost hysterical spluttering on the AR list trying (unsuccessfully) to refute it.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

Jewish ritual murder? Just ask the Palestinians. They experience it daily. It's happening on a massive scale in Gaza right now.

Another form of jewish ritual murder comes to us in the guise of "modern" conventional mainstream medicine. Read about all of the men and women who were destroyed because they found REAL ways to heal. Read about Royal Rife and so many others. Then read about "people" like Morris Fishbein.

There is not only a holocaust going on in Gaza right now. There is a holocaust going on right HERE. A "medical" holocaust. Since it's not working fast enough to eliminate enough of us, it won't be long until we, ALL OF US, experience what the people of Gaza are going through RIGHT NOW!

I have found a real, true way to heal...and for that I am very, very grateful. I have been given, freely given, a great gift. God's grace is real and HE led me to truth. All I can do now is pray that this unspeakable evil that has been so blatantly, so obviously, so IN YOUR FACE unleashed be eradicated FOREVER.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Jean said...

Anonymouse at 8:15 AM...what and where is the AR list? That I would really like to read.

Meanwhile I spit on Jared Taylor's name.

12:54 PM  
Blogger E.Scott said...

Not sure how I fit into all of this discussion--I am Cherokee and American; quite disgusted that so many of the Old World problems have found soil in the New World.
It is my suspicion that I barely escaped a sacrificial plot against me about 18 years ago. Many thought I was crazy then and I don't mention it anymore. However, with the rise of the internet, I am finding that my experience was not unique--only I was lucky and trusted my instinct to escape the snare relatively intact.

Beware of the trans-national internet spies sponsored by Mossad.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust no Khazarian,Zionist FAKE JEWS!!!!Rothschild's SATANIC Empire controls this Worls and sees the People as his slaves!!!!!Khazarian,Zionist FAKE JEWS are the Synagogue of Satan and DO INDEED practice Child ritual murder!!!!

2:48 PM  

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