Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Madoff Fraud

Y'know, I am beginning to hear the faint but audible tinkle of a little alarm bell in all of this. I have already read that, by immediately publicly declaring that he defrauded his investors, Madoff set up said investors for complete restitution under U.S. law... at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer!

I have already read that it simply is not possible to "lose" fifty billion dollars belonging to other large corporations, because unlike the government each of them has real-time methods of policing and inspecting what is going on. [NB: Apparently a lot of the money has in fact been located, traced to numbered accounts in Israel.]

Where are the paper trails? In securities there are always paper trails. Remember, we are the gullible ones, the goyim, who are to be sheared - cheated - by the the rulers of this world, the Jews. They own the mass media, remember? At least the most apparent and immediately sensational part of the mass media.

This whole affair is getting to be a little too G-D like a successful Hollywood heist flick, isn't it? Last time it was the "holocaust" which was used to rip off the goyim in a number of ways. There wasn't any "holocaust," was there? No, there wasn't! Now we have this Madoff thing. Jewish charities hurt badly. Doors closing.

Well, maybe. I've decided not to buy any of it, or rather, to sell it back again quickly. I don't know what is going on. Is this just decoy "news" to keep our minds occupied while something really big is being prepared for us, the perpetual victims and gullible ones? Let's look sharp!

-Henry the Celt


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From "The Virginian"- Henry Ford wrote of the jew in his newspaper, the "Dearborn Independent". It was given away free, and, at one time, had the second-largest circulation in the country. Of course, the jew couldn't stand anyone telling the truth about their nafarious deeds and made him cease publication.
Such brave White men as Ford, Lindberg, and Father Coughlin, warned us of the perfidious jew prior to the Second Great Fratricidal War of the 20th Century. Unfortunately, few public figures have done so since 1945.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Jean said...

It has become completely obvious to me (especially when I turn on that evil, evil the morning for a few minutes) that we are now in the middle (or somewhere....middle, end, who knows?) of a Talmudic horrow show. It now becomes very, very, very clear why that gobbledeegook "genius" alan greenspan swore his oath on the talmud.

Incredible! I'm old now and never in my life have I seen anything as truely EVIL as what now passes for "reality".

10:08 AM  

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