Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hawaii Hospitals: Obama Who?

Questions about where Barack Obama was born and if he is eligible to become President are reaching fever pitch after every hospital in Honolulu, HI has denied he was born in any of them.

In order to be President of the United States, the Constitution requires a candidate to be "a natural born" citizen. Allegations arose over a year ago that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is thus ineligible to be President. These allegations have been strengthened by Obama's peresistent refusal to produce a birth certificate.

While the so-called main stream media has totally ignored the issue, the internet media is blazing with information about it.

According to investigative efforts between November 20 and December 2, the following hospitals have denied Barack Obama was born at their facility and have further denied his mother was ever a patient:

The Queen’s Medical Center - Honolulu, Hawaii. Obama claims this as his birth hospital. They never heard of him and have no record of his birth.

Kapi’ olani Medical Center - Obama’s sister claims Barack Obama born here. Never heard of him.

Honolulu Shriners Hospital - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Straub Clinic & Hospital - Never a patient Mom or Obama

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation - Honolulu, Hawaii - Never a patient Mom or Obama.

Cancer Institute of Maui - Wailuku, Hawaii - No comment, didn't exist in 1961 anyway.

Kuakini Hospital - Honolulu, Hawaii - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific - Honolulu, Hawaii - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Straub Heatlh - Honolulu, Hawaii - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Tripler Medical Center - Honolulu, Hawaii - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Wahiawa General Hospital - Wahiawa, Hawaii Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Wilcox Memorial Hospital - Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii - Never a patient, Mom or Obama.

Reporters are now in the process of filing Freedom of Information Act requests on all these hospitals, but it is looking increasingly as if Barack Hussein Obama has lied to the nation about the circumstances of his birth and his subsequent eligibility under the Constitution to become President of the United States.


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Anonymous Heimdall said...

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