Friday, December 05, 2008

December 5th Court Calendar

Two important court cases today. In La Cesspool Grande, the Supremes figure out what excuse they're going to give not to get involved with the Obama birth certificate mess, and in Chicago Bill White has his second or third bail hearing, I forget which. White was arrested on October 17th for the "crime" of posting to the internet information which was already available and in the public domain regarding a six year-0ld court case.

Anyone who hears anything on either of these, please let me know chop-chop, okay?


Anonymous Heimdall said...

I may add that OJ Simson recieved at least 15 years behind bars the other day , pehaps Obama and his handlers also will face trial when they have ruined the western world for four years to come ! ?

2:06 AM  

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