Sunday, December 14, 2008

Covington's Twelve Principles

1. COVINGTON'S PARADOX: The Cause is so right. The people in it are so wrong.

2. COVINGTON'S COROLLARY: Just because the people in it are so wrong, does not mean that the Cause is not right.

3. If and when there is White revolution in this country, it will be made by men who live within half an hour's drive of one another.

4. I can find a thousand men who will fight and die for the Northwest Republic. I can't find ten who will work for it.

5. Judaism is not a race or a religion. Judaism is a state of mind. Some of the worst Jews you'll ever meet do not have a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins.

6. The office is inseparable from the man. If a contemptible man holds a public office, then we are under no obligation to respect either.

7. All law and political power is based on a credible monopoly of armed force. Break the monopoly of armed force, and you break the state.

8. The respect of tyrants is earned by the shedding of blood. It is the only thing they will pay attention to.

9. People who fear even to speak of armed struggle will never succeed in supplanting the state. Those who will at least speak of it, albeit with discretion where required by common sense, have some remote chance of winning. However far they may be from home plate, they're at least in the right ballpark and playing the right game.

10. Direct action without a specific political goal is just crime, and will fail. A political goal without direct action of some kind to attain it is just fantasy, and will fail. The two mixed together in the wrong proportions will fail. Finding the right proportion is an art, it varies in each individual case, and there's really no way to teach it. Successful revolution is always in the final analysis played by ear.

11. Moral courage is just as important as physical courage, sometimes more so.



Anonymous Heimdall said...

These principles should govern the thinking of the western man. Things would look different then.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

This is a GREAT list! I wish that many folks would not just read, but head it as well. Having said that, I would suggest adding a point #13. And it would be something along the lines of to STOP consuming anything directly or indirectly Jewish. That means STOP buying any kind of consumer packaged and branded goods. This means everything from Charmin tissue to Folger's coffee, Dannon Yogurt, Crest toothpaste, Post Raisin Bran, Chevy Impalas, Budwesier or Michelob beer, Verizon phone service, Microsoft, Intel, or the Jew owned, nigger recipe, Famous Amos cookies. Make your own stuff. There is a site ("Jewwatch?"), that listed over 750 brands that are owned by or have Jews on their board. Also, look for the "k" or "u" kosher symbol. Also, if its a chain store, then stay the fuck out of it. Period. Staying the course with staying away from these products and services is very hard. For the keyboard, "forum posting" set at Stormfront or VNN, this will be too much work for those types to abide by. The more white folks who stop throwing money at the Jews, the better. Since a white colleague of mine tongue lashed me over this issue a couple of years ago, I have not bought a Jew packaged good in over a year.

2:16 PM  

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