Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bill White Denied Bond Again

A federal judge in Chicago denied Bill White bond yet again yesterday because of "fear of what others might do at his urging," which is pretty bizarre, but then our courts can be pretty bizarre when it comes to denying White people due process and keeping in prison someone the regime wants kept in prison.

Could I just say something here? Posting the names and addresses of people one doesn't like on the internet in the alleged hope that the many mentally and emotionally unstable people who prowl the Net will commit illegal acts against that person may be childish and cheesy, but it's not dangerous. It doesn't work, as I can state from long personal experience on the receiving end.

For years, Tom Metzger used to shout out my name and home address on his recorded message both in Raleigh and in Seattle, almost every week, clearly inciting his Skinhead Armies of the Night (which apparently existed only in his mind) to assault me or harrass me. It didn't work; the only thing that ever happened was I used to get some crank calls in Seattle from this one Skinhead kid whose name I used to know, but which I've since forgotten. He'd leave death threats on my answering machine, which is pretty stupid when you think about it, but this youngster wasn't long on thinking. I didn't take it seriously, since serious people don't threaten by phone, and I certainly didn't go into hysterics and scream for police protection like that idiot in Chicago.

Then there was Willard, who actually managed to get some of his buddies to commit some acts of petty vandalism around my apartment in Carrboro, always carefully avoiding anything which might lead to the filing of a police report--for example, they'd leave National Alliance calling cards under my windshield but not slash the tires, which was a Class A misdemeanor and might get the cops involved.

Willard actually had a kid from Austin sneak up on my apartment in San Antonio and published pictures of my place and my car on the internet, with the usual incitement. Nothing happened, except a visit from another NA weirdo who drove down from Dallas with a videocam and snuck around the apartment at night, allegedly trying to film me naked through the blinds, in which he failed since I don't turn nudist while indoors. Or that's what he said he was doing in his Usenet babble anyway, and I know there was someone outside that night because they left the usual NA rune business card under my windshield.

I mean, come on, this GUBU nuttiness was supposed to scare me?

I think no one would have been more horrified than Bill White himself if anyone had taken him up on any of his internet ravings. White was not at any time a threat to Obongo or anyone else, and the FBI had to know this. He was like so many White males these days, a mischievous adolescent who never grew up, largely because in this society we're not allowed to. The simple fact is, as I have often bemoaned, that we simply are not serious people. No one in is in any danger from us except ourselves, when on rare occasions we actually irritate the power structure.

But what the feds have done now is serious. White has been arrested and his servers and computers seized, and he faces years in prison and has been denied bond for posting information to the internet, information which wasn't even secret, but which was a matter of public record.

This is a dangerous forewarning of what we can expect under President Monkey Meat. I or anyone the regime doesn't like could be next. Or you could be next if Obongo decides he doesn't like something you post on your MySpace.

Bill White is a joke. His arrest and torture and burial alive by Obama's judicial goons is not. We'd damned well better take heed and start considering serious action by serious adults to bring this tyranny to an end, people.

America. We have to kill it, before it kills us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

White is one of ZOG's "useful idiots" in that he walks into whatever trap is laid for him and gives them an excuse to tear up more of the Constitution.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Wall-E said...

White has been doing that shit for years and getting away with it, including posting a direct threat against Bush himself on But when it came to allegedly threatening "the One" his immunity was revoked, although I note they carefully refrained from pressing the actual charge.

White thought he had a deal with ZOG, but it got unilaterally cancelled.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch your mouth because your new leader will have your head. Obama will rule against whites with an iron fist and the whole time he is doing it, it will be made as if he has no involvement.

9:11 AM  

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