Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Warning Sign

Yesterday a friend and I went to buy some more silver rounds. This is silver bullion. It comes in "rounds" or coins that are in fact legal tender, but are not silver dollars, though they look a lot alike. You can also buy silver in rectangular bars of varying weights. A round is .999 fine silver, whereas sterling silver is .925.

Like gold, silver is the only legal tender recognized around the world regardless of the economy. If the dollar were to become nothing but toilet paper, which it looks very likely that it will soon, a one-ounce bar or round of silver could skyrocket to $500 an ounce because it would be real money. The rich know this very, very well and own vast hoards of it.

Gold and silver both have been steadily gaining in value over the past dozen years to the point gold reached nearly $900 an ounce. Up until just a couple of months ago, spot for silver was around $30. "Spot" is the current price of silver on the stock exchange that particular day, and it fluctuates along with the stock market. Every day the price can change up or down, depending on the economic news of the day.

Recently, without any fanfare the price of silver plummeted. Spot is now around $9.70 per ounce. This shouldn't be. The more the dollar devalues, the higher the price of metals. So what gives? My story now continues:

We went that afternoon to my usual coin and jewelry broker. He was out of silver..period! I stood there stupified. Huh? I asked, catching flies with my mouth. "Waddaya mean yer out?"

He just shrugged. "It aint' just me pal, it's all the coin dealers. You're not going to find a single ounce in Southern California. All the suppliers are selling their bullion for way over spot to rich buyers in New York, Los Angeles, Frisco, and around the world. They're buying it up as fast as they can find it." Alarm bells went off in my head. George and I looked at each other. "Ohhh sheeeeiit!" We'd waited too long to get our second batch...

We got home and I started calling all the other brokers and dealers in the area. He was dead right. Nobody had any and had no clue when they'd have anymore. So I went online. I found auctions at a dozen different distributors, where metals were being bid on like Ebay! Some of the prices being paid were ridiculous.

I knew right then what was going on. The Jews in New York had artificially dropped the prices of gold and silver so they, and all the elite could hoard all the wealth before the imminent collapse of our economy. They know something we don't folks, and they're preparing for it.

I kept digging, not one to be denied when I set my mind to something. Finally I located a mint in South America that will ship me bullion at a three dollar markup. I took it...

What'll happen next is the price of gold and silver will suddenly skyrocket, making billions for all these crooked SOBs while the masses starve. If you have any money you can possibly get hold of, get online and buy, buy, buy! Gold, silver, whatever. Get it now!!!!!!!

Guys, I wish that things were not going to go so hard on all of us, but it's going to. And if you intend on surviving the coming mess, you's better start making some sacrifices right now. I, and some other smart folks have been trying to warn you people for the past two years of what's coming, and we've been dead right so far. No matter what happens this is a sound investment. You can't lose. Metals are secure and will only go straight up in price. The Jews are going to make a mint. Our turn..

This is just one more sign of gathering clouds folks. Be ready..

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

No chance of anything happening soon. The few white testicles that were left, have now scampered under rocks via blogs like these. A blog or 2 is fine, (this one is the only really worthwhile one). But if you look at some of the profiles of "favorite blogs", of folks who "blog", it is down right terrifying how these alleged "whites who care", spend endless hours, even DAYS posting to any blog they can find. It's an addiction, really. For them , it's so much easier to blog and post and post and blog, then learn how to buy raw ingredients and make your own foods. The Jew's packaged goods in the Jew's chain stores are so much easier to them. Besides, the packaged goods route enables the "white pretender" to get back to blogging sooner. Maybe even passing a Jew McDonald's drive up on the way home. Sad.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gold and silver? Meh... can't eat 'em, can't carry 'em around.

The only metals that are going to be precious when the SHTF are lead and brass... alongside a firearm of the proper caliber.

3:50 PM  
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7:26 PM  
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