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The Non-Political Fiction of HAC

For those of you who would like to sample some of my less political literary wares besides the Northwest independence series, I am presently the author of eleven published novels of regular fiction using the "print per order" system which has effectively broken the hold of the multi-national corporations on publishing. They make good gifts, and there is a political and racial message somewhere in all of them, even the most crassly commercial. In no particular order of importance, my multifarious magnum opi are:

Fire and Rain - The first Matt and Heather Redmond detective novel. Not quite overtly racial, since I still had hopes of slipping it by an Establishment publisher, but a lot of good anti-lefty stuff and some anti-Jew for those who can read between the lines. Popular with older coots like myself who remember all that hippy-dippy crap in the Sixties. This one has some nasty murders, some raunchy sex I put in by way of "commercial dirt," and a ghost.

Slow Coming Dark - A Novel of the Age of Clinton - The second Matt and Heather. A must for all hard-core Clinton-haters. I knew this one would never make it to Establishment publication so I let it all hang out a lot more, and I really had fun writing it. One tasteful bedroom scene but no raunchy sex, a lot of foul-mouthed mobsters but then they really talk like that, and an outrageously anti-Clinton plot.

Other Voices, Darker Rooms - Short stories and short novels, mostly horror and supernatural. This anthology also contains the third Matt Redmond story, the novella Bringing Mary Home. The final novelette, The Madman and Marina, is my own personal pick for the best short piece I've ever done.

The Stars In Their Path - The one about reincarnation. My personal pick for the best novel-length thing I've ever done. I have had this described to me as my "chick book", i.e. it's the closest thing I've ever done to writing a romance. This is one of the two of my novels that Morris Dees chose to smear and vilify in his so-called "review" of my fiction in his magazine last year.

Vindictus - The one about the seventeenth-century gunfighter in Cromwell's England. One reviewer on Amazon described this as "an evil Three Musketeers." A lot of swashing of the buckle. This is probably the most popular one I have written, judging by reader reaction. One or two mildly raunchy sex scenes, no ghosts but a lot of gruesome violence. Well, one very brief ghost.

Bonnie Blue Murder - My Civil War murder mystery. Says some very unkind things about the Chosen Ones. I was actually offered an Establishment publication on this one many years ago if I would remove all Jewish references, which I declined to do. See if you can guess who dunnit; an amazing number of people can't, even knowing me as they do. I was going to write more Hugo Legares but since I can't live in Charleston any more thanks to a yellow, cowardly dog who left his feces on my doorstep, I've kind of lost the genius loci. No ghosts, no raunchy sex, actually action is rather slow since this is done in Victorian literary style.

Revelation 9 - My personal choice for the most mediocre thing I've written. It's a Stephen King knock-off, your basic haunted house story, multiple ghosts, but for some reason this one is very popular with female readers. This is odd, since it's the only one I've ever written with a female protagonist. I'm not too good with female characters, in my opinion. I'm told it has some truly scary scenes in it.

The Black Flame - The second Covington novel that sent Morris Dees' reviewer into conniption fits. Medieval murder mystery. Seems to be almost as popular as Vindictus with my male readers. Lots of gratuitous violence and perverted sex, sword fights, torture, looting and pillaging, strong White men, beautiful and evil White women, and general swashbuckling. No ghosts, but one demon and some black magic. If I ever get positioned to write more, I'll probably do more Sir Thomas Clave novels. The climate in this part of the Homeland is very similar to Britain and that helps with genius loci.

Rose of Honor - General medieval swashbuckler set in the time of the Wars of the Roses in England during the fifteenth century. The first Redmond family novel I wrote this one when I was sixteen years old, and although I have revised it since then it's still a bit juvenile, but Rose does have its fans.

The Renegade - My Irish vampire novel, written when I was living in Ireland. Nobody actually seems to read this one; I have gotten almost no feedback on it, but one reader did order it recently and he liked it. No ghosts but one vampire who turns out to be ET. Interesting Irish setting for those who have never been there.

To Order These Books

You can order them from Amazon at

or you can get them from Barnes and Noble at

Go to these web sites and do a search on the title you're interested in. You can also do an author search on Harold A. Covington or H. A. Covington, and it used to be that would bring up all my books at once, but nowadays for some reason that doesn't work and you have to search two or three variations on my name to find all of them. Barnes and Noble is probably the better place to get the books, especially if you have one of their membership cards which will get you 10% off and they'll ship free on any order of $25.00 or more.

For those of you who do not own personal computers, you can order my books over the counter from Barnes and Noble or Borders Books, but it will take a few weeks for your copies to arrive. You can also order from Barnes and Noble by telephone by calling 1-800-843-2665.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always been amazed you don't push SLOW COMING DARK more than you do, Harold. A must for all true Hillary-haters!

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From "The Virginian"-For those of you who think that Mr. Covington is only a "one-trick pony", that he only writes such terrific yet doable works as "The Northwest Tetralogy", you are in for a treat. He is only being modest. He mentions "Marina and the Madman", a short story from the anthology "Other Voices, Darker Rooms". It is truly one of the BEST writings by ANY author of ANY time! For it's genre, I rate the following as the finest examples of American literature- Hawthorne's "Scarlet Letter" for novels, Poe's "Annabel Lee" for poetry, and, for short stories, Covington's "Marina and the Madman". Yes, it IS that good! This is not to denigrate ANY of his renderings. I enjoyed them all. I have ALL of Mr. Covington's published books and I have read them all, all signed by him to me. I consider myself fortunate to have lived in the same time as him. I hope that he has the time, the strength, and the Muse to write many more. I only fear that he, and I, and many other Comrades will not survive the next few years of the mudslide.
Deo Vindice!

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jew Jeff Bezos, majority owner of Amazon- who you just thrust that $25.00 into his pockets, will laugh at you maniacally while he shouts "Jews rule, Jews Rule"!

6:30 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

It's like throwing out all the stuff marked "kosher" in your refrigerator and pantry. Ever tried it to avoid the kosher food racket? It's damned near impossible; there's nothing left to eat, hardly.

Jews are EVERYWHERE. In this society they are simply unavoidable especially in a place like Amazon where opinion and ideas flow; the Jew naturally gravitates to such positions and you can only work around them as best you can. I am aware that some moneys from my books go to Jewish retailers, but lacking the resources of a Klassen or Pierce I simply can't use private printers and pay for 10,000-copy press runs and warehouse space to store them. It's the only way with my limited resources I can get my work before the public.


7:09 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

For some reason I can't find Vindictus on Amazon. I've got about half of your works now and I'd like to try this one next.
The Northwest tales are psychologically very satisfying. I suspect that they will motivate some idealistic young whites to take action. After all, The Turner Diaries, a much less effective piece of fiction, strongly influenced Bob Matthews to take some ACTION.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On Amazon, the bigger concern is giving them a credit card number to go along with that list of books that are purchased by whites. Do we want Jews manipulating us like that?

3:26 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

No need to buy kosher labels. If you stay away from "packaged branded goods", it isn't a problem. Organic stores sell in bulk. It's better for you anyway. Until whites change behavior, there will not be change.

7:43 AM  

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