Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mau-Mauing The Voters

One of the many 800-pound gorillas in the room during this campaign, (besides Michelle) that everyone politely pretends not to see, is the systematic use of violence and intimidation by the Obamanable Snowmen. No one has actually been killed yet, but there has been vandalism and threats in plenty, not to mention a general vibe about how if we don't roll over and vote this negroid into the Presidency, the blacks will run riot in the streets.

Let's hope that enough Americans remain who have something vaguely resembling a spine to stand up to Hussein's thuggery and fraud and intimidation. (This, of course, presumes the ballots will be counted honestly on November 4th, and that the 1.3 million suspect "new voters" registered by ACORN alone don't swing the necessary three or four states to get Monkey Meat a win in the antiquated electoral college.)


Anonymous Heimdall said...

Greetings from Sweden. I hope the world does not wake up on wednesday morning to find out that good olĀ“US has got an negro president. What a shame that would be. Unfortunately things are moving in Barack Hussains way and Hussain and his handlers will start to begin to transform the US into an opressive, socialist state. Ben Klassen once said : " this country will have a nigger president - just do nothing ". Unfortunately this nightmare now seems to come true. My God save our souls.

10:28 PM  

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