Sunday, November 09, 2008

85 Years Ago Today

From Mein Kampf


ON NOVEMBER 9, 1923, at 12.30 in the afternoon, in front of the Feldherrnhalle as well as in the courtyard of the former War Ministry the following men fell, with loyal faith in the resurrection of their people:

ALFARTH, FELIX, businessman, b. July 5, 1901
BAURIEDL, ANDREAS, hatter, b. May 4, 1879
CASELLA, THEODOR, bank clerk, a. August 8, 1900
EHRLICH, WILHELM, bank clerk, b. August 19, 1894
FAUST, MARTIN, bank clerk, b. January 27, 1901
HECHENBERGER, ANTON, locksmith, b. September 28, 1902
KORNER, OSKAR, businessman, b. January 4, 1875
KUHN, KARL, headwaiter, b. July 26, 1897
LAFORCE, KARL, student of engineering, b. October 28, 1904
NEUBAUER, KURT, valet, b. March 27, 1899
PAPE, CLAUS VON, businessman, b. August 1st, 1904
PFORDTEN, THEODOR SON DER, County Court Councillor, b. May 14, 1873
RICKMERS, JOHANN, retired Cavalry Captain, b. May 7, 1881
SCHEUBNER-RICHTER, MAX ERWIN VON, Doctor of Engineering, b. January 9, 1884
STRANSKY, LORENZ, RITTER VON, engineer, b. March 14, 1889
WOLF, WILHELM, businessman, a. October 19, 1898

So-called national authorities denied these dead heroes a common grave. Therefore I dedicate to them, for common memory, the first volume of this work. As its blood witnesses, may they shine forever, a glowing example to the followers of our movement.

Adolf Hitler
Landsberg am Lech

Fortress Prison
October 16, 1924


Blogger Free Northwest! said...

85 years ago......From then to now, our freedom of existence has been alomost won! And than: decimated. But not destroyed. As Savitri Devi stated, we are the Gold in the Furnace. And remember, even if we have another 85 years to go, this is worth it. Too bad the Ehrenhall was ruined by the allies, in the Homeland, we can build another-

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

85 years. I am sure that that is longer ago than anyone reading this blog has been alive. And yet, there are many of us who can name most of the battles and commanders of the War of Northern Aggression, and phase 1 of that conflict ended in 1865. Or we can recall our racial brethren of the Roman Empire, or of the Greek Wars, or of the Solutreans fighting desperate battles against the Skraelings. Heroes all, just like the ones at the "Beer Hall Putsch"- drinking, fighting, and wenching still, in Valhalla!

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Keith Frost said...

It's impossible for me to forget Martyr's Day as that's my birthday. How I wish we had won.

8:04 AM  

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