Monday, October 20, 2008

Who Will Fill The Nigger's Pockets?

It's pretty obvious that Obongo is getting huge and illegal subsidies of money from someone for his campaign, probably the Goldfinger-like trillionaire George Soros.

But leaving aside the fact that he's a monkey and therefore morally ineligible for the presidency or any other public office, once Hussein gets into the White House, where will he get the money then to implement the super left-wing policies that lie behind whoever is backing him secretly? Presumbly our pockets, and yet thanks to the financial crash of Black September '08, our pockets are no longer anywhere near so full ss they once were.

Folks, we had better sit down and have a good long re-think about this Jigaboo In The White House thing. Think about it real hard, while we (theoretically at least) still have a chance.


Blogger John said...

On the contrary, a nigger in the White House is the best possible thing that could happen to Whites in the USA. Trust me.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Harold, what do you think would stimulate the whites of the US to revolt against ZOG? Wouldn't it have to be a situation that had become almost unbearable? Perhaps the ape in the White House would bring about that situation. The Russians lived under unbearable conditions when the kikes took their country but they were unable to resist because the kike had disarmed them. White Americans still have guns. If they give up their guns though then the situation will be pretty hopeless.

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Quentin R. said...

I think it is interesting that Obama has cancelled his campaign appearances for two days in order, supposedly, to visit his sick grandmother in Hawaii.

As you know, a second lawsuit has been filed in Hawaii, claiming that Obama is not a citizen, and that he wasn't born in Hawaii, as he claims. It is very possible he is trying to engage in a little damage control.

In the first lawsuit, filed in New York by a jew Hillary supporter, Obama has failed to comply with discovery.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to strongly disagree with John here as history has taught me that what he wants (Presumably a brutal "wake up call" in the form of a nigger elected as our President) will not even stir a mouse--let alone a single, mighty fearless white nationalist. History records that, far too often to ignore, these "temporary assumptions of power" have given way to permanent brutal oppression, and to terror and mass murder by the alleged saviors who promised deliverance from the promoted crisis. We are already putting up with several crises that John, in all sincerity, does *NOT* think we would tolerate as a race while being led away to our slaughter, but we are. John must be young. I mean, doesn't John know that old joke that "trust me" is Yiddish for "fuck you"?

My "we are going to die as a race" message does not have the ulterior motive designed to strike fear in my brothers and sisters with the secret hope that one of them will act with the kind of bravery that I in fact do not have and we'll all be saved at the last minute. Sadly, I have a lot of evidence to prove my suspicions are right. Sure, there's still a side of me who wishes we'd pull off some kind of miracle at the last minute so that we can survive the coming martial law and forced starvation under such Jewish tyranny, but when was the last time we--as a race--won one? I couldn't think of a single instance either.

I still recall my old NSWPP manual stating that a National Socialist accepts a fact whether he likes it or not and, while I do so with much abject horror and inward screaming (if that makes any sense at all), I accept the fact that we are going to die. Sure, I still cling to the wild hope we can do so with at least some dignity if not a few numbers. I mean, who knows? The Jews might let a few of us live as curiosos. Wouldn't that be grand!

Please make no mistake that I do not let myself off the hook as I do use some twisted logic to do so. I still recall sending Harold the occasional "guilt donation" well over a decade ago and his subsequent replies as to how great it will go for postage and other such noble causes. Yes, you can correctly infer huge amounts of sarcasm in that one. While I actually grasp that we can still still save ourselves, do I REALLY think we will? Hell no!

Take as example: I have yet to read Harold's latest about "the heretical two," but I already know that the Jews have fucked us over on yet another one even before reading it. Why is it that I am so damned certain I am right? ANYONE?

More proof I am right: I recall Harold's recommended reading list and his description of George Orwell's 1984. In it Harold says, "if writers may be gifted with prophecy, Orwell had it." And just what did Orwell say? "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

I don't blame you if you decide not to approve this one, Harold. Wow, I have really rambled on here. Hell, I'll even delete my real name, which is something I have always provided in the past here, just to prove my point even further.

3:43 AM  

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