Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rabbinical Perversion

"The Jewish community needs to learn from the abuse scandal racking the Catholic Church" (Rabbi Ari Berman, New York sermon 5-03-02)

"Because there are so few Jews in the world, the ratio of one criminal Rabbi is equal to 200 pedophile Priests, we must address this epidemic within Judaism." (Rabbi Morris Gonemsky, Rabbi Watch Interview 22 Tamuz 5762)

The Rabbi Watch List (updated DAILY)

Case of Rabbi Yoram Aberjil (Netivot, Israel) Accused of cult like practices and sexual harassment of young women and treatening the lives of the survivors and those who support them.

Case of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner (Beit El, Israel) Two women accused the rabbi of creating emotionally intimate relationships with them. These relationships included his expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details from them of their sexuality and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him.

Case of Rabbi Aryeh Blaut (AKA: Louis Blaut, Louis Steven Blaut, Louis A. Blaut, Louis S. Blaut) (Seattle, WA) Convicted sex offender on federal charges of possession of child pornography. According to the United States Department of Probation, Louis Blaut is not allowed contact with anyone under the age of eighteen on the internet or in person.

Case of Rabbi Jerry Brauner (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY) Convicted on the charges of Sexual Abuse-1st Degree and Sexual Abuse-3rd: Subject Another Person to Sex Contact Without Consent. He was sentenced to 11 years probation, with the condition he must participate in a sex offender treatment program. Brauner has been on probation since 2002 for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy. On December 27, 2006, Jerry Brauner was arrested on charges of stealing a half-million-dollar home from a cancer-stricken woman, using a forged power of attorney to sell it and pocket the profits. Brauner is being held in lieu of $85,000 bail for lying about prior sex-abuse convictions when he applied for his notary's license.

Case of Rabbi Lewis Brenner (AKA: Lippa Brenner) (Brooklyn, NY) Convicted of child molestation. The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation.

Case of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Brizel (Jerusalem, Israel) Accused of child molestation

Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks (Winnipeg, Canada, New York, NY) There is a Call for Action on this case. Accusations about sexual inappropriate behavior with children started surfacing in the 1980's. Rabbi Bryks is currently a member of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. The Vaad is a Rabbinical committee that makes important decisions within an orthodox community.

Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of several cases of child molestation, and sexual assault of young adult women.

Case of Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen - (Montreal and Toronto Canada) Accused of sexual abuse of a seventeen year old. Fired for sexual impropriety with congregants.

Case of Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen (Israel) Accused of sexually harassing students at Bar-Ilan University.

Case of Rabbi Asher Dahan, (Beersheva), Israel Arrested after being accused of raping and sexually abusing two 17-year-old girls after he offered "to redeem them of sin and evil inclinations."

Case of Rabbi Anthony Dee (Blackpool England; Portsmouth, England) Former synagogue minister Reverend Anthony Dee found guilty of sexually abusing two boys and a girl in Blackpool and Portsmouth, England. This is the first set of convictions, there was a second set of convictions in 1997.

Case of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann (AKA: Moshe Eiseman) - (Mashgiach Ruchni Ner Israel Rabbinical College Baltimore, MD) There is a Call for Action on this case - Accused of child sexual abuse.

Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau - (Principal, Torah Institute Baltimore, MD) There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of physically abusing and sexually assaulting one of his children. There have also been allegations that two families were "run out of Baltimore" because they wanted to go to secular legal authorities to deal with the accusations of child abuse.

Case of Rabbi Arnold Fink - (Beth El Hebrew Congregation - Alexandria, VA) Accused of Professional Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct.

Case of Rabbi Benyamin Yaakov Fleischman (AKA Benyamin Fleischman, Ben Fleischman)- Photographer Baltimore, MD) (Convicted of sexually assaulting a minor.

Case of Rabbi Gershon Freidlin (Colonia, NJ; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, PA) Rabbi Gershon Freidlin pleaded guilty to one count of child endangerment , saying he had touched the youth's penis and buttocks while applying tanning lotion on the boy on July 10, 1995 Under the terms of a plea agreement, the rabbi will not be jailed for the crime, but faces up to five years probation.

Case of Yehudah Friedlander - Rabbi 's Assistant (Brooklyn, NY) Accused of molesting a 15 year old on a 1995 plane flight from Australia to LA. Friedlander was the assistant to the chief rabbi of an Hungarian Hasidic congregation in Brooklyn, known as the Pupas.

Case of Cantor Stuart Friedman (Halifax,Canada-Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, Baltimore) Convicted and sentanced to 15 months in federal prison on one count of distributing child pornography.

Case of Cantor Philip Friedman (Albany, NY, Queens, NY, Long Island, NY) Temple Israel fired its longtime cantor for "inappropriate behavior" toward a member of the congregation, and the Albany County district attorney's office confirmed Tuesday that it is investigating the matter.


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All Jewish men are by definition sexually perverted. Freud proved that,

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Hmmmmmm Why is it that we do not hear of this in the MSM? If these were Catholic Priests, we'd be seeing it daily on every network.

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oh vey!

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