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Jewish Women

[This one was posted back in November of '05, and I've noticed that I'm STILL getting nasty comments (which I don't approve for posting) and hysterical e-mails about it. This is interesting, because it indicates that the kikes have discovered this blog and they're reading all the posts in it back to the beginning, which I suppose is a compliment of a sort. Anyway, since this article seems to get under their crocodilian skins, I figure I'll re-post it.]

A friend and I were nattering on line about Jews in Hollywood, and he mentioned that while the Jewess Lauren Bacall was actually quite a fox in her Casablanca days, in later life she was a genuinely horrible-looking old yenta. This set off my standard rave about Jewish women as evidenced by their Hollywood exemplars, and it strikes me I haven't ever blogged that one.

Fact is, Jewish women really just aren't that sexually attractive on the whole, and this probably has something to do with the general neurosis that appears both among them and Jewish men. You'll notice that in great "classics" of Joosh literchur like Portnoy's Complaint, as well as in real life, it's always the Gentile woman that Sammy Glick and Portnoy and his counterparts lust after.

JAPs have a very grim reputation along that line as ugly, greedy, arrogant, self-absorbed, crazy as loons, and sexually frigid. Gina Gershon may have a certain exotic air, but you look close and you get the impression of body hair and odor. Okay, I'll grant you, some Jewesses are pretty cute when they're in their teens, especially the Hollywood variety who have the benefit of the most skilled makeup artists, trainers, plastic surgeons, and cosmetologists in the world. But when they hit about age 21 they start to get porky, misproportioned, saggy-titted and camel-faced really quick.

Good example #1, Alicia Silverstone, whom I saw in some bow-wow the other day. I think her face must have been plastic-surgeried as to the nose, since that's still pretty pert, but I'll swear she's already had her first face lift and it still hasn't completely done in the jowls and chubby cheeks. Despite liposucting a whole barrel of lard off her thighs and gut, she's still thick in the middle. In that Aerosmith video she did at 15 she was an incredible edible, but even by the time of Clueless she was starting to get noticeably heavy hips. No wonder her career is in the toilet, given Hollywood's obsession with thinness.

Supposedly Alicia won't do nude scenes as a matter of principle. Well, maybe. But more likely, she can't find anyone who's interested in seeing her nekkid. Producers don't want their male audiences yelling "Put it back on! Put it all back on!"

I hear Alicia, as well as some others I won't name, are on something unofficially called the "Buchenwald Diet" (invented by a Jew doctor, of course) of 900 calories a day. Jesus, imagine being a millionaire many times over and having to live on a "Buchenwald diet?" Even movie stars have their crosses to bear, it would seem.

Good example #2: Mila Kunis. Ukrainian Jew, born in Kiev in 1983. During her first couple of seasons of That 70s Show (she more or less stole the part by lying about her age; she was 14 when she tried out) I will grant you, she was cute as a cut-button in a black-haired gypsy kind of way. It didn't last.

I saw her last night doing an interview about Family Guy (she does the voice of Meg.) Either she did it without makeup, or else someone on the set really screwed up, because she looked like a hag. She's 25 now and her face is really going Golda Meir, lips thickening, first crow's feet appearing, cheeks starting to sag, hair lank and rough-looking, and her skin is really dark--you can tell she's got a lot of Tatar in her. Mila's small-boned and short enough so she won't have the blowsy, tit-sagging Jewess look as she gets older, but the small hard brown Jewess look, if you get my drift, the one that reminds you that Jews are an Asiatic people. She could play Gina Gershon's daughter, easy.

Final example, lest this turn into a Hollywood gossip column: Natalie Portman. Israeli. At age 13 in The Professional she was a charming, impish little waif. She's 29 now. I caught her in the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith flick a week or so ago, and she's headed straight for Yenta City. Face rounding, cheeks and lips swelling, nose flaring, typical Jewish camel-face heading her way like an oncoming train. She better start making appointments with some of those Beverly Hills plastic surgeons pretty soon or she won't be able to get any parts besides Yiddishe mamas.

Speaking of which, you want to see the result of a Jewess trying to stay Aryan-looking and marketable thereby? Jane Seymour, nee Wilhelmina Frankenberg. She damned sure ain't no Bond Girl no more. She's had so much facial surgery and strategic botox the skin is stretched across her cheeks and the side of her skull tight as a drum, to where it looks about to split and her nose looks almost like it will start to melt like a candle, like Michael Jackson's. She finally "agreed" to do a topless scene in The Wedding Crashers and supposedly had to have a support system surgically installed to get her sagging Yiddishe rack up off her waist.

Hmm...maybe I could make it as a Hollywood gossip columnist...

Seriously, though, in the sheer beauty department, none of these JAPs can hold a candle to Jennifer Aniston, Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Dominique Swain, or even Lindsay Lohan. Okay, granted, morality-wise, Hollywood corrupts the whole lot of them, and I'm certainly not claiming your average Gentile actress is someone you'd want to bring home to mother. But look at your big Jew producers and directors and studio heads--and who they choose to marry for their trophy wives when they can afford it, as they can. Maybe Jewish men know something about Jewish women we don't.


Blogger DON'T TREAD ON ME said...

This example of jewish depravity pretty much beats 'em all... Sarah Silverman attempting some typical jewish humor in a skit where she licks her dog's ass...Is there no depths to which this race of untermensch will lower themselves too? Probably this was produced by a jewish producer as well...

9:00 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

I always knew Jewish men were fascinated with feces, viz. Portnoy's complaint, but until I saw Sarah Silverman (by accident) one night I never realized Jewish women were fecally obsessed as well.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Heimdall said...

Question to old man : What is your opinion about a site like ?. Have you read it , and if so , is there something you could agree with ? Yours cincerly, heimdall.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is only fulfilling the "needs" of white folk who find this type of entertainment amusing. If the white man did not find this humorous and entertaining and "pay for it" via purchasing DVD's and even swarming the viewership ranks to help entice Jewish owned companies to pay for advertising, then this market would not exist. Shame on whites for propogating and financialing supporting this garbage.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I first got made aware of the Jewish question in college when somehow or other the Jewish sorority on campus got the idea I was Jewish and I kept getting "fixed up" with these JAPS from Philadelphia and Jersey. God, what a bunch of neurotic sluts! I never noticed Jewesses were sexually frigid, just abnormal. They're almost all into kinky shit like S & M.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She's had so much facial surgery and strategic botox the skin is stretched across her cheeks and the side of her skull tight as a drum, to where it looks about to split and her nose looks almost like it will start to melt like a candle, like Michael Jackson's."

She looks like one of those guys riding the rocket sleds from the '60's. We called it "G-force face" in USAF.

Dave 10192008 / 1746

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Mel Gibson said...

Jewesses LOOK God-awful. Joan Rivers? Puh-LEEEEZE!

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Riding the rocket sleds" - as in "rocket reducer"? What exactly is all that, anyway. What kind of amphetamine were the MC5 writing about.

3:18 AM  
Anonymous Mel Brooks said...

I never knew a Jewish woman who didn't have mental problems.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How pathetic you goyum men are.

You write this nonsense because you actually secretly lust after Jewish women and none of us would ever lower ourselves to be with idiots like you.

Heck I bet you won't even post my comments.

- Sarah Katz

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Andrew Teitelbaum said...

Want to see how Jew men envision Jewish women? Check out "Don't mess with the Zohan" where Adam Sandler shtups the ghastly Yiddishe Mama Lainie Kazan, the sight of whose flabby naked body is probably one of the most disgusting things ever shown in a movie theater.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jewish women always look like something is wrong with their faces.

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can't blame jews. it is the filthy goddam braindead goyim who support shows like two and a half man thereby supporting jewish slave lords of hollywood like chaim levine, and actually paying money to see adam sandler being a fucking butthole through the whole movie and laughing at it.

if the braindead goyim weren't so goddam stupid and lap up the dogshit the jews dump on their heads they wouldn't have such a stranglehold on hollywood and be able to tell people what color the sky is.

-"embarrassed "goyim" with an IQ of 140

4:11 PM  

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