Monday, October 06, 2008

A Canadian Writes

[The man who wrote this is a Canadian citizen. He has to remain anonymous because in Canada even expressing an opinion or making a comment which is mildly critical of "diversity" could get him sent to prison. - HAC]

Dear HAC:

A friend who is a pipefitter just got back from Ft MacMurry, Alberta, on short change last week. He said that tar sands development is slowing down. Last month there were 1250 postings for pipefitters at the union hall in Edmonton. This month there are less than 50. He had nonstop phone calls from other tradesmen asking him "what's going on?" They all thought the gravy train would never stop and most have big mortgages to pay.

He also said that when two more projects come on line next year, third world tradesmen imported during the boom will be given preference to Canadians from Eastern Canada with travel cards. That order has come down from on high and is common knowledge with the white tradesmen. That will piss off a whole bunch of whities. As it is, Ft. Mac is currently inundated with mud.

-Red Green


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