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A New Contact Writes

[I received this recently from a new contact. who got in touch with me via one of the blogs. See my comments at the end.- HAC]

Dear Mr. Covington,

Thanks for the reply. I was surprised. There are so many points and issues that it's hard to get people to agree enough to cooperate. But it appears to me that if that unless we become politically active, those who are will eventually own everything. I doubt if they will be any more benevolent or just towards those outside of their class anymore than those in power now.

It also appears that some people don't really want equality. They just want to be the new "massas" while others would like to assume the role of Pharaoh. Unfortunately the history of man always seems to put one in a role of either being the one dishing it out or on the receiving end with little hope of coexistence in a state of mutual beneficence. It's sort of a rule or be ruled proposition. If the boss man doesn't like you, well tough!

When the prospects of rule by another race or ethnicity is presented along these lines I think that those of the pacifist persuasion may be made more aware that their future is at stake and that action is needed. If they take an honest look within themselves they may realize that the odds are not good that the rest of the world cares beans about them, and that given the opportunity will not exploit them.

If you make them see that it's not only a question of whether they themselves are capable of hating then maybe they will recognize the danger of being foolish in attempting to assuage a greedy enemy. It is seldom suggested in the media that some blacks hate whites. It is never suggested that a Jew can be a bigot and is from a religious standpoint as big as they get.

I mention these things as suggestions as to how to possibly reach those who may be pacifists, "liberals", or otherwise naive. Those are they who need to be convinced that discrimination is being practiced by those who have been preaching against it for the past 50 years. Otherwise you're just preaching to the choir.

Many people feel embarrassed when dealing with those from whom they must defend themselves. And many will recoil at the idea that force is ever necessary. They must be made to see the danger of granting unlimited authority to anyone who uses the race issue as a means of "getting over". And they must become convinced that it is a righteous cause to defend themselves from the tyranny which is imposing itself under the disguise of social progress. The war being waged against them is being done through political and economic channels. It is like a cancer that won't reveal itself until it's in it's advanced stages.

After all, they do not have a gun pointed at them when the power of government is being worked to their disadvantage. They don't see a menacing dictator behind the apparently harmless indoctrination they receive via the media often disguised as a joke. Most people are too busy attending to their personal lives to notice or do not care until something of the sort affects them personally.

I tell you these things as one who only slowly realized what was happening , who does not really hold another humans genetic heritage against them, and who has enjoyed the differences that exist in various cultures. If only it was that simple. Therefore one does not have to have hatred towards others or be a "racist" in order to reserve the right to insist that others respect limits. If the majority can be made to see this as a righteous cause, one that does not involve "making a deal deal with the devil" or going counter against the highest of moral codes then maybe the tide can be turned at least to the point where our opponents realize we are a force to be reckoned with and that they must at a minimum deal fairly with us.

Thank you for your time. I hope this clarifies my position and suggests ways to reach those of our own kind who oppose us. Little can be done without the consent of the majority. As long as they remain blind to the fact that the Zionist agenda as well as others are against them they may see no reason to resist it, whether they have any sense of ethnic loyalty or not.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Tom B.

[Now, do you see what I mean? The good, intelligent people are OUT THERE, we just have to find them and convey our message to them.

Once we can do that, it actually doesn't seem to take all that much persuasion any more. The days when we had to argue ourselves blue in the face with pale-skinned morons who just didn't get it seem to be coming to a close. Everybody with a White skin pretty much KNOWS racial reality by now, and they have either made a conscious decision to join and serve the enemy for personal material gain (i.e. Federal employees, etc.) or else they just figure "fuck it, there's nothing we can do about it." The latter are the ones we need to work on, but it's do-able, if we can give them a vision. The Northwest Vision.

Now, if I myself, acting all alone, can pick up an occasional response like this just by cruising the internet and posting the blog addresses everywhere I can see an opening--what if we had 50 or 100 people doing the same thing, so that gradually the White community REALIZED THAT WE ARE HERE? - HAC]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quetin Tartantino is actually making a movie about a squad of Jewish soldiers in WW II that go around collecting German soldiers' scalps. It's called Inglorious Bastards. The Germans are already throwing a fit (a righteous fit, I would add) about it.

Have faith, Harold. Whites ARE beginning to awaken from their deadly slumber.

Dave 09062008/1113

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a post I replied to onanother website I frequent:

"I can’t wait for the ruling that Texas gun shops must now sell guns to illegals, who will be exempt from background checks and completing the required state and federal forms. Presumably merely testifying that they’re in the country illegally would be sufficient to establish their illegal status to gunshop owners.

Posted by john at 10:32 AM on September 6"

And my reply:

"They’ll call it a Fifth Amendment issue: They’ll say that you can’t force somebody to admit to a crime in order to obtain goods or services.

I agree with the posters here who state that this country has turned its back on White people. Now it is time to turn our backs on them.

We must first form a vision of our future. Start with these links:

The Northwest Homeland

What Future, White Men?

The Northwest Migration Handbook

Then get a copy of The Brigade by Harold Covington."

I am plugging the hell out of the NAR and your books. Hopefully one of these people will see the light.

Dave 09072008/1012

10:15 AM  

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