Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Interesting Vignette of American Life

Hello all!!

I have a moment to share something that happened yesterday while I was waiting to deal with a traffic citation. I was sitting in a courtroom with about 65 others, of which 10-12 were Mexican, when an interpretor walked in and called all the Mex's to the other side of the court.

When she got them together to coach them as to what to do, the lady sitting next to me starts going off about special treatment and how "they" don't belong here. I looked over at her and told her she had every right to be angry at the situation and that we are getting screwed by this system. At this time she tells me a story about her 8 year old daughter, who is in a class of about 30 students. She is the only white girl, and the rest are Mexican. The girl is constantly picked on by the others and ridiculed, not to mention she is trying to learn in a predominently Spanish language enviroment.

The mom went on to explain how she tried to have her daughter moved to a class with more children like her and was told that she was being racist (like this is a bad thing) so her daughter is stuck. I explained that she can transfer her kids to a neighboring town. She was aware of this and even had her older son doing it until the price of fuel made it impossible. Her high school age son was mugged for his iPod and his watch and calculator. When the beaners were questioned they simply said they misunderstood the language and were only borrowing his stuff. What bullshit.

Now bear in mind that this is a farm community, and not some inner city barrio. She explained that they moved there and now realizing the mistake, the market soured, they are stuck and cannot sell their house. I was angered, saddened and truly moved by this family's plight.

I will be the first to admit that I have been very lazy this summer and have been slacking in my political outreach, but this really lit me up. I walked out of there feeling sick about the whole thing, and in a way blaming myself for my lack of action. I did tell her that things would change soon, and I kicked myself for not having some literature to give her. However, I was able to get her name for future contact.

Life is funny, You just never know when something is going to motivate you and get you going again. Hope you all have a good day!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work, Scott.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Unrelated to this post. I have just read 'Hill of Ravens' and enjoyed it as much as the others. They are definitely the best in racial/nationalist fiction around.
One point I would question: you state at the beginning of the story that the furze bush plant in that area was introduced from Scotland. In 1980 took a motorcycle ride across the US and one place I stopped was Bandon in Oregon. My relatives from both sides come from Bandon in County Cork and my father told me about the settlement of the town in Oregon in the 19th century by people from Bandon in Cork. One of the things they definitely brought with them was the furze bush. I spoke to an old woman in the town in Oregon when I was passing through and she confirmed it. She told me that the town was burned down because of a big fire caused by a lot of dry furze sometime in the 1930s. I was very surprised to see the plant when I was in the area. I believe that it is a troublesome weed now.

12:42 AM  

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