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The Heretical Two

The Sheppard-Whittle Case: Peter Zenger Redux
by John Bryant

I Am a Spirit

I am a spirit, truly free, and speaking as I ken;
I take the name of Peter Zenger, Lenny Bruce
and many lesser men;
The Keepers and the Patriarchs have silenced me
As one for sure insane;
I have been silenced, yes, but do not fear,
For I shall speak again! -

-A Birdman protest on his own censorship
by the editor of the Norristown Times, Norristown PA, c 1978:
At least the editor was decent enough to publish it

One of the most important trials of American history occurred before America even existed as a nation. The trial I am referring to is that of Peter Zenger, who was accused of libel by the governor of New York, William Cosby, in 1735.

Zenger, as you may suspect, had spoken truthfully but critically of Cosby; and the infuriated Governor ordered Zenger put on trial for libel. Libel, however, was a different sort of animal in those days: The legal rule which applied was, "The truth is no defense, and the greater the truth, the greater the libel."

The result of the trial was that the jury set a legal precedent which has held up unto the present day: First, it established the right of the jury to judge the law as well as the guilt or innocence of the accused; and second, it established a new legal standard that truth was an absolute defense against libel. Accordingly, Zenger was acquitted because he had spoken truthfully.

But as the Romans used to say, tempores mutantur: times change.

Altho the Zenger precedent has been upheld by the judiciary for more than 300 years, there are leagues of the retrograde who are now insisting that this precedent be overturned. Indeed, it is much worse than that, for most of the Western world has returned to exactly that state of affairs. Those who are behind this retour de farce are that modern minority of perpetually agitated agitators, the mothers of subversion and the fathers of revolution throughout recorded history, to wit, the Jews.

The bottom line of the entire affaire de boor is money, as it often is with Jews; but the general object is to repress expression of antisemitism, and the specific object is to protect the greatest of all Jewish cash cows, the Holocaust, or more precisely, Holohoax.

I do not intend to investigate this matter here -- I have done that at length in my books and on my webpage -- but I will say that anyone who bothers to study the 'antisemitic' revisionist arguments will discover in less time than it takes to say 'Kol Nidre' that the Orthodox Jewish version of the Holocaust is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese with worms.

Let me be specific. As a modern legal fiat, the words "Truth is no defense" were first uttered in a Canadian so-called Human Rights Commission "trial" that was attempting to find some way -- any way -- to snare Holocaust 'denier' Ernst Zundel after he had been victorious in two free speech trials at the bar of the Canadian Supreme Court.

But the legal machinery for grinding up racial truth and the people who speak it has come to the fore only during the last 50 years, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what wealthy and influential group has ferried this dreadful conspiracy against free speech through the legislatures of almost every country in the Western world.

This rape of free speech has been sold in this multicultural age as a bulwark against hurting people's feelings, and as a panacea for preventing racial conflict, but its real effect -- known well and deliberately intended by the agitated agitators who wish to bring us a New World Order -- is precisely that the suppression of free speech eventually brings on the deeds which words are not now allowed to express.

But it is not simple truth-telling that the modern laws of racial libel are intended to suppress, because of all the countries of the world, there is one -- the United States -- which has avoided their scourge, and which, in the age of the Internet, has therefore sidestepped the plan of the New World Orderlies to muzzle free speech.

In particular, the internet is accessible from any country, and thus the information that the NWO wants to suppress can spread -- and indeed is being spread on a daily basis -- from America to virtually everywhere on the planet. The goal of the New World Orderlies, then, is to stamp out American free speech, for without so doing, the rest of the world remains, if not free in speech, then at least free between the ears.

But comes now the case of Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle, two youngish internet rabble-rousers who decided to use their clear vision of the Self-Chosen to make some apt commentary on the latter's sleazy antics in their British fatherland, home of the Magna Carta, and birthplace of such luminaries of freedom as John Lilburne, John Wilkes and Adam Smith.

Needless to say, the British Jew-diciary found a way to put these lads on trial for what they had written, and it was without result that the duo pointed out that the internet computer which hosted their writings was in America, a nation which, in a curiously literal sense, is a country mile away from British jurisdiction. For this reason, the lads fled their bail and came to America seeking asylum from their persecution. And while they are currently luxuriating in the country club custody of their Santa Ana jailers, they have high hopes for their permanent freedom in America if only they can find the money to pay a lawyer.

Now Simon and Steve are no ordinary folk, because they are one of the few, the proud, the Marines of the mind who are willing to stand up to Jewish tyranny with their balls on the line. But their case is even more extraordinary, in part because it is likely to set a precedent for free-speech asylum-seekers.

However, that is not the real importance of the case, at least in the long term; for if US courts do not stop the effort of the British to extend their legal jurisdiction to American shores, then this will be like giving up a bit of American sovereignty to the nation from which we departed only by means of a revolution. The importance of the case does not end there, however; for if British courts are allowed sovereignty on American shores, then what will stop them from demanding the extradition of those Americans who publish tracts like the ones of Steve and Simon?

That is, if the British Jew-diciary extends its reach to America, then any other country may do the same, and this will then mean that America -- supposedly the land of the free -- will be ruled by lowest-common-denominator law because its citizens will be subject to extradition to every Hell-hole that calls itself a country, including -- and especially -- "that shitty little country" Israel.

The truth may be no defense under the heel of the Jew, but we will have no defense at all if we allow this judicial barbarity to wreck the legacy of Peter Zenger.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all tired of writing and reading. If there isn't an official recognition of an all-white enclave in North America by 2010, it will simply be too late. It pains me more than anything in this world to know that whites are almost officially extinct.

What a shame it is to have to witness the remaining white population mixing out and degenerating. Yes, it really is all doom and gloom for us these days. There's simply nothing else to report on for "our" white community anywhere in the world.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Keith Frost said...

Those poor lads don't stand a chance.

10:04 AM  

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