Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here It Is Again (You Keep Asking. Really.)

Dear HAC:

I have a friend is is running an online group that believes in creating cells and what not, preparing for The Day. I told her that she should read The Brigade.

She wants her whole group to read it so they can learn from it. Your book is way too large to post it there....could I have a link to the online version of The Brigade? That way I can direct people to your site to read The Brigade and to learn more about he Northwest Movement. I saw it as a great opportunity to advertise your hard work to a group of people looking for direction. She has made me her vice because some of the things I have mentioned I learned from the book. I told her so and now she wants all to read the book.

James K.


Dear James:

The Brigade can be downloaded as an MS Word document from

That has the advantage of saving the person money, of course, and some people have no problem reading a lengthy book on a computer screen. Others do. For those who want a real book to hold in their hand and read in the traditional manner, you can order The Brigade from Barnes and Noble or from online.



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