Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Clear and Present Danger

One of the most enraging things I've seen on TV lately was a police chase where they were after a young wetback punk who was high on crack, bare chested, and speeding down residential streets in a stolen Toyota.

This little ass-boil wrecked half-a-dozen cars in his bid to escape the law, not to mention crumpling the stolen car like a stepped-on beer can. He would wave to his neighbors in the hood, who waved back and cheered him on as he continued to wreck all kinds of property. The cops finally spun him out and jerked him from the car, at which time they were attacked by the wetbacks of the neighborhood. They came at the cops with knives, clubs and fists, cussing and screaming..women included. They had to call in backup to restore order and lock up a bunch of these ungrateful parasite invaders.

You see, they figured that their little Latino brother here didn't deserve punishment. After all, he was only stealing something. And as we all know, Latinos are raised from the ground up to look at theft as a part of life, not a sin or a moral failure. Hell, they all do it. I had one wetback get in my face once and tell me,"If you can't watch yo' shit, whitey, you don't deserve to have it!"

What the Sam Hell kind of attitude is that? In my world, you don't have to "watch yo' shit" because people have honor and integrity and wouldn't dream of stealing from you. But then, that's why we now have all these tough new laws, video cameras, security systems, and new jails and prisons. It's an attempt by an overwhelmed system to cope with the ever increasing flood on Third World animals into our country.

There's only one proper way to deal with these lowlifes, and that's with lead. You can't reason or negotiate with morons.

These are a greedy, theft-oriented, parasitic race that has no conscience problem coming over here and taking what they know they don't own, didn't earn, and definitely don't deserve. In South America they're punished brutally for theft, because it's such a horrific problem there. But here they get a slap on the wrist..if that. No deportation, no irate Americans stomping them in back alleys, no demonstrations, nothing. Whites just cower in their homes as they creep into their neighborhoods like cockroaches and start breeding.

And they're getting bolder and more brazen all the time as they see our Congress hog-tied into inaction once again by the exact-same core of liberal fanatics that have mired down the deportation and fence bills for the past ten years. Pelosi, Reid, and Kennedy. The Three Stooges of High Treason. If it were up to me all three would be publicly executed...slowly. If ever the United States had dangerous enemies, it's these three.

Now this trio is blocking the lifting of the drilling ban, the SAVE Act, and the fence, all at the same time. And to make matters worse, Obama has pledged to support them. McCain has promised to remain on his liberal course as well, which will guarantee amnesty for all invaders. This old fool re-stated his views again on Wolf Blitzer today, making my poor TV a target for my boot once again. God! I'd love to get any of those weasels alone in a room for half-an-hour! And all the while ole' Pedro is smiling his greedy, toothy grin at the news as his wife prepares to pop another nasty wetlet.

Things have progressed far past wrong and all the way to insane in this country. Waiting for our corrupt government to do the right thing is like waiting for pigs to fly. Aint' gonna happen. If anything is ever going to get set right again in this country, we are going to have to do it ourselves. And no, it won't be easy. That's because our government has become so corrupt and insane with false logic and the mental cancer of political correctness that it'll turn on its own people like a rattlesnake if we take matters into our own hands.

Never mind that the invaders are here illegally, violating federal law. If we enforce it, the government will charge us as the criminals and defend the real crooks. It'll say we don't have the right to clean house. Sure we do. Trouble is, they want to have the authority to do it, but not to exercise it. We have not only the right to set matter right, we have a duty to do so. It's our sacred responsibility to resist the government when
it becomes corrupt and no longer represents the people.

Our own founding Fathers warned us of this and ordered us to do it. Ordered us! We need to see our government for what it is...our mortal enemy, and the enemy of the Union. It is a clear and present danger to the nation's security and continued survival. It's high time we all viewed it that way, along with all the un-invited and un-welcome invaders it's pumping into our country.

We know what has to be done, the question is, how many of us have the backbone to do it?

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey HAC, do you know why you should never run over a Mexican on a bicycle?

Hell, it might be your bicycle.


7:36 AM  
Anonymous Keith Frost said...

Well said, but even The Lone Haranguer isn't willing to go first.

9:01 AM  

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