Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cash Or Credit?

I have a piece of very disturbing news for you folks, and believe me when I say that I've checked this out through an old friend of mine that still works for the government. And although this wasn't his exact area of expertise, he was the only one I thought might have a handle on what I'd discovered other than someone in some of the shadow departments of our beloved government, an area where I know absolutely no one, and don't want to know.

What he told me made my hair stand up. We've all known for a very long time now that the government has been using microchip technology to help them monitor everyone, but even I didn't realize just how advanced their tactics have become.

We all use bank debit cards, credit cards, etc., and never give it a second thought. We know it tracks our money and what we buy with it. That's infuriating enough in itself. It violates the Constitution and all privacy laws.

But how many of you knew that they now can tell exactly where you are at any given moment, anywhere in the world? You know that shimmering little translucent square on the face of your ATM and credit cards? That isn't there for decoration. It's a radio transducer!! In other words it's a passive radio transmitter\receiver. Passive means that it doesn't draw power or operate until the proper signal hits it, then it replies by using the energy from that signal, much like a crystal radio would, and transmits the requested data back to the inquiring source, i.e. the government or the banking industry, which is owned by the Jews, who own the government. It's all the same people ultimately.

So that little chip keeps track of you. And between it and the magnetic strip, they know who you are, how much you make, what you buy, when you buy it and where, and exactly where you are at all times. It's what they now call a "smart chip." After thinking about that for a second I asked my buddy why law enforcement hasn't been using this technology to find fugitives. He told me that in some cases they do, but only in covert government operations. That do use it openly would cause such a public outcry that heads would roll.

But he threw me this little caveat: he said that it was coming. He said all they were waiting for is some new national or international crisis to give them an excuse to introduce this new tool to the public. And once it was in use it would never be removed. We've already got tracking ribbons implanted in our paper money and RFID chips being mass produced for public consumption. And magnetic strips are old hat.

Now this. It may have taken a few decades longer than Orwell predicted, but his New World Order is coming to pass. So the next time you look at that pretty, pleasing-to-the-eye little patch of shimmering plastic on your card, remember that all that glitters isn't gold..sometimes it's pure evil...

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which will come first? The Jews will pull back on their assualt or Billy Roper spends one day sober?

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what can be done to disable these radio recievers while still allowing the card to be used for transactions? A magnet or something?

4:56 PM  

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