Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another BRIGADE Fan

Dear HAC:

I finally started reading The Brigade. I haven't gotten too far (I'm on chapter 5), but what I've read so far is amazing. I thought it was unnecessarily detailed for a while, until I understood what you were up to.

Although I don't post in the message group, I do read it occasionally and I read your post about your blog "only" getting 350 hits a day. My own website only gets a few more than that a month. I would be jumping for joy if I got that many hits a day. The thing is, you need to stop talking down about your own operation. People follow confidence.

Believe me, I know it's frustrating when it seems like you aren't getting through to people. But now that I've read the first few chapters of The Brigade I know you know that you don't need legions of people to effect change. In fact, as you've pointed out, attracting numbers for the sake of it is counter productive. I think The Brigade will show people (really show them--step by step) that a small group can change things when they put their minds and hearts into it.

One last comment-- as I was reading the book, it struck me as an interesting fact that gang bangers would risk their life every day defending their friends and their city block, doing pretty much the same things as described in your book, except for personal gain instead of the gain of a whole nation, and yet normal, lower and middle class whites seem to be unable to do that for something as important as their freedom or their race. Are you telling me that we can't even organize as well as the Italian mafia did? They didn't even speak English or know the layout of the land when they first came here. But they were very fluent in the one language that everyone understands (I think you know which one I'm referring to).

Just my two cents,
Mr. Clean


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