Monday, September 01, 2008

Aistrip One's Big Brother On His Way Here

Love of race is now claimed to be a link to terrorism by "experts" in British Government.

"There is a risk of a downturn increasing the appeal of far-right extremism and racism, which presents a threat as there is evidence that grievances based on experiencing racism are one of the factors that can lead to people becoming terrorists," the letter said."

This new policy of criminalizing in advance certain behaviours and thought patterns will allow for governmental police and enforcement mechanisms to be directed toward suppression of "undesirable" (by their standard) thought processes. Americans should expect this view from England's ruling socialists to be shortly exported to this country to be quickly picked up by U.S. federal policy state agencies and NGO's (non governmental organizations).

Linking love of heritage, cultural and folk to terrorism (by the "far right," not anyone else, we should note) is the next giant step forward by governments of tyranny. Such a linkage of racial thought to future violent criminal intent (belief = future terrorism) will allow the arrest and internment of those who express such views as a preventive measure to terrorism. One may say that the War on Terrorism has just opened a new front.

-Louis Beam


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Britain has gone over to the Enemy. Get the last few remaining White folk out, then build a fence around it so nobody can get out. Ring it with anti-aircraft guns so they can't fly out.

Dave 09022008/1743

5:46 PM  

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