Saturday, August 09, 2008

Whites Fleeing to the Northwest

Dear HAC:

In my home county of Cook in Illinois, we've lost over 215,000 white people in the past 7 years. I knew I noticed a change whenever I came back home...

You might not have to encourage white migration to the Northwest. In 10-15 years, it might be the only part of the country where white people are left.

-M. K.


Yeah, I know, it's weird. Every day the interstates are clogged with ordinary White people moving up here; it's just the so-called "White Nationalists" who don't seem to get it.

Everybody else is packing the moving van but us; while all this is going on I'm still getting stupid e-mails from our so-called "comrades" babbling about "standing and fighting," which would be good if anyone were standing and fighting, but no one is. I got another one of those a couple of days ago, in fact. Jesus Christ on a raft, standing where? Fighting where? Just who is it that's doing all this alleged "standing and fighting?"

God, we're useless twits!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed. If there was much fighting going on, the jooos-media would be pointing out all the mud bodies littering the countryside and shrieking about Racist murderers,

Mike Petersen

6:23 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Economic, political and military events are going to make a slow and peaceful solution to the racial problem in the US an increasingly remote possibility.
The insane monsters in Washington seem determined to bring about a financial and military calamity in the world. It's amazing to watch the blatant interference in other peoples' affairs by these scumbags. They got away with it in places like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Sudan and so on. However, sticking their fingers in the Russian Bear's eyes is just asking for big trouble. The Serbs and the various wogs and niggers were pretty much helpless in the face of the power of the kike's puppets. With the Russians and Chinese it is a different matter entirely. That nignog Rice effectively told the local tyrant in Georgia that Uncle Shlomo would support their efforts to liberate South Ossetia. Of course ZOG's intent has no more to do with 'freedom and democracy' there than it does in Iraq or Afghanistan. ZOG simply wants the oil pipeline from the Caspian Basin to bypass Russian control and Georgia to be a member of their 'Control Russia Organisation' ie NATO. The Russians are now in a much more powerful position than they were in the 1990s when Ukraine was given to the local kike mobsters. Russia and China are well in the black while the US has more debt than the rest of the world combined.
Harold stated in a previous blog that he thought the decline in the US would be gradual. I think there will be a financial catastrophe which will bring about rapid and very violent upheaval. Martial Law may or may not be able to control it. When you have never personally experienced it it is hard to imagine. Hyperinflation is a real possibility in the US if the nuts in charge continue the way they are going,and their options are becoming increasingly limited.
In Zimbabwe the current inflation is ten million per cent per year! A hundred billion dollars will not buy a loaf of bread. Last year the rate was 60,000%. Think what it would mean if your currency was effectively worthless. People think that because the US economy is so big and the dollar such an important currency it couldn't happen. Because the US has become so widely despised there are many people now who would like to see it collapse regardless of world wide consequences.
One way or the other whites will be forced to get off their fat backsides. Perhaps then the concept of a separate Northwest Homeland might become more real for them. Necessity is the mother and all that. Despite the bleak outlook at present ZOG's power might be greatly reduced in a few years. The kikes always overreach themselves. In the meantime individual whites should prepare themselves as best they can. It is definitely going to be a rough ride.

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally it makes me cringe to hear people bitch and not do anything. We got fed up and moved out of the city- AND it felt good! Occasionally I'll peek in to Stormfront and I'm mortified how much activity goes on there. MORTIFIED, you ask?? Certainly. I'm mortified that whites have wasted so much time there (on their keyboards), than actually doing something. Mr. Black could could PERSONALLY advance the white mission if he wanted. But at this point and time, the revenue accumulation and capitalism appears to be Stormfront's driving objective. Many of us are hopeful that he will eventually share his profits with a homeland-maybe even move the base of Stormfront to the Northwest???

8:28 AM  

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