Friday, August 15, 2008

Surely Even HE Has More Sense Than That...

Surely, surely that drunken jug-eared midget in the White House wouldn't start a war with Russia?

Surely even he has better sense than that?

Surely there must be somebody up in government who can restrain our insane commander-in-chief? God, I hope so!


Anonymous Keith Frost said...

Bush is not only a psycho, but a moronic psycho, which makes him doubly dangerous. I doubt we're going to see a full scale nuclear exchange between the US and Russian, but what about Poland? I don't know.

We live in very interesting times.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this case, the generals won't even get a chance to have the accountants surrender. The accountants won't even let them out of the gate. Amurrica is bankrupt, and it won't take a war 10,000 miles from home to prove it.

Dave in California

10:16 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

He will, if that's what his kike masters want.

8:25 AM  

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