Friday, August 08, 2008

Supporting The Heretical Two

Hi, guys:

For those who wish to help Simon and Steve:

1) The United States prison system, like all institutions in a capitalist society, is a money-driven enterprise, now largely devoted to providing slave labor for multi-national corporations. The lads' main need is money to buy things in prison. You should send money orders (fairly small ones in case the M.O. "disappears" as is often the case) to the men at the addresses below, made out to them. Make sure you retain the counterfoils.

2) Do not send stamps or cash. The guards will simply steal the contents.

3) Do not send printed address labels. The guards will simply throw them away.

4) The lads are in one of the milder institutions where the main problem is boredom, so they need reading matter. Any political literature you send should be of the mildest possible kind; nothing extreme. I sent them some old Instaurations and Northwest Observers, but those have very bland exteriors and the contents are beyond the ability of 95% of all prison employees in Southern California to comprehend. No, I'm not making that up. Long blocks of text without illustrations, which would make their heads hurt if these creatures attempted to read the articles. Reading matter you send should be of that nature. Also bear in mind these are educated Englishmen and so there is no need to dumb things down to Beavis and Butthead level. They understand big words.

I have also been sending them color magazines of the Northwest, etc. You others might want to follow suit and give them a view of the land where, if they win their asylum claim, they will most likely be spending the rest of their days unless and until the government can find some excuse to snatch them up like they did Ernst Zundel. I very much doubt Whitehall would ever forgive them for an embarrassment like that.

5. Always remember that anything you send in will be gone over and is subject to confiscation, etc., so don't send anything that's going to raise a ruckus and prejudice their case. No Swastikas scrawled in magic marker across the envelopes, no racial epithets in big block letters or drawings, no files baked into cakes, etc.


Sheppard, Simon 0800006404
c/o Santa Ana Jail
P.O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA

Whittle, Steve 0800006408
c/o Santa Ana Jail
P.O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA


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