Thursday, August 07, 2008

Letter From Simon Sheppard

[The writer, Simon Sheppard, is one of the "Heretical Two" revisionists now seeking political asylum in the United States. Simon and his co-defendant, Steven Whittle, are being held in a federal detention facility in Santa Ana, California pending a hearing.]

1st August 2008

Dear Mr. Covington:

Many thanks for the material you have sent, and especially for your offer to help us settle in the Northwest if our asylum request is granted. At present we are severely hampered in countless ways. For example, we have cash in our baggage, but no money for sending letters in our prison account. Our address books are in our baggage to which we do not have access, and even getting paper and a proper pen is difficult. Because of these difficulties could I ask you to please send a photocopy of this letter, so that my friends know what's going on, to [the names and addresses of all Airstrip One residents will be redacted to avoid retaliation by the Zionists. - HAC]

As this is the last letter I am able to send without having funds in my prison (commissary) account, please can you forward an extra letter for [redacted] who kindly wrote, offering help. Fortunately I have her address, while a previous correspondent, Charlie K. of Seattle, offered to help, but the prison mail room has a policy of removing stamps and stick-on labels, i.e. return address labels, with the result that I can't contact him. If you know his address, please let me know.

Now as to your letter proper. Of course I know who you are. Indeed, there is some of your writing on the Heretical site--"Feminist Seize Control Of Publishing", if I remember correctly. Also, you were an associate of the late, great Robert Frenz, whose site I now maintain as a legacy.

Regardless of your scheme for a White Homeland in the Northwest, it has been evident that the Northwest is an attractive destination for White Nationalists. Indeed I once received a visit in England from a chap from Portland, Matt Downey, whom I would like to look up, given the opportunity.

Our destination of LA/California was largely symbolic, as Torrance is where the Heretical web site is based. We have since learned that our convictions in England are solely for web pages emanating from Torrance, and on the legal ground that they are "available" in England and Wales it would be quite possible for an American visiting England to be prosecuted on the same grounds--maximum sentence under this iniquitous, Jewish law is seven years. (Increased from two to seven in 2000.)

The facility in which we are held is fairly relaxed, and the biggest problem is boredom. We can receive publications but they are supposed to be direct from the publisher, or an orthodox source like that. Still, we received the Instaurations and glossy magazines. I foresee no difficulty in sending your Northwest novels, which I would be interested to read.

We are being held (I understand) on two grounds; firstly the visa waiver which we had to fill out in order to board the plane, plus a reciprocal arrangement with Great Britain that each will detain the others' fugitives. This latter is irrespective of the offence. Looking over some papers last night it became clear we have successfully overcome the first hurdle in our claim for asylum--the officials could have marked our claim "not credible" immediately, had they so desired. Several of the officials have been openly supportive.

I'm led to understand that an asylum claim can take around three months, and assuming our applications are successful I would be very happy to take up your offer of assistance in the Northwest. [I think I'd better redact that section as well, just in case. - HAC]

In closing, then, thank you once again for your letters and envelopes, and please let me have your comments on the above. Your support is much appreciated.

Simon Sheppard #0800006404
c/o Santa Ana Jail
P. O. Box 22003
Santa Ana, CA. 92701


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please let us know how to send money to Simon and Steve. Also, how about Steve's address. Could you please update your blog post with all that info?

What about sending $$Cash in the envelope? Will that be confiscated by the prison system, or will the "prisoners" be able to keep and use it? What about enclosed stamps and stationery for them to use?

Thanks, Another Old Man

8:20 PM  

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