Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Our Canadian Correspondent

Freedom and the Unperson
by Jeff Hughes

Omar Khadr has been very prominent in the news in the last few months, and his defence team is un-abashed in stating this is the tactic they will continue to employ; and well they should, as the job of the defence council is to do everything within their power to represent the client. Canadian media seems to have adopted the young Khadr in the struggle for sovereignty and independence, and clips of this fellow crying on national TV evoke sympathy and anger against the Americans. The case has become clouded and the scope expanded beyond the simple facts; and those facts are indeed simple. I would like to take those “simple” facts and contrast them with another case, another set of simple facts

Omar Khadr - Canadian citizen, teenager, basic education, took up arms, captured after firefight, embraced violent beliefs.

Ernst Zundel - Canadian citizen, senior, highlyu educated, questioned history, kidnapped and deported, advocated critical thinking.

6 simple points, 6 simple contrasts-and at the end of the day you must contrast the young warrior filled with holy fire to kill the infidel in the name of the Faith against the elderly Professor who wants you to think for yourself and to not simply accept so called facts uncritically.

One went to great effort to seek out enemy combatants in a war zone; the other owned his own house and offered hospitality to any and all. One, who because of youth has made no contribution to the society he lived in, the other so many I would not have the breadth to cover in a short article. One was captured weapon in hand, the other was captured at a farmhouse in Tennessee with a book in hand.

The youth with the weapon is considered so dangerous he must be housed in a high security facility under military authority--the other considered so dangerous he had to be deported to a compliant country which would in tern hand him over to a country that will prosecute “crimes” not considered as such in the originating country.

One has the liberal media, the liberal legal establishment, and manufactured public opinion welling up in support. International groups, national groups-all dedicated to protecting and publicizing so called political prisoners and crimes: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, even the United Nations, all speak in the name of a teenager with an AK47, who admittedly engaged in combat in a war zone, a war zone that was not his homeland, a people who were not his people, for a cause that was not his cause.

Each day his name is mentioned, his case debated. However, when an old man was kidnapped for the crime of critical thinking and persecuted for two years, before being deported, for a crime that was not a crime in the country that he lived-not a sound was heard from those groups. Conspicuous silence. I guess he was not the right kind of person. Omar Khadr, however, does seem to be the “right person”.

Political crimes do not happen “over there,” they happen here, in your neighbourhoods, in your community; they do not happen to fanatical youth carrying AK47’s, they happen to the people next door, and in your own house-they can happen to you.

“….and when they came for me there was no one left to speak out”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, instead of requesting white people move to the Pacific NW, why not pick one city or county in Montana and see if we can get enough numbers to control things politically at the local level?

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will the media learn? all this hype about Omar Khadr.. Examine the basic facts 1.Fighting in Afghanistan (If anything should be tried in THAT country)2.Threw a hand grenade (will be proven at trial)3.Assembled IEDS(Made a video of himself doing same!).4 Fighting for the Taliban (Islamic extremists) 5. From a terrorist family (I could expound at length about that one!) What other reasons does one hear? DEFENDING HIS COUNTRY AGAINST THE IMPERIALIST AMERICANS! (He is by birth a CANADIAN_EGYPTIAN!) HE IS A CHILD SOLDIER! (Was he in uniform,under direct command of a superior offficer?,tortured physically or mentally,) he is NOT a child soldier ,simply a terrorist thug.The past three canadian government have left KHADR in the Guantanamo facility because that is the right thing to do!If he was to be repatriated to Canada,he would probably face little jail time for his murderous acts and upon his release would get a ticker tape parade down Yonge street in toronto .Any citizen traveling to a foreign country has the duty to obey that country's laws.He is right where he should be and i await the verdict at his trial!!!

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ernst is a martyr. They simply decided that he was going to die in prison, because he EMBARRASSED them, and now he will.

2:16 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

To answer the first question, a single city is not big enough to be viable. We need territory with mineral and natural resources and a lot of room. What you're talking about is something that has been suggested before but never attempted (that's us; we always suggest and never attempt) called ENCLAVES. The problem is enclaves don't work; they can be besieged and sealed off by the superior Americam forces. Same reason we need to get out of this "compound" thinking.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not suggesting stopping at one city or county. I'm suggesting that we first take over a county or city. When we do that, we get some control over the schools, local government and create an environment where racially conscious white people want to live because there are many racially conscious white people already there.

We do this with one state (my guess is Montanta because of its small population and large size) until we get enough control to take over the whole damn state. We'll run as republicans which means we only need enough guys to win the primaries. Once we take over Montana, we repeat the process with the neighboring low population states one at a time.

2:38 PM  

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