Thursday, August 28, 2008

America's Gulag Archipelago

[Our support for the Heretical Two has brought up the subject of prisoner outreach and working with White Nationalist prisoners. The NF, what there is of it, simply doesn't have the resources to do a proper job. But here is someone who devotes his full time to prison work. If anyone's interested in helping out, give him a shout. - HAC]

Greetings Kirk,

Glad we got to visit while you were in Texas. I told you I would send you information on John Gerhardt and his legal defense efforts on behalf of political prisoners. John was, as I told you, a long-time POW for his efforts on behalf of the folk in Ohio. His experience and knowledge gained while in the hands of the foe now serves our folk well.

You will recall that I told you he is now working a federal civil rights suit on behalf of Gary Yarborough over the cruel and vicious beating he suffered by the hands of negro federal prison guards while his own hands were handcuffed. I urge you and everyone else that has a spare twenty or better yet, a hundred dollar bill, to send it to John and help Gary get just a small amount of justice.

Gary has stood firm and true all these many years since his imprisonment as a POW back in 85. Unlike some, who cried to the federals for forgiveness for the "crime" of loving their folk and fighting for the 14 words, Gary has never bowed the knee to the enemy of our posterity, culture, and children. He deserves our support and we must each give it to him, or admit, we are doing nothing more than what the great Bob Miles once called playing "let's pretend."

John publishes a legal defense newsletter and sends out e-mail about his efforts. I forward to you below one such e-mail recently received. I would urge you and others to do as I do and aid and support John's efforts in behalf of prisoners. Prisoners who have little or no help from anyone else, and whom, are to often forgotten about once they are locked away in the dark bowels of federal and state gulags. Such despicable indifference to the plight of those behind bars who legitimately claim to be political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, and prisoner by virtue of resisting the tyranny of government is simply an unforgivable crime in itself against the folk.

I want to assure you that John Gerhardt is a proven fighter and well versed in federal "countermeasures" as I like to call them. John could do so much more to help if he but had sufficient resources. I try to do my part, and I sincerely ask that others do so. It is surly our duty, and our honour requires it.

Kind Regards,
Louis Beam

John Gerhardt may be contacted at:

Liberty Rights Advocates
P. O. Box 713
Johnstown, OH 43031


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