Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Those Conspiring Jewboys

As odd as it may seem in view of UK's draconian hate laws, in some respects the British are still more open and honest about the Jewish question than we are. Case in point:

According to the Times of London, "The property developer at the centre of Labour’s Donorgate crisis said last night that he had given money secretly to avoid accusations of being part of a Jewish conspiracy. David Abrahams also warned the Government he will come out fighting if ministers start 'hammering' him over the row."

(Mmmm, let me get this straight. This Jew didn't want to be accused of participating in a Jewish conspiracy to finance the loathsome Labour Party of Bush's criminal accomplice Tony Blair, and so he gave money anyway, but secretly. I guess if no one knows about it, it's not a conspiracy? Sure. That makes perfect sense.)

The Times continues: "In an interview with the Jewish Chronicle, Mr Abrahams said all his money had been earned legitimately, and none of it had come from Israel, as had been alleged." (Hmmm. Tell me more. Alleged by whom, I wonder?) "Mr Abrahams said he was now being linked with Lord Levy, aka 'Lord Cashpoint,' Tony Blair’s chief fundraiser who was investigated in the cash for honours inquiry, and Jon Mendelsohn, Labour’s new chief fundraiser.”

(All this hoopla for the past year, and Labour still can’t seem to find one single Gentile within its ranks to handle the money?)

The Jew whines on to the Times: "'Some of the things written about me have been terrible. Now they are saying there was a Jewish conspiracy, with Lord Levy, Jon Mendelsohn and me, and that is ridiculous. The real reason I wanted to remain anonymous was that I didn’t want Jewish money and the Labour Party being put together because this is what I feared would happen. People would say there’s a Jewish conspiracy.'"

(Er, ooo-kaay. Of course, if you really didn't want people to think there was a Jewish conspiracy, you might have considered not getting together with a bunch of other Jews and not making huge illegal donations to the criminal Labour Party which was engaging in an endless and pointless war the sole beneficiary of which was the state of Israel. Or is that too simple a plan?)

"Mr Abrahams accused Mr Mendelsohn of trying to alienate him from the Labour Friends of Israel. He said that he had helped to build up the organisation, but Mr Mendelsohn thought he might have opposition when he became its chairman. 'He slagged me off over it and that’s why I released the letter,' Mr Abrahams added, referring to correspondence sent last month."

Basically, to make a long story short, Israel bought Tony Blair's support for Jug-Ears's stupid war in Iraq and paid him off handsomely through Jews in his own party such as Lord Cashpoint and this Abrahams hose-nose, and now they've been caught. The whole thing will go round and round and then disappear, and no one will be punished. The whole thing is rather like an episode of "Yes, Minister," except that hundreds of British soldiers will still be dead.

The point is, these things are at least being said in public over there. In this country the whole issue of Jewish payoffs to politicians in exchange for the blood of American soldiers simply wouldn't be allowed to see the light of day, and it hasn't been so allowed. Remember the AIPAC officials who were indicted a few years ago for espionage? Those cases simply dropped out of sight while the shabazz-goy from the State Department, what's-his-name, pleaded out and took the fall.


Anonymous Keith Frost said...

Damn, that is so true. There are so very many people in this country who actually get the bee's knees at the mere mention of the "J" word that Jews are simply not discussed at all. The media here in the US is completely owned by Jews, which explains a lot, but good luck in trying to get Joe Six-Pack to understand that.

5:02 PM  

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