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Review of The Brigade

[The first Establishment, or at least non-Movement, review. This was published in a lesser-known artsy-craftsy Green type pub. Probably best not to reveal which one. It's surprisingly balanced. - HAC]

by Geoffrey Lloyd

The Brigade outlines a Machiavellian blueprint for violent revolution that would make the cavalier despots of history, such as Louis XVI of France and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, tremble in their boots. And H. A. Covington is the new world champion of oneupsmanship. If in the Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie insulted Islam to the point where Muslims everywhere wanted to kill him, Covington’s The Brigade demonizes Jews and non-whites everywhere ten times over.

The book not only takes to task world Jewry but the combined forces of International Political Zionism, political correctness, racial diversity, sanctioned homosexuality and general cultural decadence in an imperial America gone mad. These elements become criminal institutions and consummate purveyors of persecution, injustice and misery.

Revolutions stem from economic deprivation, government-sponsored terrorism and general oppression of the citizenry. And in the topsy-turvy world of The Brigade the United States, led by none other than President Chelsea Clinton and her “Sea-Hag” mother Hillary, has become an “evil empire” and the foremost oppressor on the world stage.

In the Pacific Northwest freedom-minded, racially-conscious Americans have had enough, but it’s not enough that they’re simply “…mad as hell and not gonna take it any more.” They undertake to throw off the yoke of tyranny, and in so doing they use bullets and bombs to unravel the fabric of an evil, totalitarian society.

Covington creates a Northwest Volunteer Army (NVA), complete with an underground command structure, sabotage and espionage agents, a CIA-like internal security force, a well-trained guerrilla militia, and an above-ground support system of sympathizers.

These forces of Truth, Purity and Light battle the government’s fearsome Federal Anti-Terrorist Police Organization (FATPOs, or “fatties”), the local police, the liberal media, the Hollywood propaganda machine, and the overall infrastructure of a corrupt politically correct system determined to subjugate the white race. The malefactors are, of course, all Jews Negroes, Hispanics and a few white renegades who use unspeakable terror and torture against NVA soldiers and hapless racists found guilty of thoughtcrime.

The dialogue is intelligent, witty and biting, and is interwoven with a political polemic reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Covington extrapolates today’s social climate into a future nightmare of repression. The discourse rationalizes acts of Iraqi-like insurgency, violence, murder, mayhem and counter-terrorism in support of liberation and independence. Covington has a firm grasp of Western Civilization, cultural literacy and world history, and throughout The Brigade he makes a convincing argument for the rightness of the Northwest revolutionary cause. Even the most mushy-headed liberal would have to agree with parts of the argument.

Covington’s characters are lifelike and gritty. He gives them style and personality, and sometimes a flamboyance that conjures thoughts of a Frances Marion “Swamp Fox” fighting a revolution in an inhospitable wilderness.

The reader comes to identify with and love the good guys and to hate the bad guys. No matter how outlandish the story, you alternately cheer and cry depending on who is winning or who is being tortured or blown to smithereens at any juncture. After his fourth novel in the Northwest series, author H.A. Covington has become a master craftsman of “suspension of disbelief.”

If The Brigade’s Northwest Revolution were emblazoned across the big screen in an epic Hollywood motion picture (which will only happen when pigs fly), every white person in the audience would stand and cheer in heart-pounding joy while Jews and non-whites would scream foul and grind their teeth in hate.

Being a novel notwithstanding, the book delivers a serious social and political message and offers an ominous foreboding. If we learn the lessons of history we know revolutions happen for good and valid reasons. Although The Brigade is hugely entertaining and a gripping read, it is also a must read for any serious student of history, politics or the social sciences.

The social contract of today establishes the framework of tomorrow’s society. Britain’s social contract of 1776 brought about the American Revolution. Tsar Nicholas’ social contract resulted in a communist Soviet Union. King Louis’ social contract brought about the French Revolution. And knowing what we know of America today, it is interesting to speculate on what we may become.

Perhaps H. A. Covington is our new-age Alexis de Tocqueville. Just as de Tocqueville’s The Old Regime and the French Revolution is a history lesson in tyranny’s folly, so may Covington’s The Brigade become a prophesy for the white man’s future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, this could turn out to be the "Mein Kampf", of modern white nationalism. The must read book, with a great influence, this time presented to us in fictionalized form.


2:55 PM  
Anonymous Heimdall said...

It seems to be worth reading.

1:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if there could be a way to make The Brigade or A Distant Thunder (AMF & HOTR being sequels) a low budget film, that would do WONDERS for the Movement.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might know this already, but I was (somewhat unpleasantly) surprised to search for The Brigade at and came up with this:

Apparently this "The Brigade" is the story of 5000 Jewish 'soldiers' and their exploits in the waning years of WWII in re vengeance against concentration camp guards and SS, as well as operations in preparing for the occupation of Palestine.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Eric Cartman said...

Definitely the best of your Northwest books, Harold.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Werwolf said...

The Brigade is The Turner Diaries times 100 (and I liked The Turner Diaries)It answered alot of questions I had about the Northwest Republic idea.The important thing is that the book get people talking about the Northwest Migration. It doesn't have to happen exactly the way the book says but it can be done.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Team_Euro said...

Heimdall, your last post concerning the current destruction of Sweden was absolutely devestating. Arabs and other Semites raping and pillaging the Nordic lands makes my stomach turn. The Scandinavian people represent all things holy to our movement and survival. It is clearly time Whites get off the freckin' couch and pick up arms. I'm sick and tired of reading about White soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan sacrificing their lives to save non-Whites who hate our guts and want us exterminated.

When will Whites in this world ever grow the courage to stand up and fight for our own survival and existence? I currently have no fear of our overweight, ignorant feds and their planned operations of reenacting Ruby Ridge. Any well regulated militia in the Pacific Northwest would give these fat slobs of the FBI and BATF a run for their money.

Shit, look at the struggle these losers went through against a crazy fag like Davd Koresch in Waco! Our people would certainly succeed in protecting our enclave from these rubes.

12:14 AM  

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