Sunday, July 13, 2008

The NF In Canada

[Canadian intro letter]

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Outreach Desk
Monday, July 14th


My name is [redacted. Hint: it ain't Richard Warman] and I have been given your name by Mr. H. A. Covington, who mentioned that you might be interested in some further information about what it is that we are attempting to do.

We are a group of like minded folk who believe that the current systems do not reflect our needs, our culture, nor our interests; we have stood by while our history, values, and morality are stripped away to suit the demands of special interest groups, and our most cherished value--freedom--now only applies to those groups.

In the political system of Canada you can be stripped of your possessions, your money, even you very freedom, if you run afoul any one of a number of groups bent on destroying anything resulting from traditional European culture. Education has been stripped of value because it must cater to the lowest common denominator, and if pressure groups feel not enough of a “certain kind” of people is represented-requirements are lowered so as not to hurt their self-esteem. You must watch what you say, you must watch what you believe, and you must never, never, show any pride in your culture or your race if you come from the European stock that is so hated and detested.

Of course, all of this can be clearly seen; every day, in every place, crime grows at an alarming rate. Immigration policy is unmoderated and few, if any, illegal aliens are deported: they are clothed, housed, fed, and supported by your tax dollars while they subvert the system. Our streets ceased to be our own many years ago, and in most major cities in North America anyone with white skin risks life and limb should they go out after dark…each outrage, each scandal, each failure of leadership we tolerated. We tolerated our culture being recast as imperialistic and racist, we tolerated standards being lowered so as to accommodate those with few abilities and little desire to develop them; we stood by while our schools moved into the hands of gangs: weapons, metal detectors, and armed police taking the place of teachers, books, and learning as a budget priority. Yes, we tolerated all of that, and more.

That is the situation today; but what is the solution?

A new nation, a new culture, and a return to the values that made us the greatest power in history. We are not demanding the entire continent, as a matter of fact we would not want it should it even be offered-all we want is a small piece. We want a place where we can replenish our people, a place where our children will be safe, where or women will no longer be victimized and murdered for the crime of going out alone.

We want the Pacific Northwest for a Homeland.

We will take it back the same way we lost it--migration. We will develop communities where like-minded folk can gather and share fellowship without fear. We will build schools that teach facts rather than politically correct ideology. We will no longer tolerate filth, perversion, degenerate culture, or criminal behaviour. Once again our communities will have a moral foundation, and ethics will be returned to our daily lives. All of this is possible, all of it within our reach--but we have to want it, want it with a burning desire that fills our every thought, and unwillingness to accept compromise or defeat.

Does this sound like something worth committing to? Is this a future you want for your grandchildren? Your descendants?

The only one who can make that happen is you, only when you decide that enough is enough will we start on the road to the future. The Northwest Front is the only group with a vision of the future, the only group that advocates action, gives us a realistic, attainable, plan to follow. There is noting criminal, nothing illegal, we do not advocate such things-nor do we want people who do. We do not want to establish compounds where violent, angry folk gather to drink and fight; we want folks who have our vision, have the desire, and have the skills, to build a new world. Our vision is one of hope not hate-hate can only destroy the one who carries it, but hope can gives us the universe.

The NF needs many kinds of adherents; those who help spread the word, those who introduce others to a new life, financial contributors-but most of all the Northwest Front needs you here in the Homeland.

[Canadian comrades can contact the Canadian NF through NF GHQ at ]


Anonymous Keith Frost said...

The White man is so thoroughly neutered that I just don't believe the National Front will succeed anywhere on the North American Continent.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, comrade. I have my property picked out, I am putting my affairs in order, and will be up in the Homeland in one year.

Have you set your goals? When are you moving? Have you taught yourself a skill that would be useful to the new country? Mine are firearms training, and the training of tracking and area search dogs.

Get busy living, or get busy dieing. There's really no other choice.


12:28 PM  

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