Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gibson Broke With Ledger Over Buggeroo Role

[From January, found this floating around in the files.]

I have to say, Mel Gibson is looking better and better all the time.

The official government media outlet Fox News reports: "Though Mel Gibson expressed his sorrow this week over the death of Heath Ledger, he had actually distanced himself from the younger Australian actor in the years since Ledger played a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain."

"Ledger chose not to follow Gibson's advice against taking the Brokeback leading role of Ennis Del Mar, a ranch hand who falls in love with another male cowboy and all the while struggles with his homosexuality, private investigator Paul Barresi told the News." (Okay, that's interesting. How did a private investigator get involved in what is being played as an accidental overdoes of prescription drugs?)

"As a result, Gibson pulled back from the friendship with Ledger, whom he'd gotten to know when Ledger played his son in The Patriot. Barresi said a major Hollywood producer told him that Ledger asked Gibson whether he should play the part of Ennis, and Gibson strongly counseled against it. 'The role apparently ran counter to Gibson's morality. And he felt that it would ruin Heath's career,' the New York Daily News reported. But Ledger ignored the suggestion and signed on to do the film anyway, leading to a rift with Gibson 'When Gibson parted ways with Heath, it broke his heart,' Barresi told the paper."

In other words, Mel Gibson refused to be an enabler. He refused to countenance perversion through silent acquiescence like so many people do in order to save their own jobs and careers and to avoid fatal accusations of Political Incorrectness, which are like an accusation of heresy or witchcraft in the Middle Ages, impossible to defend against.

Good for him! Gibson hasn't made any more pictures since his own little contretemps with the Jews 18 months ago, and he's probably completely boycotted by Hollywood now, but he's boycotted for all the right reasons. Who knows? Maybe there are one or two decent people still left in Upper Crud America after all.

Ledger probably did the ride him, cowboy role because the Jews pulled a dump truck full of money up to his house and he couldn't resist, but there is evidence that the young actor suffered from serious qualms after the Vaseline scenes were in the can. His next movie after Bareback Mountain was a historical bio of Casanova, which bombed at the box office big time, in view of the fact that no one could quite take Ledger seriously as one of history's great lovers of women after watching him perform grotesque perversions on another man.

The Hollywood queer establishment pumped Buggerback Mountain for all it was worth, and they managed to get Ledger an Oscar nomination, but not the award itself. Apparently there are some things which still make even Hollywood people gag, and giving an Oscar to the man who degraded and defiled the Western is one of them. Ledger hasn't had a hit since; he was finally reduced to playing a cartoon character, the Joker, on a Batman re-make.

One Hollywood gossip show I saw featured one of Ledger's former directors saying that "Heath never recovered from Brokeback Mountain. It ate away at his self-esteem and messed with his mind," or words to that effect. I would kind of like to think that Heath Ledger actually cacked himself out of remorse for his part in defiling one of the last remaining White male legends in American history, the cowboy. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

Ledger's fellow buggeroo, Jake Gyllenhaal, has suffered a career slump as well since his bout of cinematic bungholery by the campfire. According to the gossip tabs his then girl friend, Hollywood incredible edible Kirsten Dunst, mocked Gyllenhaal mercilessly for taking the role, asking him "Who's the daddy?" and making other ribald remarks. She finally dumped Gyllenhaal (through a press release from her agent) shortly after the filming of Buggerback Mountain ended. Kirsten went on to Spiderman, but I guess she agreed with the Marquis of Queensbury that to pose as a thing is as bad as to be it, and she didn't like being seen in public with someone "posing as a somdomite." (Yes, I know that's misspelled. That's an inside faggot joke. Look it up.)


Anonymous Heimdall said...

In Sweden there has been much talking about the poke-back mountain film. The fag-agenda is something that the swedish jew government really are trying to promote. They do not wish that swedish males live like heterosexuals and brings forth children to the world, but rather they want us to be fags or get some asian girl from Thailand or rather a negro one from Nigera to make one example. The government wants us extinct, and their means are the fag-agenda and the mongrelization of the people.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder why Ledger was found dead in an apartment belonging to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mel was never a sellout, and removes his association from sellouts.
I expect him to be back with another awesome flick that will go up all their arses again.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Team_Euro said...

Yeah, Mel Gibson is the last of a dying breed. Speaking of Hollywood, have any of you ever seen The Faculty? I know it was a little stupid but the message was clearly in favor of our movement.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Frances White said...

Maybe he was getting it on with one or both of the twins, and one of them got jealous and poisoned him?

4:26 PM  

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