Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why Is Everything So Dead? (Except Obama)

[A while back I put out a discussion topic on one of our private lists entitled "Why is everything so dead?"]

Actually, I think you've covered the topic [of why everything's so damned dead] fairly well in most of your other postings and newsletters.

As I've pointed out many e-messages ago, the one thing that will turn this thing around is m-o-n-e-y, and lots of it. But it seems that the individuals who can hear and understand what you are saying don't have enough to fund any really big projects, HQ acquisitions or much of anything else.

The few people out there who do have gobs of money and could fund whatever is needed to turn this around either can't hear or understand what is being said, or perhaps they're afraid if they do come forth with the required $$, that TPTB would see to it that's the last thing they did with their money - and take the rest of it away from them.

We've all, for the most part, been subjected to decades of brainwashing from the boob tube - and had it driven into our collective consciousness what the blue meanies will do to us if we get out of line.

Waco should have seen a reaction from the last real Americans in this country the likes of which we haven't seen since the Revolutionary War. But nothing happened afterwards. OKC was not a response to "them" from "us." It was just another false flag event that was cooked up by "them" to not only cover the Waco evidence stored in that building, but also give the government yet one more in a long line of excuses for instituting yet more controls on this almost totally brainwashed society.

Just like 9/11.

It's a wonder that there are even this many people on this list or in the discussion group. Or that some kike idiot even bothers to infiltrate it. [I have since re-assessed my views on that character. His latest heckles indicate he's not a Jew, he's a faggot, a "modernizing" Movement kook, which I have to agree explains an interest any serious Jew infiltrator looking for something he could sell wouldn't bother with.]

I look at the effectiveness of anything that is allegedly anti-government from a very different point of view nowadays. When I was expressing my concerns about my presence on the periphery of a certain group in Arizona, back in the day, and wondered about being targeted, a friend suggested that if I (or we) really presented any threat to the government, we'd be dead. I guess the same can be said of almost any group of so-called White Nationalists even today. If we really presented any credible threat to TPTB, we'd be dead.

We're all sitting at our keyboards reading this, aren't we? So I guess that means that in the eyes of those who could pull the plug on this whole discussion by merely calling any ISP they want, at any time, and telling them to delete our accounts, we really are no threat at all. We're not even worth that small effort. How's that for an assessment? Sounds pretty sad, but it's true.

All "they" have to do is make sure we don't ever get enough resources to amount to a hill of beans. We'll just keep on typing away in the dark . . .

-Dave Evans


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