Monday, June 02, 2008

Why Are White People Such Useless Twits?

[On one of our private groups we were kicking around our favorite topic for the umpteenth time--why are American White people such useless twits and gormless gits? Got a very interesting response; see my own comments at the end. - HAC]

I think part of the problem is laziness, plain and simple. And, like many issues, it's not just our group - it's Americans in general.

It's rather strange (and irritating) that so many of the people I meet seem to be incapable of returning phone calls, of scheduling their days, or of keeping to their schedule. I've met a lot of people in their mid-20s who seem to think that - since college is over - life should just be a laid-back joyride with some cushy job and a lot of free time to gab about meaningless crap. Most folks don't seem to have the motivation to study or do anything in a disciplined manner on their own; they need a professor to tell them what to do or they don't get it done (an even if they're told what to do, they do it inefficiently.)

Granted, a lot of my European friends are a bit flaky, but at least most of them seem to have ambitions, and most of them do spend a good amount of their time being productive. It seems like almost all the Americans I meet are basically dysfunctional losers that just want to drink and smoke and screw around and blab, blab, blab about whatever pops into their heads, even though they basically know nothing.

And as much as I hate seeing piles of Indians and Chinks taking white kids' slots in American colleges, I can understand why it's happening, since American natives don't seem to be able to focus at all.

You talk about people's cowardice, Harold, but I think laziness is at least a big as contributor to the overall inactivity of the movement. Even when there's no real threat to anyone's personal safety, still nothing gets done.

Think about it - why is it that nearly every country in Europe has a far-right party which takes 10-20% of the popular vote, yet in America we comprise maybe 1% of the total voting body? Americans *in general* (not just us) don't want to bother exerting themselves to make any significant change to things.

That's also why Obama will not be assassinated, and why the same hasn't already happend to Bush or Cheney. Americans are too lazy to even think, which is why BO's demagoguery has made him such a popular candidate.



You know, Clay, I've noticed this myself, especially in teenaged White kids. They consider college to be an end in itself, something they have to navigate like an obstacle course (all the while par-taying, of course; John Belushi and Animal House have a lot to answer for.) There doesn't seem to be any concept of college as something that's supposed to prepare young people and train them for something; they want to make it through to graduation and then, in their view, it's "all downhill from here on." (I have heard this phrase used by new graduates.)



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