Sunday, June 01, 2008

Our Ruling Elite In Action

Ever wonder how the other half lives? Every now and then we get some fascinating glimpses of the mysterious inner world of our super-wealthy lords and masters.

The International Herald Tribune reports: "The co-founder of semiconductor maker Broadcom Corp., under scrutiny in a federal stock options probe, was accused seven years ago of building an underground hideaway at his estate to indulge in drugs and sex with prostitutes, according to court documents."

Tell us more! "In a draft complaint made against Henry T. Nicholas III, a construction crew claimed the billionaire failed to pay them millions of dollars for work performed between 1998 and 2002, and used manipulation, lies, intimidation, and even death threats when anyone threatened to quit."

Well, that's one way of dealing with labor unrest. In view of the fact that we are now lapsing once more into Victorian laissez-faire capitalism at its worst, any day now I expect some move to bring back the company store and the cat o'nine tails.

"The illegal network of tunnels and rooms underneath Nicholas' Laguna Hills estate was kept secret from his wife and city officials, the documents said. The purpose of one secret room was to allow Nicholas to indulge his appetite for illegal drugs and sex with prostitutes, the crew claimed. The allegations in the draft complaint were not filed with the crew's lawsuit against Nicholas in 2002, which was later resolved in a confidential settlement. However, the complaint was attached in 2005 as a supporting document to a lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court by a man seeking a larger share of the settlement."

(By the way, advice to those who decide to pursue the All-American Malicious and Stupid Nuisance Litigation Way to Wealth: if you're going to go in with somebody on a lawsuit, make sure they don't get greedy. Greedy "partners" will stab you in the back, take whatever boodle they can get off the target, and then run. But I digress.)

"Some of the allegations were similar to those made by former Nicholas employee Kenji Kato" (Let me guess: an Asian bodyguard and chauffeur that this billionaire guy paid to test his martial arts skills by sneaking up on him and attacking him unexpectly every now and then) "who claimed Nicholas took cocaine, ecstasy and heroin and hired prostitutes for clients.

Kato, who said he served as Nicholas' bodyguard and personal assistant for seven years, is seeking $3 million plus damages for his resignation due to what he says was a hostile workplace." (Okay, so maybe the billionaire attacked him unexpectedly every now and then.)

"Nicholas' attorney Steven A. Silverstein" (oy gevalt!) "has characterized Kato's claims as an extortion attempt and said of the construction crew complaint, 'all of the allegations are denied.'

I wonder what went on, what maybe still goes on, in those secret underground bunkers and tunnels beneath Beverly Hills, that this billionaire was too cheap to pay his own construction crews for building?

Is there an entire network of tunnels and rooms and air-conditioned artificial caves beneath Beverly Hills, a whole underground city of cocaine and buggery and madness of the super-rich? Maybe that's where all these missing kids over the past few decades have disappeared to?

(That was a semi-serious suggestion. These stories keep surfacing of super-rich men with their own private sex slave ring of both sexes, always white women and children.)

While we're at it, exactly what the hell goes on in Bohemian Grove every year?

Inquiring minds want to know!


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