Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monsters 'R Us

Looks like Bart Simpson may get his monkey-man after all.

The Washington Post tells us: "It has been 50 years since scientists first created DNA in a test tube, stitching ordinary chemical ingredients together to make life's most extraordinary molecule. Until recently, however, even the most sophisticated laboratories could make only small snippets of DNA -- an extra gene or two to be inserted into corn plants, for example, to help the plants ward off insects or tolerate drought. Now researchers are poised to cross a dramatic barrier: the creation of life forms driven by completely artificial DNA."

"Scientists in Maryland have already built the world's first entirely handcrafted chromosome -- a large looping strand of DNA made from scratch in a laboratory, containing all the instructions a microbe needs to live and reproduce. In the coming year, they hope to transplant it into a cell, where it is expected to boot itself up," (In six days, perhaps, with the scientists resting on the seventh day?) "like software downloaded from the internet, and cajole the waiting cell to do its bidding. And while the first synthetic chromosome is a plagiarized version of a natural one, others that code for life forms that have never existed before are already under construction."

I.e. Bart Simpson's monkey-man. Or Pegasus, the Winged Horse. Or somebody might decide he wants to see some Ewoks from the Star Wars movie series. Or maybe sell clones of famous actresses as sex slaves with canine or feline-level brains to get around all the civil rights crap. Or make the monster from Alien. Make aqua men with gills who can live at the bottom of the sea. Or create a whole race of fairies or elves or hobbits. Or real live atomic fire-breathing dragons that can level small towns. Or make a Golem of Prague for a wealthy rabbi to use as his personal assassin. Or whatever else weird mess some crazed egghead wants to do, or what some wretch or criminal or Jew with too much money is willing to pay to have done.

On this web site we have already mentioned the impending advent of scientifically engineered immortality, or lifespan so greatly extended as to amount to the same thing, and asked the question: in a politically correct society, who gets to be immortal?"

Now we need to ask ourselves, "In a politically correct society, who gets to play God and make new beings?"

And what kind of new life forms will the Hillary Clintons and Barbra Streisands and Dick Cheneys of the world order to be made?


Anonymous Keith Frost said...

Ha! Now that is a great question you pose, Harold! Leave it to this brave new world to churn out lesbian Jewish Negroes as the Politically Correct master race. I'd laugh if I wasn't fighting the urge to vomit.

By the way, thank you for reminding me about that immortality piece as I have done some more reading about that since I first read that, but I suspect that most of us over 40 will not be able to take advantage of this coming immortality, I'm truly sorry to say. Even if we were, would our current Jewish masters really permit the Aryan to live forever? There's no need to answer that.

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Or maybe sell clones of famous actresses as sex slaves with canine or feline-level brains ***. *** Or create a whole race of fairies ***."

Uh, Harold, visit Big City, U.S.A., sometime. It's already chock full of animal-brained, sex-enslaved clones of what once were women ... not to mention fairies on every corner!

7:06 AM  

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