Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let Me Know What You Decide

Dear HAC:

You might think this is a little strange, but bear with me.

I had a dream last night about the Northwest Homeland. I don't know what brought it on, maybe it was reading about Scientology last night for several hours.

Anyway, in this dream I got so fed up with life here that I decided to drive out to Montana (I'm not sure why you were in Montana) and meet you. From what you write in your e-mails I expected to find a lone cabin or apartment, but instead I discovered that a whole complex existed, the main building of which used to be a large school. Inside were stores, gardens, a pharmacy, and apartments. Everything that the core group of Northwest revolutionaries would need. People who arrived there were given a job and a place to live; as long as they worked. I remember in the dream that I was amazed by the whole thing.

Here's where the Scientology comes in. If someone with an idea as blatantly bizarre as Scientology can attract hundreds of thousands of followers and own several properties more sophisticated than the one mentioned above, then why can't we?

Would it really be that difficult for five or six adults, family men or bachelors, to put the money together and purchase such a place? I know there are plenty of old buildings here in rural Illinois that couldn't cost more than $50,000. I don't know what the property values are out there, but it still couldn't be that cost prohibitive if several people pool their resources. Then again, I can't even get people to donate $10 to sustain a newsletter.

Just wondering what your thoughts were on that,


We can have what you describe above, Mike, whenever we make the collective decision that we want it. Right now we're still loafing around, kicking a hacky-sack and waiting for Harold to come up with the magic beans and just make it all happen without any risk, effort, or involvement on anyone else's part. It's still a spectator sport, with the result that there's nothing to spectate.

Over the past year I have described over and over again what I need in order to make this happen; I call it the Three C's. Refer back to your organizational letters. Orglet #6 is on the way today, in fact.

Guys, that world I describe in my novels? You can have it, if you want it, but you have got to understand, it's not free, or even cheap. And I'm not just talking about money.

I'm ready when you are, guys. Let me know what you decide.



Anonymous Steve Cochran said...

Problem is, somebody's actually got to come up with the $50,000.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Jon Manzione said...

We are Aryans and we can do anything we want. The problem is, we don't seem to WANT to. We have this American idea that everything is going to be handed to us on a silver platter.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Problem is, $50K and much more gets raised by 'one of our own', and then he goes out and parties on a riverboat with it.

That is bad enough... the fact that he's still walking around on this planet after doing such a thing is the true hallmark of why we are finished as a people.

Prior to these past two generations, the blacks were the only people, as a people, who admired the charismatic leaders who fleeced them... indeed, even cheering them on AS they were getting fleeced.

Now, we've sunk to that level ourselves.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But we aee Americans! Do you not understand, silly little man! We want the best of everything, and we want it free or else very, very cheap, and above all we want it NOW NOW NOW NOW!! We are AMERICA! BOW DOWN TO OUR APPETITES AND OUR MAD LUST TO SUCK UP ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE, YOU PUPPY! Bwa ha ha ha ha...

6:56 PM  

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