Friday, June 13, 2008

It Ain't Me, Babe

Dear Mr. Covington-

Thank you for such a prompt response to my e-mail requesting a copy of your newest work, The Brigade. Imagine my pleasant surprise to have it delivered today, along with The March Up Country and Dreaming the Iron Dream! [One should never express interest in an author's work; they'll load you up with it. - HAC] By separate post, I also received copies of the Northwest Observer and Northwest Organizational Letter.

By the by: use of the term "Old Man" is both a sign of respect as well as endearment. However, sir, chronologically, you are not much older than I am. [I am 54 going on 107.] I understand, however, that you are the earliest advocate of the Northwest Migration, and, as such, are certainly entitled to the appellation!

-R. V. H.

Actually, no, and I'd like to correct that. I am not the first advocate of Northwest Migration, not by a long shot, and I have never made any such claim.

The first actual advocates of Northwest Migration in the form we know today were Pastor Robert Miles and Pastor Richard Butler, both of whom I had the honor to know personally. Then came the immortal Robert Jay Mathews, who along with the Order men in 1983 attempted the first armed insurrection against the United States since 1861, and who was later killed in action at Whidbey Island.



Anonymous Jon Manzione said...

Actually it goes back to the State of Jefferson in 1941, when Northern California actually seceded from the Union for a couple of weeks before FDR stomped on it.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Karl Zimmer said...

I believe Pastor Wesley Swift and Colonel Bob Gale advocated a form of NW migration as well.

8:59 PM  

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