Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guest Rave

[Another one of those voices of desperate illumination floating around out there, completely ignored.]


I got one more of those tear-jerker stories about (insert some candidate here visiting somebody and trying to identify with the family, etc.) that get endlessly passed around the so-called "patriot" lists and decided to voice my opinion - again.

[Sir, maybe you can forward this response to your list]:

I'm sorry, but I've had just about enough of this nonsense and need to say (hopefully for the last time) the following:

We, the folks out here in the rest of America who are laboring under some false pretense that voting has some kind of effect on who will be the next President, do not, I repeat do not, have any effect on that process at all.

This is one huge sham to make the sheeple think they have some kind of function other than to make the billionaire bankers and multinational CEOs of the world even more wealthy that they already are. They are the ones who decide every 4 years who their mouthpiece will be - not us!

For once in your miserable lives get this through your heads! Voting (with anything other than bullets) is a waste of time and only serves to polarize people into two nonexistent camps. The party system is a sham. The whole government is a sham. It is merely the corporate face of the world-wide banking/crime families and their slave-system we are all a part of.

McCain is nothing more than another meat-puppet who will do as he's told, just as any other so-called candidate whose future is being decided this weekend at the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia will do as they are told. No amount of this emotional bullshit chain-jerking that gets passed around as a reason for "getting out the vote" for this or that organ-grinder's monkey will make any difference in anybody's lives - not yours, not mine.

The military does not "protect" anybody's country. It serves only to protect the assets of the current corporate contractor in charge of whatever commodity is being stolen from whatever country Halliburton is robbing on that particular day. That's all.

If the banking families decided tomorrow that the US should be overrun by hordes of Mexican drug gangs and have 100 million Americans wiped out, then that is what would happen - and no amount of US military "might" would be able to stop it. In fact, the military would be told to stand down and watch it happen - or even help them and make sure it happened! Any officer who acted on his own and ordered his troops to protect America would probably be shot on the spot by his commanding officer and replaced by a more compliant robot.

The military works for them, the globalist elite, not us!

When you people begin to pull your heads out of your asses and wake the fuck up, only then will you possibly have something to say that will mean anything. This (the forwarded email below) is total nonsense and a waste of time and electrons. That's all.

-The Lone Haranguer


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